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SodaStream Terra Water Maker Pack $59 (Half Price, Was $119.99) + $7.99 Delivery ($0 C&C/ $99 Order) @ BCF


Pack includes machine, bottle, and gas cylinder
SodaStream's newest sparkling water maker
New Quick Connect technology for fast and easy cylinder insertion
Manually control the fizz
Cordless machine
Ideal for caravans and travelling

Create sparkling water at the push of a button with the SodaStream Terra Water Maker Pack! This handy pack includes the SodaStream machine, a reusable plastic bottle, and a gas cylinder which inserts and attaches easily to the machine with the new patented Quick Connect technology. Being completely cordless, you can feel the freedom taking this one on trips in your caravan, popping it on your camping table, or moving it around the kitchen or entertainment area to wherever you need it. Designed to help you stay hydrated and reduce plastic waste by keeping single-use bottles from our landfill, the SodaStream is a one-stop-eco-friendly shop for all your sparkling water needs.

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    These use their patented 'Quick Connect' fitting, so you can't use the much cheaper aftermarket gas bottles.

    • Whats a better one to get?

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        Any of the older ones with a screw fitting.

        • This. The blue ones that are everywhere. I have never seen these pink bottles in the wild.

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        Get any SodaStream with a blue top on the CO2 cylinder. The newer connectors are pink.

        Alternatively, but any Sodaking machine, they all use the old Sodastream connector.

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      good post mate thakn you for the information

    • Adaptors are pretty easy to find.

    • This I didn't know! Cheapest adapter I see is $23.
      I had seen this exact same sodamaker in Aldi for $35, and almost bought it.

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    for fast and easy cylinder insertion

    the older screw fittings are just as fast and work just as well and only $10 to swap….

    • +1

      Which ones are $10 to swap? I usually pay $19 for the sodaking ones.

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        • $5 delivery applies, so essentially you’re saving $4 getting a swap from sodastream at major retailers, servos etc. - that’s after you pay $20 for the first swap. At least for Billy Bubbles.

          • @SlifSlif:

            $5 delivery applies,

            I have a couple of free deliveries thanks to referrals.

            Also, I usually get 3 at a time, so $35 for 3 refills when i don't have a free delivery voucher.

            you’re saving $4 getting a swap

            No, saving $22 for a 3 bottle swap

            • @jv: Nah, It is $4 per regular swap for those of us who don’t have free shipping via referrals.

              $19 in store swap vs $10+$5 shipping.

              And that’s also not including if you want to buy it outright for $25 or swap your existing soda steam for $20 (both excluding $5 delivery).

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                $19 in store swap vs $10+$5 shipping.

                shipping is per delivery, not per bottle.

                I get 3 at a time.

                There is also more gas in each bottle from Billy Bubbles

          • +1

            @SlifSlif: You do also get another 50 grams of CO2 by the look of it.

  • Having a bit of a letdown moment with mine. I would consider getting a larger custom canister and fitting my own type but it's not worth it in my small apartment.

  • I see, that's why these are half price…

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    I am negging because of the new connection BS, I consider this an issue with the product.
    Better off supporting the Aussie company SodaKing.

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      I consider this an issue with the product.

      Yep, trying to create a monopoly in the market by patenting the fitting so other companies supplying the gas are not allowed to sell it without the threat of getting sued.

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        • Thanks, I already have the older Sodastream ones.
          No need to change unless it dies one day.

      • What a ridiculously small minded comment.

        By your logic, Microsoft should make Windows open source, Coca Cola should post their ingredients and methodology online and BHP should let anyone use their mines to help themselves?

        • What a ridiculously small minded comment.

          Yet, a factual one…

        • -1

          We aren’t talking about a proprietary piece of software here. We are talking about a soda machine where the concept has been the same forever.
          There was no actual need to change the connection as it was already dead simple. You literally screw the bottle in. Easy.

    • SodaKing have gone into Administration.

  • +1

    LOL dammit I thought there was a new easy connect for the water bottle, not the gas.

    Also seems like few here didn't know that SodaKing is going bust:…

    • didn't know that SodaKing is going bust:

      Probably due to all the OzBargainers here doing click & collect refills at Spotlight and not returning the bottles.

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    New connection sucks. DO NOT GET.

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    Returned our Terra. It was leaking gas (common issue) and couldn't make a proper connection with bottles. When it did, the bottles got locked. Do not recommend.

  • +1

    Maybe not this model, but gonna heartily recommend taking a sodastream camping.

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