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Free Box of Plates/Crockery [Sydney CBD]


hi all. to the right of the state theater there is an ally, in this alley they are unloading pallets of boxes. all you need to do is line up and they give you two unopened boxes full of plates. No catch. I'll upload photo once I get back to office.

EDIT: Inserted a google map link showing the alley.
Just happened to walk by and noticed people lining up. Joined the end of the line and what do you know. There was quite a few pallets left but I don't imagine it lasting more than an hour or two.

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EDIT 2: Contents:

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    They're literally falling off the back of a truck. Nothing dodgy here!

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    smashing deal

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    it's a load of crock

  • This doesn't sound dodgy at all!

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      haha I know right? But who can pass a freebie?

      They're doing construction in and around the state theatre so its not exactly a dingy alley way where one finds themselves backed up against the wall quaking in their boots with hoodlums and their chains awaiting to strike.

      One man even had a clipboard! Now if that doesn't scream Legit I don't know what does.

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    Anyone else go down and get some boxes? If you do, ask why they're giving them away, I'm curious now.

    • Yes, I'd like to know what the deal is cracked up to be too. :)

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      You have inadvertently stolen those plates. The plates are for the hotel next door.

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    Would like to know the full story here.

    If I owned several pallets of plates, I wouldn't be in any hurry to give them away in an alleyway in Sydney.

    • One theory I have is that they fell/broke during shipping as a few of the boxes they were giving away look like they had fallen off the back of a truck (no pun intended). The boxes I was given were fine though I haven't searched through the whole contents.

      • Are there just plates in the box, or are other things like bowls and cups etc too?

        • Mine just had plates. But other boxes could have other items in them.

  • Psst.. Hey bro.. Want some plates? They're free and Royal Bolton!

    Next alleyway…

    Cheapa cheapa! Get your plates here. One dollar, one dollar, one dollaaaaaar

  • there are not give away anything for free. these boxes for the new hotel opening in same building. don't even try to get this otherwise you will in big shit

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      Grand theft cutlery

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        Crockery actually, cutlery means knives, forks, spoons, etc.

        Maybe they'll take his mug shot. :)

  • who's the promoter?

  • Tell 'em Big Vinnie sent ya.

  • I'd love a box. If anyone doesn't want theirs. Please post it my way xx