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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 Earphones, Black $269.10 (Was $399.95) Delivered @ Amazon AU

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On sale again. I am getting these after my TW2 died after ~30 months and amazon was happy to refund. Am just about to send a pair of bose quiet comfort 2 back and go back to sennheiser. I get the feeling that these sort of earbuds are more of a personal choice then anything.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    These sound fantastic but the just kept falling out of my head…

    • But they go in your ears….. lol JKS
      Have you tried other types of ear tips?

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        Yup, I tried the foam ones but prefer to not have to deal with the extra effort putting them in required for that. I use mine for lots of calls so putting them on and off frequently is important for me. I think I have a bit of a different ear shape where fit issues is common for me.
        I currently have the Bose QCII and found them fantastic and not had the issues of them falling out.

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          Thanks for the reply & input of both units, I totally understand & agree with you :)

    • And the grilles fall off, and they stop charging for no reason…

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    Curious about why you're sending the Bose QuietComfort II back - were they faulty, or something you didn't like about them?

    • I returned QC2 for these because I had charging (first pair) and connection issues (replacement pair) with the Bose so I gave up. Shame because they were a better fit than anything else I've tried including these sennies. These are good too, but without the issues the Bose were slightly better.

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      1. The hard plastic parts hurt my ears
      2. mic sounds really bad when using it in the car, somehow worse than my old TW2, which i use a lot
      3. no wireless charging
      4. no multipoint bluetooth

      the noise cancelling etc was really good and on a whole they were better than my TW2, but these other things were annoying me enough that I didn't really feel like i was getting $350 out of them.

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    Bose QC II >>

    • thanks for the tip!

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      The bloke in the article was returning 17% of his purchases, I'm sure the odd one off return is fine for most people

      • I feel like it would also depend on whether Amazon are making a profit from you or not. e.g. returning a gaming laptop after using it is going to cost Amazon hundreds of dollars.

        • +1

          But if you use it and it sucks then that's a fair reason to return it

          • @MagnamoniousRex: That's generally not how consumer law works.

            • @rekke: Wtf are you talking about? If it has issues that make it suck as a gaming laptop then you have the right to return it.

              • -2

                @MagnamoniousRex: If its defective with 'issues' then yes, the consumer has the right to return it. If the 'issues' are that the laptop doesnt perform how the consumer thought it would yet there is nothing about it that doesnt meet the specifications that it has advertised then no, that is a change of mind return.

                There is no provision in Australian consumer law that gives you the 'right' to return it, only the policy of the seller might. You good bro? 'Wtf am i talking about' is basic consumer law? https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/problem-with-a-product-or-….

                Caveat emptor…

                • @rekke: If the laptop is advertised as a gaming laptop but only has the performance to run browser games that would easily constitute a major defect, even if the specifications are clearly listed.

                  The test of the ACL is the expectations of a reasonable person, and a reasonable person doesn't necessarily know anything about computers. How do you explain to the member at VCAT the difference between integrated graphics and a dedicated GPU, while also convincing them the thing you just explained should have been known by Nanna?

                  The ACL doesn't just protect against broken products, it protects against shonky products as well

                  • -1

                    @MagnamoniousRex: That would mean it doesnt meet the specifications it was advertised as which is what I said?

                    • @rekke: Are you being deliberately obtuse

                      • -1

                        @MagnamoniousRex: Bud, first you said "if it sucks that's a valid reason to return it". Now you are saying if it's misrepresented and does not perform as advertised, they can return it. They are two completely different things. Yes obviously if it's misrepresented a person is protected by ACL.

                        • @rekke: Wtf do you think "sucks" means

                          If it works according to your expectations, then it doesn't suck, and you won't want to return it

                          • -1

                            @MagnamoniousRex: Lol… It doesn't mean anything. With your logic I can buy a sports car from a dealership and then return it because it 'sucks' and doesn't drive as fast as I wanted it to. It just doesn't make any sense, same with your first comment.

                            • @rekke: If they sold you a sports car that could only do 80 then you absolutely could, if the trim was loose and at risk falling off you could, basically anything that would cause a reasonable person to not buy the car is justification for remedy under the ACL. In fact the ACL applies more strongly to more expensive items because reasonable expectations are higher. Stop talking about something you clearly don't understand.

  • There's a $40 coupon on this now making it even cheaper at $258

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