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Case Logic DSLR Backpack RC206 for $79 at Costco, Lidcombe, NSW


I just bought this bag for $79 yesterday at Costco. This is a very light backpack at 1.2Kg and can hold up to 7 lens + 1 DSLR + 1 laptop + 1 flash + 1 tripod. The design and quality is really good.

It is for $186.15 at Bagworld http://www.bagworld.com.au/shop/detail/case-logic-slrc-slr-c...

Review this camera bag at http://www.caselogic.com/en-US/US/Products/Camera-Cases/View-All/SLRC_-206-BLACK-__-_SLRCameraLaptopBackpack

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  • Just looking for one of this can store my notebook as well. Thanks OP!

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    Excellent price…wish we had Costco up here :(

  • i loved this at myer but the price tag of $199 threw me off and the very helpful staff member who offered me 5% off!!!!! definite buy!!! Thank you

  • Anyone know if it's at the Docklands Melb store?

    • Yes I saw this bag last weekend . Come and grab it, good quality built .

  • Top brand, good price!

  • I bought one of these at the Costco in Canberra 2 weekends ago, brilliant bag with heaps of space for everything!

  • It can't be better for that brand with that price.

  • Great bag, though, I'll have to give this one a miss. I have yet to find a need to have both my laptop and DSLR with me and I've got too many camera bags already from Lowepro's Slingshot 200 to their Primus Minimus.

  • does it have space for a little laptop or ipad?

    • It says in the description and also in the link to the product.

  • Good price, but I find backpacks are hard to access your lens quickly.

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      That's true, but if you are carrying 7 lenses around when shooting, you're doing it wrong. This is probably good for travelling, ie boarding the plane as hand carry, not to carry your gear around while you shoot, hence lens access is of low priority

      • Can't agree more!

  • Will pop into Melbourne store Sunday hopefully some there

    • Aaa, accidently press neg while i only want to scroll down in iphone. How to unneg?

      • I just voted +, that should neutralize it…

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        Click (or tap) "votes" under the comment and then hit the red minus symbol. That will revoke your vote.

  • Damn it! Does costco deliver to QLD? This is the backpack I wanted, what a coincidence…

    Then I can get rid of my brand new lowepro computrekker!

  • Crap. I want one or two of these in QLD too :(

  • Anyone know of a QLD retailer that might price-match (or come close)?

    • Good idea, hadn't even thought of that.

      Ted's matched my 600D body with the cheapest price I could find in Aus at the time, maybe try them?

  • Looks really good, but 7 lenses, 1 camera, and a laptop is going to put a strain on one's shoulders. A waist strap would help but seeing the bag is small that part was left out obviously.

    • …let alone the credit card bill :p

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    Enough room for 7 lenses? Maybe little girly lenses. Real men need a one ton ute to carry their lens collection.


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    Just bought one from Costco (Sydney) tonight. In terms of the price it is good, as it comes with a Case Logic DSLR Day Holster inside the bag.
    The bag is very light weight and have enough room to store my lenses and camera.
    If comparing the material and the making between my Lowepro fastpack 250 and this, Lowepro definitely better as it have some level of waterproof but this Caselogic don't have. (Different way of using, so I just compare with their making and material)
    However, for some people like me using battery pack with 5d mk ii, the top section of the bag is a bit small to fit in. You still can put the camera in but not perfect fit.

    Is it enough room for 7 lenses?

    This is my gears picture fitting in this bag
    5D mark ii with battery pack
    35mm 1.4
    70-200mm 2.8 II
    100mm 2.8
    50mm 1.4
    Lens baby 3G
    Flash 580ex ii and 430ex ii
    rMBP 15" at the back

    Hope this help someone who want to buy this bag.

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    so keen but i dont have costco membership :(

  • Got one for $79.99 at Costco Melbourne yesterday. Is that price right? There were about 10 left. Tks for this deal!

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