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Indomie Mi Goreng Instant Noodles 5 Pack $2.30 @ Woolworths


Was $3.95 & has been that price for a while.

Time to stock up on this Oz bargain favourite!

PS: I've marked this deal as "expired" even though it's still available for me & have already ordered at this price online… as, a fair few have been unable to claim this price.

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    Location specific?

    • -1

      I thought it'd be nationwide.
      I'd amend the deal if more people report otherwise..

      • You can check the price on their web/app. It will show the discounted price if it's nationwide.

      • It's not. $3.95.
        Should never pay over $3 for these fkn things.

      • -1

        It’s $3.95 in SA

  • in-store only? your link doesn't have this price

    • Actually, noticed that price while doing my online shop.

  • Wonder if Amazon would price match

    • -1

      Nah fat chance

      • +4

        After eating this regularly? High

  • +1

    $3.95 on mid north coast NSW

  • Unobtainable

  • +2

    Perfect timing, just paid my monthly mortgage.

    • +2

      Sorry to disappoint you but this is actually $3.95.

  • $3.95 in Melb

  • +4

    Uni students are going to eat well tonight!

    • +8

      Haven’t been a uni student for nearly 15 years and on … fairly decent money now - but my go to snack is still 2 pack of migoreng , 2 sunny side up eggs, 4-5 thin sliced pan fried spam, and a bit of fresh scallion.

      • +11

        Thats not really budget

        • Total junk, eating like a 15yo

      • How many kg u gained

      • That's a meal, not a snack.

    • +1

      Uni student I know needed his appendix following a sustained mi goreng diet

      • +4

        He experienced devolution?

      • +4

        Uni student I know needed his appendix following a sustained mi goreng diet

        Needed his appendix for what?

        • Removed

          • +3

            @spy: Bargain, I can down 15 packs of Mi Goreng and lose weight!


  • $3.95 in QLD.

  • -1

    $3.95 in SA

  • -1

    OP probably has to clear the web browser cache. As it might be showing an old price due to a browser cookie issue. Because this sure aint $2.30 but $3.95.


    OP. Clear your browser cache.

    • If I could buy migoreng at a cheaper price by not wiping cache then I’d do it bahahahah

  • +1

    Soni believe it's nationwide, showing $3.95 for me in NSW

  • If you like indomie mie goreng, you'll like this

    • -1

      Like what

  • $4.15 Darwin 😣

  • No negs lol

    • Yet it some how got a bunch of positives. When no one can even get this so called deal?.

      • -4

        Yes just dumb herd mentality like cattle. Call the first one and the rest all follow.

        • Mooo moooo

  • +1

    When I was a kid, we paid $2.30 for an entire box

  • $3.20 if you like chicken?

    Indomie Migoreng BBQ Chicken Flavour Instant Noodles 5x80g https://amzn.asia/d/5VtLAu5

    If you are Marty Mcfly you might have an issue with these
    - https://youtu.be/_kf4epWzMZs

  • Oh just in time, was craving for this as our late night snack.

    if you love spicy food, mix the a "sambal" (chili paste) with the noodle and to add color I love to add extra sweet soy sauce as well.

  • Are these noodles spicy?

    • -2

      Depends but just don’t add the chilli sauce and you should be fine

    • -1

      No but good if you like salt fat and msg

      • MSG is fine to eat.

        • This again, the problem is it's super high in sodium and pretty addictive. . It's just convenient if you can't be bothered with cleaner ingredients.

          BS deal anyway.

    • Nah

  • +1

    Wrong price

  • +3

    You can get a 10 pack for $2.99 when on special or $3.99 when not at the spudshed in W.A so this aint a bargain for W.A ozbargainers.

  • +1

    $3.95 in Victoria. Definitely not countrywide.

  • +1

    They have raised price far too much.

    Possibly because these are imported, and there was a big increase in shipping costs, but then shipping costs have reduced and they continue to keep things high.

    Not worth it. You can get your own noodles and sauce and make a mockup.

    • How do I make the sweet sauce? And no.dont say it's the same as ABC kecap manis because its not

    • +1

      One of the main reason that I've heard is that the war causes wheat supply issue, because the industry imports a lot from Ukraine.

    • +1

      Yeah they shouldn't be more than 3$. Shin ramen much better but different.

      Agree I just make own broth and use Thai rice noodles, miso paste etc.

    • A packet jumped from 40 cents to $1. Most of the price increase is due to corporate greedflation, not supply chain increases. And our dishonest government claims inflation is just 6%.

      • Yeah total BS in general, increases well above 6-7% across the board on groceries. Not worth paying a lot for junk food especially.

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