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40% off Traditional & Premium Pizzas (Pickup/Delivery) @ Domino's


Found this offer via Google search ‘pizza hut’ (not Domino’s), then click the sponsored Domino’s link for 40% off (deal link edited to this landing page — Mod)

Voucher will be applied to your cart.

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    I think there's a cheaper option today


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      Definitely, this one is ongoing though.

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    Coupon code appears to be 231697.

    I found it here: https://coupons.nine.com.au/dominos#voucher-au_22746009

  • Thank you to OP, I just followed instructions and I got the discount. Thank you.

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    "The voucher 231697 has expired". These are at some of the VIC locations I've tried.

  • This has been active for years I believe, has worked for me every time I do it.

  • I’ve always used eagle boys pizza voucher. Can’t believe they are still paying for that search phrase

    • What is the voucher? Is it a code? I’m not getting any sponsored stuff showing up when I search…

      • You'll need to scroll through the search results, sometimes it appears at the top, sometimes it moved further down the results

  • From time to time I still enjoy ordering from Domino's because they still deliver their own pizza in my area as Pizza Hut now depends on DoorDash or Uber Eats to deliver their food now and that worries me after I ordered cold pizza from them… so Domino's is still on top for me.

    • I don't see that as an option. I only get lukewarm pizza.

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    There’s a hack boys and girls. If you have a pizza voucher for a free and you place the order, immediately place another order with the same voucher and you get 2 instead 1. Just tested and it worked.

    • Is it if you have a voucher for a free pizza?

      • I only have tried it with free pizza vouchers so far and it always worked. Place order, then quickly ignore tracking and place same again. Worked several times for me. Only a minute was in between those orders.

        • How to get free pizza voucher?

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            @CodeXD: Dominos has several comps on. Check their Facebook page.

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    Cheers, the dominos prices are mad and this brought it back to prices from 3 months ago

  • Even with discount pizzas are reaching 10 bucks

  • Worked for me. Thank you.

  • ** Valid until 30/09/2023

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  • Clicking the link worked for me just now (Sat 18 Nov). Saved me $16. Thanks OP.

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