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6 Citizen Eco-Drives, 39mm Black or Silver Dial Chrono $149, White Dial Diver $178, Nighthawk $243, GMT $252 Delivered @ Starbuy


Citizen Eco-Drive Chrono AT0200-05E (black dial) $149.00 delivered
Citizen Eco-Drive Chrono AT0200-13A (silver dial) $149.00 delivered.

  • Crystal/Lens - Mineral
  • Diameter - 39mm
  • Band width - 20mm
  • Case Thickness - 10.4mm
  • Luminous hands & markers
  • 6 Month Power Reserve
  • Low Charge Indicator - the second hand will skip a second
  • Strap - Nylon
  • Water resistant 100 Metres - in general, suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not diving
  • 5 Year Australian Warranty from Citizen Australia

Relative Time Review.
Eco-Drive explained.

Citizen Eco-Drive AW1429-00A (white diver) $178.00 delivered.
Citizen Eco-Drive AW1760-81X (orange dial) $194.00 delivered.
Citizen Eco-Drive Nighthawk Promaster BJ7135-02E $243.00 delivered.

Citizen Eco-Drive GMT BJ7140-53E $252.00 delivered.

  • Crystal/Lens - Sapphire
  • Diameter - 44mm
  • Band width - Non Standard Lugs
  • Case Thickness - 14mm
  • 6 Month Power Reserve
  • Push Down Crowns
  • GMT Function (2 time zones)
  • Rotating Inner Dial Ring
  • Low Charge Indicator - the second hand will skip a second
  • Water resistant 200 Metres
  • 5 Year Australian Warranty from Citizen Australia


1 Day StarDeal
Starbuy Citizen Page.

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  • +4

    Did my daily check just after 10am. Six for daily is something I've never seen til now.

    • +2

      Yes! A whole herd of Eco-Drives being rounded up…

  • Very tempting but I just bought a Seiko Presage.

  • +6

    Tempting but #nottodaydeepak

  • +4

    Tempting but just bought the MAD Paris in the other deal.

  • Doesn't cost 6 digits and look like a "My first watch" toy, 3 out of 7

  • +2

    The BJ7140-53E GMT watch should be noted is, I believe a true or travellers GMT watch.
    As opposed to the current glut of NH34-based which are office GMTs.

    Is there a cheaper true GMT with sapphire out there? And an independently rotating inner bezel to track a third time zone? I doubt it.

    • What do you mean by true gmt?

    • Gosh it's tempting when you consider:

      BJ7140 silver/silver $399
      BJ7144 blue/two-tone $639

      ^ nice, but it's not like it's real gold is it?

      • +1

        Blue and gold is really tricky to pull off, IMO. It very easily looks cheap. Even the Rolex two-tone submariner doesn't get it right.

        The gold colour that Citizen uses however looks far better IRL than it does in their renders. Here's an extended vid of this one:

        Over $600 though? Nah. If it was the BJ7144 that was in today's deal I reckon I would have grabbed it because it is easily the pick of the three variants. The black or silver dials don't do it for me.

        • Reckon my pick is cheapest today. I'd be lynched if she saw gold on me!

  • +2

    give me them cheap cheap watches

    • +3

      Now this is what I call a cheep cheep watch

      • If I could give you a <3 reaction, I would :D

    • +1

      Search Ali express for skmei robot watch, prices from $1.45 - most fun watch you can buy for less than price of a maccas cheeseburger

        • +2

          This is the ideal Watch body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

      • Skmei, navi force… What other decent brands.

      • +1

        Thanks for waking a long dormant memory of mine! I had a robot watch in the 80s. From a quick google was called Takara Kronoform. The 80s model looks better than the skmei…

        • +1

          i saw a video the other day of the all black one, skmei should do one like that too

  • +1

    Got one. Thanks

  • +1

    That Nighthawk. tempting

  • Debating which one to get … AT0200-13A vs AT0200-05E. Thoughts?

    • +1

      You should always buy what you like because you're the one who'll be wearing it.

      FYI - Diameter is 39mm so it's good for skinny wrists.

    • All brah

  • +2

    Thanks @WatchNerd!

    Couldn't say no to the GMT..

    I'm REALLY trying to limit the watches I buy but you make it soo hard..

    I'm still only wanting to buy 2 more watches, well yeah 3, including the RM25-01.. 🤣

    Please find me that Brown Pressage and if you have the time, a Portugieser Rabbit, much love. <3 Hahaha.

    • Which Presage are you looking for?

      • +1

        The SRPF39J from this previous deal 😁

        • That was an awesome price!

          • +1

            @stuffandthat: I never realised.. 😪 Would have been my first like, classy looking watch.

            • +1

              @WasBargain: I just picked up the Presage Mockingbird. My first dress watch.

              • @stuffandthat: Some of the shots of the green looks amazing!

                I saw that one, but I already have a few green dials, although none this classy.

                I was just deadset sold on the brown one I linked because it's always been constantly on my mind since I missed it. Also to note, the included milano bracelet looks terrible and I'd swap it out for a brown one similar to the one included in yours. Looks WAY better.

                Like @Jimothy Wongingtons said. 😅

        • +2

          That’s a nice band

  • Citizen Promaster BJ7135-02E
    Citizen Eco-Drive AT2447-01E

    Any thoughts, which one is better, value for money etc.

    • The Nighthawk is 200m which generally means better build quality than a 100m watch.

      Also it's the cheapest ever posted on OB.

      • +1

        Thanks WatchNerd

    • Of the two very different watches, the BJ for me even if priced equally.

      • 45mm is my hard limit, hopefully the 42 BJ doesn't wear bigger.
      • The AT looks nice, but those dimples would drive me nuts. They will hold crap in there.
      • I have a few chronos but no GMT. Hmmm.
      • +1

        Thanks Speckled Jim

  • Are these suitable for use as an Engagement Watch if my missus doesn't want a ring?

    • She has at least a 6" wrist?

  • +1

    Wow, thank you WN! Ordered an AT0200-13A, even cheaper than the last deal.

    My wrist is not small and I owned a normal sized Eco-Drive (43mm) in the past but found it to be too big for my liking so had to let it go.

    • +1

      My Eco-drive arrived on Monday, loving it.

      Here is a wrist shot: https://ibb.co/PzDdgBS

      Note the original strap is black, I've swapped it out with a dark blue canvas strap.

      • +1

        Looks good on that strap. Nice one CBH.

  • i want the orange dial; is this the lowest?

  • Highlight for me it's the Citizen Eco-Drive BJ7140-53E nice watch and great price.

  • Saving mt coin for Seiko Prospex SNJ033P … all stainless Arnie would look good on my wrist

  • I bought one before, it is a nice watch. The price is good.

  • just bought Citizen Eco-Drive BJ7140-53E, and anyone has a manual what each hand does? is that red thing compass?

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