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10% off Apple Macs at JB Hi-Fi Yet Again - iPads and BTO Excluded


Another month another 10% off Apple products at JBHifi sale…

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi

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  • Purchased a new 13" Macbook Air from JB last night, was lucky enough to still get included in the deal. Quite a good discount

  • Hmmmm, anyone know of any Myer 10% extra via gift card or other similar deals which will get it cheaper???

    • there's a $994 JB voucher going on ebay for $950, in melbourne too.

    • cant you just buy the gift cards from myer beforehand, go to myer, get them to price match and pay with gift cards at the cashier?

      • Myer $100 gift cards came with an extra $10 last weekend. Which wuould have ammounted to an almost 20% discount if Myer price matched.

        So looking for this kind of deal again.

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          It's Murphys Law that these deals never correspond. If you can afford it, and if you plan to buy new Apple within the next 6 months, you should jump on any Myer gift card deal and wait for the next inevitable 10% off deal from JB or DSE. It's a better investment return than money in the bank even if the process takes months of waiting LOL, provided the price of Apple doesn't increase.

  • I'm assuming this is in-store as well as online?

  • anyone try getting an academic discount on top?

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      not going to happen. If any retailer other than Apple or an On-campus store sell at academic prices, the difference comes out of their own margin

  • new macbook 13inch retina display coming out in a month or so

    • any news how much will that be?

    • I think it wouldn't come with dedicated graphic card otherwise the mbp 15 inches couldn't sell.

      • so maybe about $300-400 increase….

  • For those that want a little bit of safety… if JB Hi-Fi is advertising 10% off, just ask your local Apple Store (for those that have one) to price match so you can get the 14 days NQA return. I did that on my Retina Mac, he asked a few questions about it namely if they have stock, I just advised the Apple employee I don't know, didn't go check the store. He went to check with his manager and voila a discount called "Customer Appeasement" on my receipt for 10% off.