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Silicon Power P34A60 1TB M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD $56.09 Delivered @ Silicon Power AU via Amazon AU

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PCIe 3.0
Read 2200MB/s
Write 1600MB/s

Not bad for a drive to install games

If you want cheap PCIe 4.0 1TB drive, check this model "UD90" for $79.04

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Damn this is really tempting

  • +8

    Just a quick heads up, Silicon Power has started doing a lot of component swaps and do assume you might get a QLC SSD at this price.

    To be fair, Silicon Power is not the only one doing that. SSDs made in 2023, especially cost effective ones, are proned to get cheaper components put in.

    I do hope Amazon AU will provide a full refund with no return penalty if this SSD turned out to have the NAND changed to QLC. I find it hard to believe Silicon Power still manages to get Intel 64L TLC NAND chips so clearly SP has swapped the NAND.

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      no worried about amazon returns. how do you tell if its QLC?

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        Assuming Silicon Power hasn't changed the controller, you need to run SMI's flash utility on that SSD:

        SMI nvme flash id from SSD Utils site

        The output will provide the NAND info.

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      Title says TLC. Refund at no cost if incorrect description. Check as soon as you get it and open a case for item received not as described.

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        Samsung 990 PRO 1TB M.2 SSD $55.92 Delivered makes other 1TB SSD deals look quite ordinary.

        Team MP33 1TB M.2 PCIe SSD + SSDay coupon is $56.05. Problem is, if you cannot do pickup, there is delivery charge. It's Centre Com and that one is also another component lottery so it may also be QLC.

        • How does that MP33 compare to the other CC deals like:

          • WD SN350 also $56.05
          • Kingston SNV2S $59.85
          • Crucial P3 for $61.75


          • @CVonC: The one that "might" be safer in terms of getting TLC is:

            WD Blue SN570 1TB

            P3 is QLC, SN350 is most likely QLC as well. Kingston NV2, need to check batches (but the problem is, at the beginning of the year, the batch number is already too high, which increases the chance of QLC).

            MP33 and P34A60, the current batches could be QLC. Even if you are lucky enough to get TLC, they are bottom of the pack TLC (still better than QLC, but you are looking at worse than MX500 writes once SLC cache is gone). That said, QLC still has its uses. A lot of us still have HDDs and lots of data still on HDDs so we still have devices which are only capable of sending data at 100MB/s.

            • @netsurfer: Thanks for that! I was just thinking of best value and reliability tbh. Performance isn't really a factor so much as it will be put in an external M.2 NVMe case for portable storage anyway. I was wondering how those locally sourced SSDs compare to say ones from AE for around 33-39USD (ex-tax) like the CT100/Kingspec regular/Kingspec NX/Reletech P600/etc (there are so many of them!). But I guess in terms of "reliability" it's better to get it from CC in case there's a warranty issue or whatever.

  • 600TBW as per this spec sheet. These are really getting cheap, how good!

    • +2

      I guess the TBW spec is only relevant for warranty, as a threshold when the faulty drive can still be returned. Still nice to have a larger TBW spec.

  • -3

    TLC? No

    • +3

      Don't go chasing waterfalls

      • +2

        Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to

      • +2

        He don't want no scrub

        • +1

          QLC don't want no scrub

  • Thanks, Bought one.

  • Love to hear any confirmations if they cheaper out on the parts here

  • Got my drive. Sticker was reall easy to peel off

    Controller is Realtek RTS5765DL

    Not sure what the flash chips are

    • Performs like QLC

      Copied a 300gb file to it.

      Was 1.46 GB/s for about 250gb, then dropped to 200 MB/s

  • Mine seems to be faulty, Will not install windows 11.

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