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Anker Soundcore Space Q45 Adaptive Noise Cancelling Headphones $164.25 Delivered @ AnkerDirect Amazon AU

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Well regarded headphones. Limited time deal from Anker Direct AU via Amazon

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Well regarded headphones.

    Not according to Joel

    2.0 out of 5 stars These are not high quality earphones
    Reviewed in Australia on 18 July 2023
    Colour: Blue
    Verified Purchase
    There's bass. There's treble. I guess. Where's the middle? It sounds like you're listening to a good pair of headphones in a tin can.

    • It sounds like you're listening to a good pair of headphones

      Technically checks out.

      • in a tin can.

        • How did he even manage to fit himself into a tin can?

          • @Rimzi:

            How did he even manage to fit himself into a tin can?

            Costco ?

    • I like mine but then I have never used a $300+ pair of Sony or Bose headphones

    • Some people get very uppity about sound quality while disregarding or downplaying features that add to the cost of the "inferior" pair.

  • I have this. Received it as a gift last year. it is wireless but also has 3.5 jack and comes with a cable in case you want to go wired. I dont listen to music so cant judge there but its great for calling and general PC/mobile use.

    • I enjoy using it plugged in on pc and on Bluetooth with mobile. Good sound quality but nothing earth shattering

  • +2

    I don't know who Joel is but they get a passing grade on the site that matters

  • This or 1more sonoflow?

    • Just returning a pair of 1more sonoflows, back to my soundcore q30s with tape around the band until the q45s go back down in price.

      Edit: Looks like they are $170 via soundcore Australia with free delivery. Sign up for newsletter to get 10% off first order so $153 all up..ordered a pair.

      Might have been my pair of 1mores and my ears, but had issues with anc, Bluetooth connectivity/stability and overall usage.

      The tuning wasnt great, eq options were average though the app.

      Wavelet and custom eq helped, but the ineffectiveness of the anc and the jarring effect it has when cutting out sharp sounds isn't great.

      Had crackles, pops and some drops of audio too in general use, moreso with ldac (space a40s in same area do not have this issue)

    • The q45s have arrived and are so much better than the 1mores in terms of sound quality, anc and about the same on fit and feel.

      In some ways an upgrade, and in some ways a downgrade on the q30s.

      If you can get q30s for 100 bucks then it's a good deal bar the headband cracking issue.

      To top it off 1more contacted me offering me a discount on any of their products after I left a review to in their words "reshare" my experience.

      Pretty sure paid incentives with the hope that the purchaser change a review is what got taotronics banned from Amazon.

  • Good sound, but quite heavy.

  • Personally I find the Q35 better than the Q45.

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