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Panasonic Eneloop Quick Charger w/ 4x AA 2000mAh $39.20 + $10 Delivery @ digiDirect via Woolworths Marketplace


The Panasonic Eneloop Smart and Quick Charger - BQ-CC55 with 4x 2000 mAh batteries 4-position Ni-MH battery charger can quickly, and individually charge any combination of up to four AA or AAA eneloop batteries in just 3 hours (1 to 2 AA or AAA batteries can be fully charged in up to 1.5 hours) - $39.20 - https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/1074295037…
Looks to be $50-60 elsewhere (e.g. $59 at Good Guys)

Also - Panasonic Eneloop Quick Charger with 4x AA Pro Batteries (2550mAh) - $55.20 (so free shipping) - https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/1073955020…

Discounts across the Eneloop range - https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/search/products?searchTer…

Free shipping with Marketplace purchases over $50

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    Are these the good chargers? I know it says smart, but is that just marketing?

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      The batteries are rated very highly (https://www.zdnet.com/home-and-office/energy/best-rechargeab…), so assume the charger is also pretty good

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        Nope, in fact eneloops are usually sold with a shit charger that's practically ewaste. This deal is a exception, with a pretty good charger; certainly good enough for anyone who just wants something that works and doesn't unnecessarily damage the cells it charges.

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      It's not as smart as a real smart charger where there are different modes to do different things like refreshing batteries, or capacity determination.

      This one just knows to shut off when the battery is full.

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        could you recommend a good real smart charger?

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          Liitokala Lii-500 is $42 with free delivery from AU supplier, here:

          Excellent technical review here:

          You may be able to get it cheaper from AliExpress or eBay, but beware: the cheaper sellers are almost always selling it without the 240V power supply. Of those that do sell it with a power supply, almost none of them sell the power supply that has an AU mains plug.

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            @Russ: you reckon there are fake ones or these ones are legit?


            yup I see what you mean about the mains plug

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              @Poor Ass:

              you reckon there are fake ones or these ones are legit?

              They're almost certainly legit, but don't have the 240V power supply.

              Rule of thumb with eBay: if you don't see something in the pictures, it isn't supplied. There's no 240V power supply in any of the pictures.

              If you see a power supply in the pictures, then check the description to see if is supplied.

              You may be able to buy a 240V power supply separately, but if you do that, I wouldn't buy from an unknown supplier. You never know if it has been properly certified to work in Australia, and it could have even been dumpster-dived from a factory's reject bin. Better to buy from an Australian bricks-and-mortar store, as they can at least be sued if their product starts a fire in your house.

          • @Russ: Do you know where we could buy a good quality 240v oz mains plug (that won't short circuit, explode or cause a fire)?

            All the ones I've seen are no brand on ebay, Amazon, other online retailers, etc.

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              Do you know where we could buy a good quality 240v oz mains plug (that won't short circuit, explode or cause a fire)?

              Yes, but you won't like the price, and you'll have to pay shipping on top. And then there's the problem of getting one with the correct DC plug, and the plug having the correct polarity.

              Altronics has the cheapest one I can easily find, at $25. It looks like this one has the correct DC plug and polarity:

              If you want a high-quality one, here's a well-known brand, but it's more expensive and you have to buy the cord separately:

              Unfortunately, mains power supplies are cheapest when bought in 1000-up quantities, and bought directly from the manufacturer. Which is most likely what LanPlus did, and probably got them for about $5 each. It's cheaper and easier to use LanPlus's bulk-buying power, and buy the charger from them with power supply included.

              • @Russ: Thanks, i appreciate the links and info. You're right, it's kind of expensive when buying it individually.

          • @Russ: Liitokala Lii-500 $42 plus 4x Ladda AA ($12) = $54.

            This will easily be superior to the $58 Eneloop Pro Quick Battery Charger with 4 x AA Eneloop Pro Battery.

            Just one Q:
            Is a 2A adapter essential for the Lii-500 (using with AA) or can we get away with 1.5A? Thanks

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              Is a 2A adapter essential for the Lii-500 (using with AA) or can we get away with 1.5A?

              My Lii-500 says "input:12V 2A", but also says it can output 4x1000mA at 4.2V, for charging li-ion batteries.

              Logically, it seems like the charger should consume significantly less power when charging NiMH batteries, as the maximum output is 4x1000mA at 1.48V.

              I just did a test, with the plugpack plugged into an Aldi mains power meter, charging 4xAA at 1000mA. With the batteries at about 1.35V, the reading on the power meter is jumping around a lot, and the highest value so far is 10.4W.

              So at the moment, the charger must be consuming an average of less than one Amp at 12V (=12W). But that's average power, possibly the charger is actually drawing 24W (= 2A at 12V) for half of the time.

              I'm afraid that's all the testing I can do without cutting the power supply cord, and I'm not willing to do that!

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              @Fobsessive: Edit: I've just fully charged the four AA NiMH batteries, and the power meter was giving readings up to 15.6W.

              The readings update once a second, and are presumably an average over each second. Given the way the readings were jumping around, it looks like the charger is drawing higher power and then pausing at a lower power.

              As your 1.5A power supply is only rated to 18W, I'd say it will be running close to or higher than its rating. So it looks like a 12V 2A supply really is needed.

              • @Russ: Thanks Russ, you are Ozbargain's rechargeable battery legend! Really helps me decide to buy the package you linked with the 2A power supply rather than risk an old 1.5A

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                @Russ: I bought the Liitokala Lii-500 from LanPlus's ebay. $29 net cost with the SB/Westpac/GC eBay offers last week.

                The AC/DC adapter is model BSG-1203000AU with output 12V 3.0A. I can't find it on Google but hopefully it is decent quality.

                I have a few Ladda 1900s to start with. Thanks again Russ for your advise, not only here but on other battery threads too.

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                  @Fobsessive: You're welcome, I'm happy to help out whenever I can.

                  Stacking three discounts! You're an A-grade OzBargainer!

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          This one has been rated high for probably decade now https://www.digitalcamerawarehouse.com.au/maha-powerex-wizar…

          But there must be something better than that by now, the design hasn't changed in many years.

          • @AustriaBargain: ooo pricey

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            @AustriaBargain: I have that charger, and it's good if you're a photographer, but bad if you're not.

            The reason is that it's extremely picky about the batteries. If it senses the battery impedance has risen above a threshold, it's display will just say "HIGH" and it will refuse to charge the batteries.

            So although the batteries are fine for 90% of household uses, you have no way to charge them, causing many people to mistakenly throw their perfectly usable batteries in the bin.

            Having low battery impedance is very important to photographers, in particular camera flash units have extremely high current drain. But for most other things, it has very little importance.

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    Panasonic Eneloop range:

    Panasonic Eneloop Quick Charger with 4x AA Batteries 2000mAh / 90-180min Charge

    Panasonic Eneloop Quick Charger with 4x AA Pro Batteries

    • Thanks, have added this to the deal

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    With this charger, you put the battery in and the light goes green. When it’s fully charged, does the light change colour??

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      When the battery is full the charger plays Frank Sinatra's "My Way".

      • +3

        So can’t be sold in the Philippines…

        • +2

          I bet nobody here knows what that is about and I think it got taken off the playlist

        • +2

          I had to google this as I had never heard of it. Pretty crazy.

        • +1

          I had to look this up. Wow.

    • Yes it automatically switches off when fully charged.

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    Costco have the slow charger which is overnight slow and 12 batteries for around $46-$50 in store from memory. Personally I'd take the extra batteries.

    Price here includes delivery.

    Otherwise go Amazon for quick charger option with the ozbargain special S&S and cancel it if you have prime ship @ $43.34. Beats paying woolies for slow shipping.

    • +1

      The slow charger is designed to slowly damage your batteries, so you'll be back in a couple of years to buy more.

      In general, battery companies make chargers that will sell more batteries; the charger in this deal is one of the very few exceptions to that rule.

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    How does this compare to the ikea charger

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      Reposting a previous reply I made, to someone else who asked the same question:

      The IKEA "smart" chargers barely qualify as smart. If you have one, try this test to confirm:

      • Charge some batteries
      • Let them cool to room temperature
      • Put them back into the charger and see how long it takes to detect that the batteries were already fully charged.

      The current IKEA "smart" charger takes about 30 minutes to stop charging. For comparison, the Liitokala Lii-500 stops charging after 4 minutes. So the IKEA charger is really bad at detecting the "battery full" signal, and is therefore likely to overcharge your batteries and damage them.

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    Surprised no one commented cheaper alternative like ikea? Lolllll it always happen

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      Surprised no one commented cheaper alternative like ikea?

      Yes they did, the comment directly above your comment.

      IKEA's batteries are good, however their chargers aren't. IKEA just repeat whatever the manufacturer has written on the box, they don't do any testing themselves.

      IKEA's current "smart" charger is STENKOL, and it has problems. See my reply above for details.

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    I’m assuming you can get 4% off using gift cards (via RAA/RACV etc). Plus 4000 bonus everyday rewards points for boosting the everyday market reward if you spend over $100 (first time using everyday market only). Up to 44% off all up if you get it right.

    • I don't see that offer in my app.. but I can see it mentions on the website. Are you saying you have an active boosted offer?

      • Yeah, currently available until 29th. Probably only available if you’ve never used everyday market before?

        • Hmm i haven't, but then again I couldn't find much of interest (to get me up to $100) apart from the Eneloops to take a chance anyway.. thanks for clarifying

  • Hey Guys, I bought this from binglee a while ago and just noticed the batteries are made in china. Aren't all eneloops made in Japan?

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      Yes and they used to be Sanyo branded once upon a time…

  • This offer is decent right? And I'm not clear with its battery capacity on the AAA. Does it hold four batteries or three?

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      It holds 4 batteries, which can be any combination of AA or AAA

      • It's hard to find it like that. Good deal then

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