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Expedia Australia: 14.5% Cashback on Hotels (Uncapped) + 10% Bonus CB ($50 Cap) via The Westpac Lounge @ ShopBack 3pm-10pm AEST


Great cashback deal on Expedia. 14.5% Boosted Cashback + 10% Bonus Westpac Cashback (Capped at $50)

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Referral: random (4105)

$40 for referrer, $20 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Users will need to fulfil the referral criteria within 180 days from referee's sign-up date to unlock cashback.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +1

    Shut up and take my money

    So assuming that means 24% cashback if you have westpac (up to $50 on the westpac bonus). Wowzas

  • Wow so many Westpac deals!!

    Do they have any no annual fee cards?

    • +2

      You don't necessarily need a credit card. I use a debit card.

      • Oh awesome, so dumb question - when applying for a debit card, does one need to go through a credit check?

        • +2

          No, just open a bank account with them.

  • "hotels" only.. does that mean other types of accommodation aren't included?

  • +4

    Good deal, except that when I follow the link, it is already showing over 5% more than a pre-existing booking made on booking.com (which I made with 10% cashback).

    I will double check pricing carefully at 3pm (using different browsers/incognito mode) to confirm if it is worth cancelling and rebooking.

    • +1

      With these types of deals its always case by case. Sometimes the price will be higher going through CR/SB, sometimes the price will be the same for specific hotels and different for others, sometimes its cheaper to book on Agoda instead of Expedia, bla bla bla.

      I'm always a fan of these deals though because it usually isn't too hard to find sufficiently competitive pricing and it doesn't take very long to check if you have a specific destination and schedule in mind.

    • Same. Hotel of interest still costs more after bonus cashback through Expedia compared to Booking.com even without cashback.

    • +1

      7 night stay was ~$2700 at 2pm-ish
      after 3pm, it is now showing at OVER $2900

      Same search via the same link.

      YMMV, but be aware.

    • The hotel I want in Siem Reap is $1100 direct, $1200 on Expedia app and $1600 via shopback on Expedia lol

      • Can you share a link, I’m interested to see. I have tried looked at my trip and it’s the same price via app and ShopBack and actually cheaper then yesterday.

  • +1

    Problem is you presumably need to prepay to get the westpac bonus

    • Good question. Would be good to know if you can choose to pay at hotel and get the cashback.

      • You can't

        Select the 'Pay Now' option and use your eligible linked Westpac card in order to get bonus Cashback. 'Pay Later' or 'Reserve Now' are not eligible for bonus Cashback.

  • +5

    If you notice they do price jack on expedia the day before i am looking at a hotel in Brisbane

    Yesterday 377 dollars. Today 443

    • Yep, this is why it's a good idea to keep a spreadsheet of costs with/without vouchers/cashback etc

      • +2

        Also look at app vs browser as some sites give an additional discount using app like booking.com

        • +1

          also if possible email or call the hotel see if they can do a better price advertised online most of the time they can :D

    • Try using incognito? Sometimes our cookie trail/avtivity is used to their advantage.

  • +1

    Great deal
    Time to get a Westpac card, I guess……..

  • Does it work for Bank of Melbourne card ( as it is part of Westpac group)?

  • still waiting for SB to confirm my cashback from last deal in march!

  • +1

    Is the Westpac cap per transaction or per Shopback account ?

  • Just opened a cash account with Westpac and deposited some $. Probably too late for this deal..

  • +1

    Price jacked up 20% since yesterday am.

  • Amazing deal, just when I was about to book and prefer Expedia to booking.con…. Have not found a price jack my price went down from last night.

    • Why do you prefer Expedia? I prefer booking.com, more usable website and better customer service (and usually cheaper as I'm genius level 2 discount but sometimes Expedia can be cheaper too).

      • +1

        To be honest I go where it’s cheaper that’s my main thing but I had a good experience with a Fiji flight during Covid. My family booked direct and literally spent 12 hours on the phone whereas I contacted Expedia, had to wait 30 mins or so (understandable during covid) then explained it to the agent they said they would take care of it and give me a call back. Sorted it out in a few hours and called back. I was amazed given my parents were still on hold to Qantas. So if it’s even or cheaper I’ll choose Expedia otherwise where it’s cheaper.

      • I find Expedia customer service better than Booking.com. Slightly. Tell you whose atrocious - the fcukers at Agoda. Shifty ba$terds. Didn't own up to their error and left me high and dry in a foreign land. Cost me a lot more our of my pocket. Never again.

  • went through about 10 bookings I've made in the last 2 weeks… only 1 was cheaper with this deal

  • +1

    Yeah, but you have to use Expedia. Absolutely awful customer service.

    • I found them to be quite good tbh. I have an upcoming booking that was overbooked by the hotel and Expedia came to the party despite not being their fault and relocated me to a nicer hotel nearby which was $350 more than what I originally paid and also gave me a $100 coupon for the inconvenience.

  • +1

    Booked and cancelled.. found exact same one even cheaper than 24.5% cashback and got 7% cashback from Topcashback..

  • Do i still get cashback if I went into an already signed in Expedia account that gives me member price automatically?

    Thank you

  • Did anyone book that's had theirs track? I notice my hotel booking doesn't appear to have tracked at 14.5% ?

    • Mine tracked after a few hours

  • Mine tracked at 14.5%, for a hotel priced with a member discount, which was the cheapest price I could find among the usual sellers (booking, hotels, TripAdvisor, etc)

  • Anyone else still waiting for theirs to be tracked?

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