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TP-Link LiteWave Gigabit Switch 5-Port $16.50, 8-Port $26.50 + Delivery ($0 Prime/$39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


These switches have been very popular in the past at these prices. 25% off for the 5 port and 22% for the 8 port. The LS1005 is also on sale for $11, 31% off but isn't as popular as the black ones. The LS1008 is $15.50.

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    I have this it worked great, however without much knowledge stress testing it I wonder does anyone know does it throttling bad?

    • +1

      Pretty sure it won’t throttle if you don't exceed 1gb in total transfer on all ports.
      It's not a 5gb switch-1gb data transfer per port. If that makes sense.

    • +5

      According to the specs, it has a 10Gb backplane (seems unlikely) which means it's not going to throttle anything.

      Also, it's a bleedin' unamnaged cheap as chips gig switch. Practically all these things are the same.

    • +13

      my brain throttled trying to read this..

  • +1

    Very happy with the 8 port model. Plug n play. Zero issues.

  • +1

    Could I have a lan party on one of these?

    • +4


      BYO RGB

    • +10

      66 x 61 mm? A LAN party for ants maybe.

  • +1

    Is there any difference between the LS1005 (white) and the LS1005G (black) apart from the colour?

    • +1

      LS1005 is only Fast Ethernet/100mbit.

      It's unlikely you would want that now.

      • +2

        Could be useful for streaming SlowTV

      • Thanks. I'm actually only using it for a low bandwidth application, so it would probably be fine.

      • +1

        I remember setting up one of the first 100mbs networks in Newcastle in 1996.

  • +2

    noob question but is a switch = extend the number of LAN ports that my router comes by default?

    • +7

      essentially yeah, you wire a ethernet cable on one of the port of these switches to a LAN port on the router and it'll join in

    • +17

      yes - think of it like a powerboard for network

  • Do these need AC power?

  • Does anyone have any experience with the TL-SG108PE?
    Would you recommend it or is there a better alternative?

    • i have it. no issues so far. i use the POE ports for my cctvs and segregated via vlan

    • +1

      Depending on your needs, maybe check out the Mercusys 8 port switch with 7 POE+ ports. Working perfectly here, not skipped a beat. $59 on Amazon delivered (w/Prime)

      Mercusys is owned by TP Link anyway. 5yr warranty too, can't go wrong.

      • +1

        Thanks for the suggestion, that looks like it's just what I need.

    • +3

      4 times more expensive, sure.

      The switch in the OP costs the same as a KFC meal.

      • -4

        Yeah but then your network is stuck in the 90s

        • +8

          Along with most residential NBN speeds.

        • +6

          Lol. I guess you might be among the 0.1% of home users who can max out a gigabit switch.
          Probably some very important data center loads running around your lounge room.
          Buy the $20 switch now, if you ever get throttled, the 10gbit version will have dropped in price to $20 by then.

          • -1

            @mskeggs: Thanks for the advice, I actually already have the 2.5/10gbe one, and yes i do have a 40tb home file server i use to keep basically everything on. Once you realize how fast it can be with a modern setup you can just put a tiny ssd in your desktop and map all the network dives and you wouldn't even know it was on another computer. Runs great and the server isn't even that new, runs 24/7 seeding 5k+ torrents, locally for 4k video content streaming, various data science and geoscience stuff(10gb+ files). So yes i do think i make pretty good use of it.

  • -2

    Wonder what the use case is for a home that is completely on wifi

    • +4

      It's great for wired network devices

    • +2

      Wi-Fi is for chumps!

    • If wifi satisfies you then probably not for you.

    • I have hubs for Philips Hue, Samsung Smartthings, an ATX for home phone, a printer, Synology NAS and a UPS.

      There is 6 ports right there despite all computers, tablets, phones, TVs, Alexas, Security cameras etc connected by wifi. Actually Orbi says I have 53 wifi devices. You don't want to know how many Zigbee devices I have. Need a deal on wearable farraday cages.

  • +1

    cat 6 cable be good enough for this right?

    • yes

      • +1

        Would i motice any difference between cat 5e and cat6?

        My understanding is cat5e handles 1gb anyway

        • +1

          I think you're unlikely to notice a difference. If I remember correctly cat5e is supposed to do 1gig up to 100m but with a good cable you could probably get away with faster at shorter lengths.

          Cat6 should do 1gig 100m with 10gig at 55m

    • +3

      5e is fine for 1gbps too.

  • +1

    Thanks. Ordered 1

  • +1

    Do these support PoE?

    • +1


    • +1

      No - that would be advertised specifically on the switch.. and it would unfortunately be way more expensive!

      • big problem for a PoorStudent sadly

        • +1

          Yes, not easy being a life long student

      • Thanks for confirming

  • Great dumb switch, bought it last time was on sale and works great for NDI network setup

  • The TL-WR902AC would make an great portable OpenWRT router.

    • Can confirm, my v1 has been rock stable on 23.05.0-rc3

  • Am awaiting an NBN install with Leaptel.

    Is the tp-link Archer AX20 AX1800 in this Amazon deal interchangeable with the AX1800 listed as the hardware for Leaptel?

    https://leaptel.com.au/hardware/ - VX230v is listed here, but can't find the exact model for the AX1800 on the Amazon link.

    Their sign up page was pretty strong on them not providing any support for modems not purchased through them, so I'll be limited to google and their knowledge bases. And I'm a bit of a numb skull with technology. But $60 is $60.

    • +1

      They usually pre load the correct settings so that it's plug and play.

      • Leaptel have warned me that if I buy from elsewhere, I need to set it up myself with no tech support - I've done that before with TPG, but that was with the exact same modem, so i could follow the instructions exactly.

        I just want to make sure that the two modems are interchangeable - surely there wouldn't be any big differences two AX1800s, and the Amazon one would work (in place of their version) without too many issues?

  • Does it get hot in Sydney summer? Thinking of throwing it in the attic to connect bedrooms and TV to NBN. Have Wifi6 running at home but I've heard of better latency of wired connection.

    • $16.50 switch in attic during Australian summer, what could go wrong?! :)

    • Just bring wire out of attic and attach the switch to ceiling.

  • I don't recognise the connectors on this box.

    Are they USB-D?

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