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Sennheiser Momentum 3 TWS ANC Earphones White $238.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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It is raining deals for Sennheiser.
After the amazing deal of $129 for IE200, there is Sennheiser Momentum 3 TWS at an all time low price I believe.
However, it is only for white version.

One of the best and critically acclaimed true wireless earphones out there.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I think the use of hardwearing fabrics on electronics is criminally underrated outside the speaker/headphone sphere.. It gives a premium feel to a product without having to use machined alloy or anything else. Instantly up markets a plastic product imo. I do think this colour scheme isn't the best unless it sits on your office desk and goes nowhere else.

    • Also comes in black and metallic grey

      • Unfortunately not part of the bargain though ): maybe in the coming days!

  • +3

    I bought tw2/3. The batteries died if I did not use it for a month or two. Not a good product.

    • LOL…on those models the battery dies if you don't use it for a day or two!

      • I have the originals and for a $400 product, battery life is atrocious.

      • +1

        That hasn’t been true since the TW2. I leave mine in my gym bag and they are still fully charged a week later.

        • Fair enough…just realised that I only have the originals, which are terrible. From new, if I leave them unplugged overnight, they are pretty much stuffed the next day. I just leave them on the charge all the time and use them around the home. I have two pairs…both the same. Otherwise, nice buds, and they're still going after all these years, so hey!

          Thought I had the 2 as well. It's a sorry state when I can't even remember which models of which buds I have lying around.

          To be fair, I have some Sony buds as well, and sometimes they won't turn on even when fully charged - I have to plug in and unplug the case to prompt them to work. High end buds, and still glitches.

    • The MTW1 was the worst. It'd die in like in a day. Sennheiser support was terrible, and they basically came back saying "it was designed to do that".

    • Somehow always one earbud won’t light up. I tried to reset and it does not work. Got the earbud replaced and the same thing happen if I left it in my bag for a few months and one of the earbud died again!! Won’t be using their wireless earbud again unless they replaced mine for free.

  • +2

    I absolutely loved the sound. But the build quality is questionable. the fins became loose after a while. Also developed ringing noise on noise cancellation. had to send mine back. but yes sound was phenomenal esp the bass.

    • Agreed. Had two pairs, first one one earbud just stopped pairing and the other the speaker grille just came off.

      Will definitely try the MTWS4, but the 3's great sound is really let down by the build quality.

  • i have the MTW generation 1 back in like 2019…?
    Served me till yesterday.

    The right one is the main one connecting the left and the source.
    It just made no sound when i tried wearing it on the train.
    But all the lights and connections are working as the left one is working.

    Out of warranty, and seems Sennheiser doesnt do repairs after :(

    Other than this frustration, the MTW shd be one of the best sounding wireless earbuds in the market.

  • I have the TW2's and use them a LOT! They have been fantastic….I'd buy another pair if I could as I prefer them over the TW3

  • I have to say these are fantastic…. I had the MTW2 and the battery died on one of the headphones… send them back and they gave me momentum 3s… and wow… they have been amazing… the batteries last me 6-8 weeks per charge… sound is very good and have performed very well for me… Very happy .. and can't fault the service. Highly recommended from me.

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