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Nokia Lumia 900 Black - $349 + Shipping - Think of Us


Nokia Lumia 900 Black - $349 + Shipping

I am not a rep just saw this deal and think that the price is alright.
Keep in mind that this phone can not upgrade to WP8.

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    The disgraceful part is that they charge $50 more for Cyan or White. That's ridiculous.

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      Why is it disgraceful or ridiculous?

      If they have lots of blacks left, but few cyans and whites, surely it makes sense to charge less for black to stimulate demand?

      Isn't that what everyone does when selling anything from an apple to a car to a house - choose prices so that you get exactly as many buyers as you have things to sell?

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        Because not even Nokia charges more for the Cyan or White colors. I can understand sure, pay like $15 extra perhaps for a rarer color so you sell more blacks - but $50? Then another $20 to $35 to the delivery cost, and suddenly you're paying a $15% or so markup for a different color - something Nokia doesn't charge, local Telco's don't exactly charge..

        So you tell me how it's not disgraceful or ridiculous anymore.

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    Imported stock not covered by Nokia AUS warranty so only 12 months vs the 2 years with local stock,

    Just keep that in mind,

    • Local servicing on this stuff is so horrendous that it's not even worth it anyway. Most phone stores will not do a swap under any circumstances, and you'd have to drop it in at a repair centre in the middle of nowhere and live without it for two weeks until you pick it up.

      • I have no problems with Nokia Service Centres in Sydney, have used them maybe 3 or 4 times in the last 10 years and have never had a problem. Obviously not as good as Apple but better than anyone else I've used.

        I think it boils down to the rest of the manufacturers not having the luxury of such high margins to offer on the spot replacements.

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    $21 shipping to Brissy…. $370 all up for black colour

    Good price for a solid phone… even if you miss out on the Aussie warranty

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    Windows 8 phones will be out shortly. With no upgrade path, I expect that this phone will be discounted even more heavily.

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      If you've been reading the news, Nokia are bringing a LOT of WP8 features to WP7, including the new homescreen. So they're definitely trying and apps are still making their wayin numbers to the Marketplace. I'd say if you want a cheap phone, you're looking at a good option.

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        You call $350+ cheap ?? IMO paying that much money on a soon to be discontinued phone is not a very good move when there are more future proof and better supported phones like Galaxy Nexus (with very similar/better specs) are available for the same (or even lower) price. If this was below $300 (including shipping) then perhaps worth considering, but certainly not at this price.

        • No you noob, Nokia will announce their own cut soon, or if not, at least people will start putting prices down themselves to sub $300. Watch as we get closet to October.

      • Can you list out the lots of WP8 features Nokia is bringing to its WP7 phones other than the home screen and Nokia apps?

        I would really like to know because what I have seen so far is just people saying a lot of WP8 features will be brought over but only cited the home screen and when I looked at WP8 features I couldn't see much that actually will work on WP7 phones.

        • Nokia said they'll announce things as well get closer, but so far the new screen, apps like Words With friends will make it to 7.8, some Nokia WP8 apps will be announced as well for 7.8 (I think from what I read in places they will be Nokia exclusives from 7.8 devices, but I can't remember which apps). Truth is we'll only get all the features once we get to October, then we can say if it'll be good or not.

  • It should be below $200:)

    • Would be hard to find in the short term. Nokias hold their value a bit. N9's still retails for over 450 on ebay.

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        That one is special because it is the last high end nokia smartphone that doesn't run windows

      • i'm still looking for a cheap N9 and damn, it's hard to come by

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    I'd be pissed if I brought one of these phones when it first came out, they had so much marketting and promotion behind it and then less then 12 months later they say you can't get WP8 on it.

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      Yea, but they never promised when they originally launched the phone either. Since it being a single core device it cannot be upgraded to wp8 but it is getting wp7.8 which includes some important features of wp8.That shows they are looking after their clients.
      Lumia 900 is a good phone with the current operating system.It misses some apps but the operating system is very fluid and the build quality is top notch.
      I am waiting for Lumia 920 to be available to decide between that and S3.
      I am impressed with 920's specs so far but waiting to see some hands on reviews.

  • wow, looks smooth

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    at $349 this is fantastic value. tack on $50 for a decent colour and another $21 for shipping and suddenly this doesn't seem like all that great value :(

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    have windows fixed the multiple mobile number per contact problem yet?

    • I have two email accounts synced with my phone. Each one has an entire copy of my phone book. You can tell your phone to only pull contacts from a certain email/Facebook, thus preventing duplicate contact numbers. If the contact has more than one number/contact method, ie home phone, mobile number, Facebook account, these may appear as multiple contacts in your phone book (if slight variation in name, etc). However, you can easily link these together under one contact.

      • can you delete those email accounts and replace with a different email account?

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    windows phone7 is at the end of its life cycle so i can wait for this to drop to $200. for the current same price or less one can have google nexus with jellybean.

  • For around the same price, I'd recommend the Nexus! :)

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    Pay 50 dollars more for an aus stock and you will receice a pair of beats I beleieve :)

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      Mind telling me where I could get it for around $400 with beats?

  • Silly q: I know that Win7.x won't run win8 apps, but all win8 will run win 7,x apps right?

    I've always wanted a lumia (all expect 710…)

    • As far as I know, WinPho 8 will run all Mango WinPho 7 compatible apps. Whether or not this requires tweaking on the developers behalf, is yet to be seen. I would say unlikely anything needs to be changed.

  • Guys do you know if I buy from thinkofus, can I claim GST on this?

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      yes u can, they are Australian company with tax invoice

  • It is worth mentioning that when the W7 Nokias came out, there were big discounts on the previous top line Nokia smart phone, the N9. Got my N9 for $288 and it is just brilliant. That was about $300 under what it had been the week before.
    Like the OS on the N9 (Meego) W7 is a dead end, so I think that the same could happen again. When the W8s appear, I reckon that under $300 is a good chance.
    BTW, have played with a Windows Nokia and it is pretty damn handy. Windows is a lot easier to drive and customise than an iPhone.
    Hardware build quality on Nokia is great, way better than HTC and Samsung.

  • if it had WP8 and was $150 I might be interested.