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[PC, Steam] The RPG Engine - Free @ Steam


Please follow the instructions

The RPG Engine via SteamDB

PC users could get the game by free claiming it on the link just above then click Install.

If you prefer through Steam Client, press Win + R then type the following:

Mobile users could try browser code

  1. Go to Steam Store Page and Login

  2. On your URL Link part manually type javascript: then copy paste

  3. If it shows "undefined has been added to your account." then you're done.

Note: Maybe it will be similar to Monster Racing League that later in time it became free.

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  • +1

    Wants me to pay full price. Am I doing something incorrectly?

  • Thanks will try later when I get home.

  • Does it work on steam app?

    • I just added it as free via searching for it on the steam app

  • Either way it gives you a +1

    Billing type for the package is "Free on Demand"

    Needs to be "No Cost" to give a +1

    • Thanks removed that part.

    • -1

      it rubs the lotion on the basket and gives you a +1

      or it gets 900 garlic breads again

  • +2

    Is this like RPG Maker?

    • +9

      No. This is a tool to let you host DND games digitally. Not build a game to publish.

    • +4

      Nothing illegal. It's available for free via SteamDB. Most probably it will become available for free at a later date. I don't see it as anything wrong doing.

      • +2

        It's so satisfying seeing a neg with -7 and you being the person who gets to revoke their neg.

        • +3

          The only thing that annoys me it's on every single neg that I get @nocure it's there to put his upvote. I don't understand what's his problem with me? You can check every single deal of mine. That's sad.

    • +8

      It's not poorly coded or illegal.

      The developer themself created a new "Free on Demand" package for the game 3 days ago and has since made various other changes.

      Changes like these don't happen on their own and if you were to monitor the Global App/Package History on SteamDB you would find that this is common leading up to a game transitioning to a Free to Play model.

      Even if you just compare the free package and the paid package you will see that those who have actually paid for the game will also have 2 currently unknown AppIds tied to their purchase, where as those with the free package only have the base game.

      Here's what I see happening. (or something to similar effect)

      • Game will leave Early Access and transition to Free to Play
      • Early supporters will have access to the full game (currently unknown AppId #1)
      • Early supporters will have access to some kind of bonus reward or possibly even an expansion (currently unknown AppId #2)
      • Free to Play players will have access to a limited base game with the option of upgrading to full game in the form of a DLC (currently unknown AppId #1)
  • +1

    Okay, so this game may or may not be a bit dodgy. What I want to know is, is it worth claiming?

  • +1

    The free part is mainly there to act as a client for people to use so they can join someone who has purchased a the Game\Dungeon Master DLC who acts as a host. If you have no idea what I mean by Game or Dungeon Master than this is probably not useful to you even if you buy the DLC.

  • Weird, in browser it's showing that it's in my Steam library but in Steam it doesn't show :/ EDIT: Nvm it took Steam 3mins to show up…

  • Thanks for the JavaScript sorcery tips! Works perfectly on my Android phone

  • +1

    What do you mean by this? "On your URL Link part manually type javascript: then copy paste

    Do you mean you type the JavaScript thing after the game name in the url? A screenshot or if you could please elaborate would help for those (like myself) who don't really know what you're referring to

  • +3

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/1818180/The_RPG_Engine/ is now Free - just directly add it to your library.

  • Just to be clear, it's free if you're a player.

    If you wish to host a game it'll cost you, and cost you again if you wish to have more than a couple of players - hence the DLC.

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