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Asrock RX 7800 XT Challenger OC 16GB GDDR6 Graphics Card $829.10 Delivered @ Amazon JP via AU

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Looks like a decent price if anyone was looking to buy one of these. They also have the white one for $841.01 as well, which in my opinion is the better deal as its got 3 fans, and RGB, but will have to have wait longer to get I believe.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    How is the warranty on these things? Will Amazon Japan honour the warranty?

  • Damn that's pretty close to retail. Is there an easy way to pay in 4 paypal through amazon?

    • +5

      you can afterpay gift cards for amazon?

  • +5

    I think i will buy one if someone can confirm there will be warranty on those

    I did some research on the net, ASROCK doesnt seem have global warranty. feels too risky for such expensive part.

  • +5

    Will buy only if $729.

    • When?

      • +4

        A year and then it will out of date

  • +1

    Do we starfield?

    • +9

      Yes, we starfield

      • +1

        I meant get it for free

        • +16

          Yes it's free. It has been cracked so you can download it for free. Fitgirl and rune are the best repack downloads.

          • +3

            @mckayver: this man arrs

            • @Pusheencat: Or, maybe he doesn't feel well and grew a beard while eating potatoes on the couch?

          • -1

            @mckayver: Dodi>fitgirl

              • @Buyingcrap: i'm OOTL. What's wrong with dodi repacks?

                • @jianh: Nothing wrong with the repacks but the website is horrible. Positive is you can get Empress games on Dodi… if you trust that crazy human. Use either, but one is not better than the other, they both just compress other peoples cracks.

                  • @Buyingcrap: thanks. I juggle between dodi and fitgirl however always find that fitgirl installation is much slower. I'm not the most knowledgeable in this, which repacks would you recommend?

          • +5

            @mckayver: Torrented it off Fitgirl played it for 5 mins then uninstalled it. Im finding i dont have the energy for gaming anymore.

            • +1

              @alz: That reminds me of my fallout 4 experience

            • @alz: The first few hours are average. I forced myself to play the first few hours, after about 10 hours in I found I really started to get into the game. Love it now, it's really good. I've been doing some side quests first to level up to 15 and haven't even started the main quest line.

          • @mckayver: NEver heard of Rune, anyone got a link? please pm me.

          • @mckayver: heading into ozpirates territory lol

    • +1

      Is Starfield the new Crysis?

  • +1

    is the tax invoice from Amazon JP or Amazon AU? Can we claim for tax return?

    • +2

      not an accountant but as far as i know, yes you can use overseas invoice, even in foreign currency for tax return (just work out the exchange rate of the date of transaction). In this case it'll already be in AUD already for you.

      the problem is going to be more how you justify buying a high-ish end graphics card for 'work/business' use as a deduction.

      unless you are a professional gamer… programmer…. architect… animator… content producer…

      • I am an accountant, and you can claim a deduction. The tax legislation, and hence ATO, are unable to tell you what to spend your money on, so you can buy a 4090, 13900k etc to use as a computer used solely for typing, if you desire.

        The issue becomes you need to make an adjustment for personal use, and of course if you're buying high end components, you're far more likely to be using it for personal purposes. With higher claims you are more likely to get a review, however that review doesn't negate your entitlement to a deduction, even if you've spent more money than most would

  • Will wait for one from Asus or Sapphire

  • +8

    Sadly, this is the best value GPU in $800+ range atm if you don't need nvidia features. Last year similar performance 6800xt $799, new model won't discount old GPU anymore. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/714597
    Old phone models, CPU ect get price reduced, not greedy GPU

    • +2

      Looking at the performance it’s anywhere from 10-50% faster than my RTX 3080, apart from the fact it’s double VRAM, it’s hard to justify $850 as being worthwhile.
      Particularly with 7800 XT poor ray tracing, and DLSS on the 3070 it manages to hold out fairly well at 1440P.

      If the 7900 XT was to come down to $999 I’d snap it up

      • +2

        I'm waiting for the 7900xtx decent price.

      • You can overclock the 7800 XT and gain up to +15% performance from tests done by TechPowerUp https://www.techpowerup.com/review/amd-radeon-rx-7800-xt/40.…

      • +1

        raytracing is over-rated. *hide from all the nvidia users and their 'RTX' cards.

      • +5

        Where are you getting that it's 10-50% faster than a 3080? That's not what I've seen from review benchmarks.

        • +1


          • +1

            @Commodore64: That makes more sense. You said 3080 in your post.

            • @combatant: Thanks for picking it out, butter fingers on my part.

              Based on the tech power up review across several games including cyber punk and assassins creed of interest…

              Once you factor in DLSS and Ray Tracing, the performance difference becomes much smaller.

              • @Commodore64: I'd honestly skip this gen if you have a 3070. There shouldn't be any games that come out that have a problem for 3070 outside of some anomolies (probably bug/driver issues).

                I'd probably at least wait til the next gen cycle before considering upgrading from 3070.

    • new model won't discount old GPU anymore

      May have to switch to gaming on laptops, not as powerful (ok at 1080 and 1440), but at least I am not getting ripped off.

      • +1

        mobile GPUs are not the same as desktop GPUs. you'll get lower framerate even for the same branded number/models.

        • Yes I know, but playing older games on a laptop screen (1080p or 1440p) it should be find at high settings.

          • +2

            @congo: a laptop 1440p screen is exactly as demanding as a desktop 1440p screen

  • How would this compare to my admittedly aging but still working well 1080ti (which can still get 70+ fps at 2k )

    • Roughly double the frames or better. I just bought a 7800 XT to finally put my old 1080ti to rest after a good 5+ years

    • I would bet for 9/10 people, they are better off not spending $900 on this and saving it and whacking it onto their mortgage/offset/savings.

      For the nerdy 1/10, sure go ahead. For these guys, you can justify anything for marginal improvements.

      • Double the frames is not ‘marginal improvements’.

  • +1

    I have two AsRock 6700 XTs and their thermals are pretty poor, in comparison to MSi, so I'd look elsewhere. Just my two cents :)

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