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[WA, ACT, QLD, NSW] Gigabyte Radeon RX 7900 XTX 24G Graphics Card - $1,360 (Pickup only) @ MSY & Umart



all time low for the card.

price drops still yet to hit Aus, but this may be the inception.

Update: no longer available to deliver in VIC or SA

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    Need to push the XT price down, at the current separation (~$100) it doesn't make sense.

    • +8

      The pricing is designed to not make sense

      Navi 31 yields with the new chiplet design have been too good so AMD has not had enough rejects to stockpile more 7900 XT parts

      With TSMC at 100% capacity, it makes financial sense for AMD to continue producing more full fat XTX cards and sell at premium prices

      NVIDIA and AMD are colluding till the end of 2024 on this fake GPU market so OzB'ers should be hoping Intel get off their ass and release a competitive Battlemage next year

      • Well, it depends on your target, and your wafer capacity.

        Nobody is doing particularly well at the moment in CPU or GPU numbers, and sales are almost certainly run behind the 5/6nm wafer volumes, even with AMD cutting back TSMC orders (TSMC themselves cut back from 90% to 70% utilisation).

        That, if AMD weren't busy shooting themselves in the foot, would be an ideal opportunity to win market share in the GPU market from NVidia. AMD can't divert to AI chips yet, but they can make an offer so good people cannot refuse - slice cost off the top of their XTX and particularly XT boards.

        Not only do they get more acceptance of their product line (which they lack), they also get NVidia to believe the graphics market isn't really for them - and vacate whole sections of it, potentially. Strategically, for AMD, pulling the prices back to where they have historically been not only makes long time commercial sense, it also accords with their stated view on realistic prices.

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    Almost at $1337.

  • +10

    The inception you say?

    • +8

      It's BRAAAM.

      • you learn something new every day,

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    Upvote for price on a XTX. Hope this will make others lower their price as well

    Downvote for giga💩two 8pins unless you go for the elite by then the premium makes it not worth it given better cards costs less

    • +1

      I am looking for a XTX and yeh no one recommends Gigabyte these days. Wonder what happened to them.

      • +5

        Was it gigabyte who had a bunch of cards where the backplates and heatsinks didnt properly contact the chips on the card so they ran like garbage? Can't remember who that was

        • +1

          I heard something like that about MSI Ventus cards. Nothing official, just "people are saying" stuff.

          Gigabyte's bad rep seems to stem from their bad RMA practices - reports of slow-rolling, inadequate testing and the like. Realistically speaking that would only happen to a tiny percentage of total sales but if you do get very unlucky then getting stuck like that would be awful.

          Edit: Also there was an issue where Gigabyte motherboard software introduced security flaws, but those have reportedly been fixed. That was pretty bad.

        • Wasn't t that Asus then they tried to blame amd for it

        • My experience with a Gigabyte 3090 has not been a good one. Gigabyte motherboards have been okay though.

      • +3

        I've never had a problem with them myself but reports of shady practices, particularly around GPUs and RMAs, are pretty prevalent. Don't recall any hardware reviewers call them out.

      • +4

        Wonder what happened to them.

        in another graphics card post, someone mentioned that apparently some Gigabyte card are supposedly prone to cracking (at the position where it is inserted into the motherboard), and Gigabyte apparently tried really hard to push back on warranty claims, s/he linked a video from Jayztwocents as well.

        which is a shame, I didn't had a good exp with ASUS last time around so I was gonna go back to Gigabyte for my next purchase, back to more research I guess.

      • +4

        Lot of card pcb cracks near pci latch and gigabyte knows it inherent fault and refuses warranty

      • i thought Giga was the recommended card for 4080 though

    • +2

      This card is mba. GB just cover warranty.

      • +7


        (Edit: Made By AMD?)

        • Correct

          • @Silkysoft: Thanks for down vote, appreciated. But they are commonly now referred to as mba or aib.

    • +1

      I've gone back to ASUS after 15 years with Gigabyte, because I'm sick of Gigabyte's software. I never had a hardware issue with Gigabyte during that time though. Perhaps ~10 systems.

    • Sapphire pulse was 3x8 pins and $1449 last week - better card IMHO as the boos was running well over 2800mhz

      Giga are poor, cheap componenets, weak design, fragile. Always have been .

      Now there's the crap about their backdoored motherboards. (ASUS have the same issues there but better secured armoury crate).

      I just won't touch Giga, nor a 2x8pin when I know 3x8 has more legs.

      • Msi, Asus and gigabyte have had issues with security recently. They all need to up their game regarding security.

      • This card is just with a GB box it's made by amd.

  • wow thats isn't a bad price.

    • Eh, in the current awful market it's slightly less awful.

      Nowhere near close the the price/performance sweet spot, of course.

      • Yeah but this is AMDs flagship card. Has a flagship card ever been close the the price/performance sweet spot?

        • True. Only one that comes close is the 4090, and only because every other card is misnamed.

  • +7

    I ended up just buyibg a miner 6800XT for $600 from metro. Has been working amazingly at 4k 80-90fps maxxed out on diablo 4

    • +17

      I bought a second hand gigabye 6800 for $500 still in warranty, RMA due to coil whine, they sent me a Refurbished 7900XT back

      • +7

        you almost never hear of a successful gigabyte warranty story, congrats!

        • +1

          Bought a second hand gigabye 3080 for $500 still in warranty, RMA due to coil white, they sent me a Refurbished 4080 back

          • +3

            @cloudie9: Hold my beer while I buy a second hand 6800.

          • +13

            @cloudie9: My second hand 4080 had coil whine, RMA while still in warranty, a rep from the future sent a Refurbished 5090 back

            • +1

              @Pusheencat: My refurbished 5090 had a cool whine they sent me a Tesla back

            • +2

              @Pusheencat: I think you got the short end of the stick…I got a 9090 ti super with DLSS 7 and 8gb of vram

          • +1

            @cloudie9: Curious. One would think that a white coil is not a defect.

          • @cloudie9: Suppose you had to get the invoice from the original buyer to get the RMA?

        • the whole process took 2 month

  • the question is will it run on a https://www.corsair.com/us/en/p/psu/cp-9020195-na/rm-series-…

    which is my power supply or do I need to go and upgrade that too?

    • +1

      Should probs get 800W+. I had a 750W shutdown due to spikes on a 3080.

      • +3

        I run my 3080 on a 650W no problems..

      • +4

        undervolt your GPU, can be same clock speed or lower clock speed as you prefer, both will have lower power consumption. I undervolt + overclock a bit my 6800, 2% faster and 20% less power consumption.

        • Good stuff. How much did you undervolt it by?

          • +1

            @TsundereGuy: I have few settings, 920 is my general settings, most games stable at 900-910 (Default is around 1035). Every GPU could be different, even same brand and same model.

    • That's what mine will run on.
      CPU will be a 7600.
      I think it will be fine, I'm not over clocking anything, no liquid cooling, will be enough power.

    • Depends on the power load of the rest of your system.

      However I have a similar model the same power supply (RM750x) and it is working fine with Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 7900 XTX and an i5 13600kf

      You can enter your components into PC part picker and it will give you an estimated wattage for your build. My build is 699 watts and its been fine.

      • ok with all my parts including all the fans and drives comes to a total watage of 474w out of my 750w psu. ok when i swap the card for this 7900 xt it goes up to 669w for my 750w psu it look slike I am good

        • hmmm I have a Gigabyte MAPLE RIDGE Thunderbolt 4 card in my pc too but I can't put that into pc picker so I dont' know how much power that would take up. it will take the power useage right to the edge on my pc though lol.

          • @kungfuman: Hmm…you'll need to workout if the connected devices are drawing power from the thunderbolt card.

            Your right, it will be close. Worst case you will try it out and under heavy load the PSU will cut out due to overload protection. If that happens you can take to opportunity to upgrade to a big 1200w ATX 3.0 PSU (was my backup plan). Best case it works fine and you save money.

    • Check out what igor has to say about it.


    • I'm hitting 460watts in Cyberpunk 2077 with my Asrock 7900 XTX.
      Look at 1000watt gold or platinum PSU.

      AMDs high end gpus suck more power than even a RTX 4090 under the same loads.

  • +2

    Australian prices are absurd it feels like low income earners must be saving up for years just to afford a graphics card. I'm holding out with two builds (2070,2080) that needs upgrades but I've seen people with like 1060 3gb still waiting lol.

    • True, selling your 2070/2080 in the used marketplace will barely get you a 3080 used from computer forums.

      • +1

        Yeah I used to feel like it was almost unethical for me to sell my used hardware because I don't keep them in the best conditions e.g no AC summers and trying to squeeze as much out of it when gaming. But at this point you'd honestly be helping people by providing them with affordable solutions.

        • +1

          I'm still holding on to my 2070s works fine for me at 1080p. I am not a hardcore gamer and it works for me just well, maybe in the next few years I'll be able to upgrade to another xx70 series. Although I did end up buying Taylor Swifts concert tickets, maybe should've spent that on a hardware upgrade ahahaha

        • +1

          Lol I can probably give away my 240 without too much guilt then

      • +10

        No, you're supposed to ignore us peasants like the rich always do :)

    • +2

      This equates to USD825 (+GST), fairly certain it's cheaper than you'd find anywhere in the US. I know it goes against the OzB HODL cult's claims but gpu prices over here are far from the worst.

    • +1

      Still a Ryzen 56 Vega user here :|

  • Just waiting for sapphire pulse

  • Would this be better than a 4070 ti rtx?

    • +7

      Unless you need NVIDIA specific features, yea

    • +3

      Xtx will offer you significantly more unless RT is taken into account + DLSS at work, for example check this video https://youtu.be/3gjpWpMDYVs

      XTX offers much more frames in all games with exception of cyberpunk with rt on ultra and dlss on quality

      • Currently my biggest plans are Cyberpunk but I'm personally still enjoying 1440p which gives me a lot more freedom for ultra quality settings I think. Still not sold on where my money is going yet.

        • +1

          I've been looking hardcore into these cards. Like the other guy says - only get the RTX if you use the NVIDIA features specially (the AI, ray tracing in games, the DLSS) and also VR. NVIDIA wins by a large margin in these things, and there is no real alternative to things that use CUDA cores.

          XTX wins in terms of value for raw regular gaming fps. It falls flat in VR though

    • I believe this card is more comparable to the 4080… so yes, but it also draws a shit load more power

    • -1

      NO if you will use it to play time zone emulator games - google Teknoparrot

      Many Teknoparrot games wont able to run on AMD

    • Usually people compare 4080 vs 7900xtx. 4070ti vs 7900xt, especially 4070ti with 12gb VRAM, this 7900xtx 24gb VRAM. I am not saying 7900xtx is for everyone, there are some features Nvidia 4000 series is better.

    • Personally I'm gonna get the NVIDIA because I'm super keen on reliable VR performance. AMD may improve their VR stability but it doesn't seem there yet :(

      • +1

        I would get Nvidia if you need peak Blender, Stable fusion or CUDA cores for supported render tasks.
        AMD does just fine for gaming.

  • +2

    Since all the PC nerds are here, someone please give me feedback on this black and white build that I am planning: https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/gbzNJM

    • +4

      Looks good, similar to what Im looking at - if you dont need all that storage straight away, suggest dropping 1 and getting the 7800X3D? can always add storage later

      • What CPU cooler would you suggest for the 7800X3D because swapping to that still keeps it in my budget?

        • +4

          I think something like this:
          Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 SE CPU Air Cooler, 6 Heat Pipes, Dual 120mm ~$60

          is supposed to be quite good.

          7800X3D is a 120W CPU, and that cooler is rated up to 240W

          This is what I would do, others may have better suggestions. Typically what Ive seen is that AIO water coolers are a waste of money and have reduced longevity compared to air, but YMMV

    • I'd swap the storage for KC3000 or a similar tiered ssd

    • +1

      Pretty unfortunate price on the Frost Commander when the Peerless Assassin/Phantom Spirit go for around $60.

    • -1

      That motherboard doesn't support XMP and your RAM only supports EXPO so you won't be able to use them with the advertised speeds unless you set the timings manually.

      • +2

        That RAM doesn’t support EXPO.

        Might be worth looking into one of the EXPO kits though, @adappergeek

        • Yeah my bad lol, meant to say the ram only supports XMP.

        • +1

          Not really doing any memory overclocking so the expensive EXPO kits aren't really worth it for me. Plus the kits out now don't match my colour palette :-P

  • +7

    Seems very difficult to justify paying $500 more than this for a 4080 to me. I'm sure some will disagree but would be interested to hear why.

    • +1

      Yeah, that’s my conundrum at the moment. I would prefer the 4080 so I can play WHQD with RT on a new build, but the 4080 is particularly stubborn when it comes to price.

    • +3

      A 4080 isn’t worth $500 more than this, but the 4080 has been as low as $1499 (perhaps less) before so they can be a lot cheaper. If price is similar (or same) the 4080 is a better buy. If the best 4080 price is currently $500 more than this, this is the better buy.

    • +1

      there were 4080 deals for $1400, even $1500 with free diablo 4 - which is a better deal IMO

  • just paid $1550 for Asus TUF 7900XTX … oh well … great card.

    • +3



      brother its 1439$ where you paying a hundred bucks overpriced for this.

      with that said, dont be sad if its out of cancellation period, at least you got a proper three 8pin xtx

      • Bought it 2 weeks ago … dont think i can ask for anything now… sucks though.

        • +2

          If it's any consolation, prices will always trend lower.

        • +1

          Think of it this way: you've learnt a valuable lesson about how quickly luxury vanity high end GPUs drop in price after release (most of the time). This could save you hundreds on future, if you remember it.

        • +1

          If it's any consolation I dropped 2k on 6900xt 2 years ago.

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