[Pre Order, PS5] Final Fantasy VII Rebirth + Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: $114.95, Deluxe Ed $144.95 @ PlayStation Store


Long time lurker first time poster. I spotted this while looking at PSN store and thought it'd be worth pointing out to those who hadn't bought FF7 remake yet.

Release: 29/2/2024

There is a digital twin pack of both Remake Intergrade and Rebirth available for Rebirth Deluxe and standard. This pack is the same price as the Rebirth pre-order itself, so Remake Intergrade is essentially free with the pre-order (or you get both games for a very good price depending on how you look at it).

FF7 Remake Intergrade is available to download and play immediately after you pre-order.

Digital Deluxe Twin Pack - $144.95
Digital Twin Pack - $114.95

Hope this helps!

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    I guessed this would be a good deal for people missing out on FF7 Intergrade on PS Plus last time and have never played FF7 Remake or Intergrade for the past 3 years or so (don't know how but yeah).

    Otherwise normal physical preorder is fine.

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      I have never played any Final Fantasy games :-)

      • Should try the new XV mate. It is amazing.

        • +5

          Do you mean XVI?

          FFXV was a little bit of a mess, XVI was pretty awesome though.

          • +1

            @intexicate: Yeah sorry that's what I meant. XVI.

          • +2

            @intexicate: Loved FFXV.

            • +1

              @Pratty: I really wanted to love it, I really did :(

              Glad someone loved it though!

              • +2

                @intexicate: Exactly how I felt with FFXVI sadly… I wanted to love it and I almost did, but the linear grinding, map markers and crappy side quests just got a bit old.

        • +2

          OR just go with the true GOAT FF6.

        • I have never been a fan of turn-based fighting, I find it to be slow?
          Is XVI turn based?
          If not, I will check it out.
          Currently playing Starfield.

          • +2

            @congo: No it's full ARPG with quite light on the RPG part tbh. But I found the story to be really good and the boss fights were truly moah chef kiss.

            • @Grey 13: Thanks, I will wait for the sale

              • @congo: There's a demo of the opening too and the save will carry over straight into the main game if you end up buying it. Though the demo doesn't fully show the combat in-depth as you don't have all the options yet but it's a good taste

            • @Grey 13: Is only FFXVI ARPG or is FFVII remake and rebirth also ARPG.

              Also not a fan of turn based.

              • +1

                @proudwanderer: FFVII Remake (and assume Rebirth will be the same but haven't played it yet obviously) is an ARPG too

              • +1

                @proudwanderer: The last turn-based battle system was X/X-2 I think.
                Quite sure everything after that was active battle.

    • When was Intergrade on PS+? I'm assuming you're talking about the free game give-aways and not the game collection?

      I've had PS+ for years and have not seen Intergrade :(
      Did see Remake but had already bought the game then

        • Ah that doesn't seem to be part of the monthly free games. Would need higher tier PS+ to access the library of games that includes Intergrade

      • Same had PS+ for years and never saw the Intergrade version, going by the article (above/below) it says it came to PS+ Extra not the normal PS+

  • +4

    Heck of a deal, the DLC is really good and Rebirth looks amazing.

    • +1

      I agree!

  • +1

    Wait for the third game and get these for free as a preorder.

    • +5

      Love your tenacity. I survived this long without Remake why not another 10 years right?

  • +1

    Those who own save data* from the following titles will be eligible to receive this special offer.
    • Summon Materia: Leviathan
    • Summon Materia: Ramuh
    *Save data must be saved on the PS5 console.

    So does this mean i already need a copy of the game to claim this deal?

    • No you should be able to claim it regardless as long as you have ps5 save data. I had a ps4 copy and a pc copy and cant get shit.

      • +1

        They have a migrate tool in-game to port your ps4 save to ps5 version.

    • No, it means if you have that save data, you'll get a little bonus. If you have save data for FF7 REMAKE, you get the Summon Materia: Leviathan, and Ramuh if you have save data for INTERmission.

      You can buy the deal that's posted without already owning the game.

    • Nah this is just a bonus for those who have those games already. This twin pack is available to everyone.

  • No experience with PSN pre-orders can anyone advise if we can pre-order, play intergrade then cancel and get a full refund?

    • +1

      I've personally never seen a pre-order with a whole game included for immediate play like this. Since this is a pack I imagine Sony would count it as played and reject a refund request. Have at it though!

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    Great deal for anyone who hasn’t played part 1 and missed out on it on Ps plus. Outstanding game and rebirth is looking incredible.

  • +2

    Welcome to you as a non lurker and as a ozbargain member @B-Z

    • +1

      Thanks very much! I've saved plenty of $s through this site over the years so would love to contribute where I can.

      • smashing it. 27+ upvotes on a first post isn't common. All the best and thank you.

  • Is the deluxe edition really worth the extra $30

    • +1

      In my opinion no, but only because I never use the digital art and soundtrack and don't need the extra accessories. I'd rather put the 30 towards other things. Personal choice though.

      For example this nice hardcover Ultimania on Amazon for about $31 https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/aw/d/1646091213/ref=tmm_hrd_tit…

      • Ok thanks
        Just making sure it had no game content

  • +2

    pre ordered for waifu

  • +2

    Perfect. picked it up. Thanks mate!

    I'm a final fantasy fan who never gave this remake a fair shake because i was in xbox at the time. Got a ps5 earlier this year and have been waiting for a good deal on ps5 ff7 remake. Both for $55 each is great

  • +1

    Aerith is still the best waifu!

    I am prepared to get negged to hell by the way so do your worst Team Tifa….lol

    • +1

      Boooo Tifa best waifu!

  • -6

    A little conflicted with the latest FFVII Rebirth trailer- how much more can they milk from the franchise?

    • They can atleast milk a part3 from this franchise 😅

    • +6

      If milking means bringing classic FF games into modernity like with 7 Remake I'd love for them to milk a few more, starting with FF6.

  • When does this deal end?

    • Should be valid til the pre-order ends and Rebirth comes out after 29 Feb next year. Plenty of time to decide

      • Thanking you

    • Says this under the information:

      Pre-order offer valid from [14-9-2023] to [23:59/20:59/23:59 GMT/PST/JST] [28-2-2024] (Price after pre-order offer: €129.99/ £109.99/ AUD 194.95/ $ 114.99/ BGN 249.9/ CZK 3079/ DKK 969/ HRK 969/ HUF 44990/ ILS 519/ INR 8799/ NOK 1309/ NZD 239.95/ PLN 529/ RON 614.9/ SEK 1359/ TRY 2349/ ZAR 2319

      • Ok thanks 28.2.24

  • I already got the platinum trophy for the PS4 version but I have yet to play the intermission DLC. Rebirth looks really amazing! I defs would preorder this twin pack once I get my hands on a PS5 slim.

  • Seems like it's 1499 TRY/$87 AUD on Turkey PSN.

  • +1

    EBGames selling them for $170 for physical edition of the goodies minus the extra materia, armor, and accessory


    $145 will be even more attractive if PSN has a discount like 10-20% of GCs during Black Friday but of course, you can't then sell them.

    • +1

      This physical edition doesn't seem to come with Remake Intergrade though!

      • -1

        Yes but I already have Intergrade so it doesn't matter for me. May matter for others tho

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