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REX: MEL↔HBA $72, SYD↔GC $86, ADL↔MEL $86, SYD↔MEL $88, MEL↔GC $88, ADL↔BNE (New) $133 & More (Oct-Jan 10) @ BTF


Rex has a mid-week promo sale on. Ie it's cheaper to fly during the week. Of course, that doesn't mean there aren't other days that are cheap too! I've gone through and found the cheapest dates for the next 3 and a bit months to include Christmas and NY.

These one way fares from Rex include checked luggage and carry-on, as well as refreshments.

Rex also has the lowest cancellation rate of any airline in Australia in the past month.

If looking for a return flight, consider that two one ways can sometimes be cheaper.

Note that Rex's new route, Adelaide <-> Brisbane starts on October 30th!

Consider one of the more unusual accommodation options in Australia for your stay.

Melbourne - Hobart (1 Oct - 10 Jan) from $72
Hobart - Melbourne (1 Oct - 10 Jan) from $72
Sydney - Gold Coast (1 Oct - 10 Jan) from $86
Sydney - Gold Coast (1 Oct - 10 Jan) from $86
Melbourne - Adelaide (1 Oct - 10 Jan) from $86
Adelaide - Melbourne (1 Oct - 10 Jan) from $86
Sydney - Melbourne (1 Oct - 10 Jan) from $88
Melbourne - Sydney (1 Oct - 10 Jan) from $91
Brisbane - Sydney (1 Oct - 10 Jan) from $92
Sydney - Brisbane (1 Oct - 10 Jan) from $88
Gold Coast - Melbourne (1 Oct - 10 Jan) from $88
Melbourne - Gold Coast (1 Oct - 10 Jan) from $88
Canberra - Melbourne (1 Oct - 10 Jan) from $92
Melbourne - Canberra (1 Oct - 10 Jan) from $89
Brisbane - Melbourne (1 Oct - 10 Jan) from $108
Melbourne - Brisbane (1 Oct - 10 Jan) from $108
Adelaide - Brisbane (30 Oct - 10 Jan) from $133
Brisbane - Adelaide (30 Oct - 10 Jan) from $135

I've worked out tables of every single date, route and price and linked it on the original post, but unfortunately it's too big for ozbargain's forms, so click through here to see the full list of tables.

You can follow us at Beat That Flight for more deals, error fares, promos and sales, on Youtube or on Facebook.

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  • +1

    Ive noticed SYD > ADE is always a bit pricy and never seems to have good deals. Anyone know why this is

    • +1

      Seems to be pretty full and therefore, they can continue to fill seats at the current prices I would imagine

  • +1

    Ive tried to book twice and got cancelled. And now keeps saying flights not available once going through the process despite it showing up on site.

  • +1

    Brisbane to Sydney is still cheaper with Qantas and Virgin for the first of October

  • -1

    Any deals for PER>SYD?

    • I don't think REX operates interstate from YPPH yet.

  • I've seen mixed reviews on BTF. How reputable are these guys?

    • +10

      Mixed? It's a search engine, you don't buy from the site, so um, you can trust me? :D Hopefully the 9k+ facebook followers and 100+ followers on ozb are a good sign!

      Like kayak, google flights, or skyscanner, the site searches lots of OTAs (online travel agencies) and surfaces the cheapest advertised prices from those sites. You then purchase from them, if their prices suit you (and BTF gets commission). That's the model.

      As for the OTAs, they're not scams, despite online reviews sometimes saying to the contrary, these days if people have a problem they just seem to shout 'scam!'. I've personally used mytrip, kiwi, gotogate and more and had them go seamlessly.

      So why are they cheaper than direct? Well a) the OTAs generally have .. lacking customer service. So that doesn't help when you say, made a mistake on the booking. b) some employ 'dark patterns' eg trying to get you to pay for insurance on the site by pre-ticking the box and making you untick it (they'd argue they're being helpful, I'm sure). But as long as you read every page carefully, and don't suddenly need to change your passport details, for example, generally they're fine to use too.

      Anyway, hope that helps!

  • Rex does small regional flights which skews and improves the cancellation rate data

    Take that away and it'll be close to similar to others

    • 100% what they do. Say they cancel a flight to Orange, they can do a triangle flight with a nearby destination such as parkes or Wagga. It's a shady practice as it doesn't show their reliability. They're happy to have a 6 hour delay than cancel a flight.

      • Geez, my father is flying them to/from Orange next month connecting to a NZ flight. They better not delay 6 hours! But note their ontime arrival/departure rates are also at the top.

    • To be fair, Qantas does a lot of FIFO flights too. And Rex (as you can see from the deal) does quite a few jet intercity flights now, hasn't gotten worse. And Skytrans which is a local regional airline out of Cairns has the worst cancellation rate of the lot :/

  • +2

    CTRL+F "Perth"

    • When Rex flies to Perth, I'll be sure to post deals!

  • +1

    Those arrows in the title make it look like it's a return flight.

    • +3

      ozbargain wanted the various flight deal posters to standardise. So they've asked us to do -> when the prices are only available from A to B, <-> when available in either direction one way, and - when it's a return flight. Hope that helps!

  • +5

    Would rather fly Rex than Jetstar. Much better airline. Probably better than Qantas now too.

    • To be fair thats a pretty low bar

  • I've just booked BNE-MEL with Rex. Costs the same as Jetstar but with Rex you can bid for a "Business class" upgrade starting as low as $50. I got upgraded twice in the past, nothing fancy, but feels good like winning small prize.

  • Flew BNE to SYD with them for the first time recently. They gave us a free drink, cookie and pretzels. Virgin on the same route gives only a drink for free. Otherwise identical experience. If it's cheaper I'd rather fly Rex.

    • And Rex includes checked luggage by default, Virgin's Lite fares don't!

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