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Air India Mumbai/Delhi Return Direct from Melbourne $687/$792, Sydney $817/$856 (May, Aug-Sep, 30kg bag incl) @ flightfinderau


Destination: Mumbai & Delhi
Airline: Air India
Valid Departure Dates:May & August-September 2024
Deal Expiry: Till Sold Out

  • Generous baggage allowance (30kg)
  • Direct flights are on widebody B787-800 aircraft (Sydney to Mumbai flights via Delhi)
  • Budget airlines prices for full service included (meals, IFE, bags)
  • Air India in recent times is now a private company now (Tata Group) and recently underwent a rebranding
  • Air India is part of Star Alliance group. Credit miles earned to equivalant program (i.e. Krisflyer)


Melbourne to Mumbai Flights from $687 Return.

14/Aug - 25/Aug $687
21/Aug - 01/Sep $687
28/Aug - 08/Sep $687
14/Aug - 01/Sep $687
28/Aug - 15/Sep $687
02/Oct - 23/Oct $687
09/Oct - 30/Oct $687
16/Oct - 06/Nov $687
30/Oct - 20/Nov $687
02/Oct - 25/Oct $687

Sydney to Mumbai Flights from $817 Return.

21/May - 16/Jun $817
27/May - 17/Jun $818
23/May - 16/Jun $818
09/May - 02/Jun $819
31/May - 19/Jun $821
24/May - 12/Jun $821
28/May - 16/Jun $821
30/May - 19/Jun $821
15/May - 05/Jun $822
23/May - 18/Jun $824


Melbourne to Delhi Flights from $792 Return.

12/May - 04/Jun $792
17/May - 11/Jun $792
22/Aug - 05/Sep $794
21/Aug - 04/Sep $794
01/May - 20/May $799
08/May - 28/May $800
22/Aug - 04/Sep $802
05/Aug - 19/Aug $802
05/Sep - 18/Sep $805
29/Aug - 11/Sep $809

Sydney to Delhi Flights from $856 Return.

13/May - 03/Jun $856
13/May - 04/Jun $856
20/May - 11/Jun $856
27/May - 18/Jun $856
12/May - 04/Jun $856
19/May - 11/Jun $856
20/May - 12/Jun $856
27/May - 19/Jun $856
19/May - 12/Jun $856
17/May - 11/Jun $856


  • Please take into account any vaccine/covid test/insurance requirements when traveling
  • Based in Canberra, Flightfinderau is an aggregator of flight prices (like Skyscanner). With any online purchases, do your due diligence!

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    • +1

      Just called ratan tata, he said he will make it happen by tomorrow

      • hahah .. dont mind people negging me .. but just wanted to ask a generic question if anyone knew the answer .. but this got me haha ..

        • Direct flight from Sydney to Bangalore is active.

          • @hopper: ahh .. thanks hopper .. was more inclined to travel from melbourne .. but not so much difference from mumbai or bangalore .. as i have to travel to hyd anyway .. thank you hopper for the info ..

  • +1

    That's phenomenal!

  • +2

    Good morning sirs

    • +13

      This is OzBargain not DelhiDeals

      • 'Wotif' this is for Aussie in India?

    • +4

      its not that hard to find these deals yourself just set price alerts on google flights for the dates and route you're after.

  • +3

    Figured Air India would drop the price given how much the airlines has dropped in quality over the years. I've flown Melb-Delhi many times over the past decade and you couldn't pay me to fly AI now.

    Please remember to bring your noise cancelling headsets and your own entertainment on board cause you're likely not getting sleep or movies for the entire 12 hour flight.

    • +4

      Same, worst flight hands down, never flying with them ever again.

    • +1

      What's the noise from?

      • +3

        Passengers using loudspeaker instead of headphones and traveling in large groups, chatting, passing things, standing up.

        • +1

          Well, if you are going to India, then you might as well get a practice run of your noise tolerance level mate.

    • -3

      Was a government enterprise, now with Tata a private company. Getting better these days..

  • +1

    Anything special from Delhi to Sydney Returns.

    • +1

      Why ppl in rush to give negative vote. I dont think I asked anything wrong. Or ppl become so unfriendly now

      • +1

        They have become unfriendly .. dont take it to heart ..

        • Thanks mate not taking to heart. But its funny ppl behavifn these days

      • +1

        Yeah there has been an influx of arsehole-like behaviour and smart arses in the last couple of years.

        • Hahaha i know what you mean . I mean if they don't like it move on. Help each other rather then being negative.

  • +1

    Why did they get rid of the Hindi text from their new logo?

    • Their new brand is awful - how they can distill a country with the history and cultural significance of India down to a window frame is beyond me.

    • -3

      are u one of the guys who thinks Hindi is the only language of India?

      • No? Where are you getting that from?

  • +3

    Are their toilets working and clean? because many toilets are closed even before the flight takes off. The seats and tray table look dirty.

    Never in my life, I saw the toilet panels have security Check stickers fixed on the toilet panels.

    Entertainment is like playing roulette, if the screen works then the sound level will not be adjusted or both will not work.

    If you tell the air-hostess she will smile and say we are aware of this problem and unfortunately, we cannot fix it.

    • +2

      Go with this expectation, and u won't be disappointed.

    • Air India is the toilet. How this airline can operate shamelessly they way they do is beyond me. When you look at airlines from other populous Asian countries like Garuda (Indonesia) and China (Hainan, China Southern etc.), it really is an embarrassment. Just to illustrate my point, it's not even in the Top 100 Skytrax list.

  • +4

    Really the worst flight I have had.
    Return journey with family and all 3 seats didn’t have entertainment unit working. Both ways.
    Mel-Del I asked for a can of soda and the hostess said she didn’t have time to go and collect from inventory. As they were serving mid way. I said I am not in rush and can wait. She replied they didn’t have stock.

    Many other experiences. But was my first flight with them. So was the last (with Air India).

    During covid, had booked tickets with them which got cancelled. Scoundrels didn’t refund. Amex chargeback worked though.

  • +1

    Worst experience ever for my aged parents. Booked via air India app and they never mentioned it’s a self transfer after it lands in Mumbai.Then they apologised at check in and told us they will get assistance but refused to put 7kg in checked in luggage. Overall weight was half what they had so another disappointment. Wheelchair never arrived and entertainment screens never worked.Food was disgusting but thank god they already had their dinner that we packed for them, At Mumbai they paid out of pocket for assistance.ohh forgot to mention that hindu meal means it may have meat served as well so there was no option for hindu veg meal on the app ? Please book somewhere else as this trip was not planned and because of my parents health issues I have to cancel my original return ticket and book this one.when i contacted them later it was AI bot replying back lol.Thanks

    • HIndu meal means Indian meal with no beaf. That the definition.

      Otherwise order VEG meal.

  • Run down planes, uncomfortable seats, stingy servings and snobby crew topped up with some very "interesting" passengers who keep ordering alcohol like they've never had the stuff before. Oh, and the in-flight entertainment screen did not work.

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