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XFX Speedster MERC 319 Radeon RX 6950 XT Black, 16GB Graphics Card $999 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Scorptec


$ 999 for this last gen flagship card + free starfield.

Just beware you will need a powerful PSU to run this safely. minimum recommended PSU 850W.

XFX Speedster MERC 319 Radeon RX 6950 XT Black (Boost: 2368 MHz), 16GB GDDR6 (18000MHz), PCI-E 4.0, HDMI 2.1, 3x DisplayPort 1.4
3 Year/s Warranty

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    Its 3 yrs old.. 7900xt is faster for just $200more.

    • +5

      Yup If you compare the power draw between this and 7900xt and in 5 years time you will end up paying extra $200 for 6950 xt anyway.

      • +1

        I wanna spend the least amount of money on electricity so I'll be waiting for the 10,950XTX.

        • Sir have you considered eating a high-calorie snack and then using the power of your imagination to create vivid sounds and images.

      • +12

        Dude you keep unnecessarily slandering this company. It's ridiculous honestly.
        They are great with great service as experienced by myself on multiple occasions as well as others on this site.
        What you say is also incorrect. Google reviews give scorptec 4 stars and 4.1 for Macquarie Park and silverwater respectively from 330 reviews

      • Long time pc parts buyer here.. Scorptec were very very bad back in the day. They've gotten a lot better in the last few years with changes after the ACCC made them publicly shame themselves and fined out the wazoo.

        Theres still issues with them here and there, but it's really not any more or less than many of the other companies in Australia despite doing a lot of egregiously scummy things historically.

        There are documented cases of them doing dodgy things particularly towards some people that maybe didn't know their rights. Ive seen managers refund current price instead of original price for RMA, strong arming into extras and services, and overall have pretty poor communication with little attempts or care to retify things… Basically if something goes wrong you'll have a bad time.

        It's worth remembering more people tend to leave negative reviews if something comes up, but people with positive reviews are likely to just move on with their lives instead of going out of their way so 100 bad reviews out of 100 don't mean much in that context.

        I dont shop here personally anymore as there are better places today… But if a sale comes up theres no reason to avoid it.

        Edit: turns out I was thinking of msy for the accc bit, the rest still are the case..

        • so what you are saying is that if nothing goes wrong they are good, if something goes wrong then the customer is PHUCKED

      • As somebody who has purchased from basically all the big PC stores for my builds, Scorptec and Centrecom were the best to deal with, I had a DOA mobo from Scorptec, they grabbed it, tested it and replaced it with a working one within 15mins, the staff at Centrecom was honestly better. But Scorptec have been great for me.

    • $300 more. I got this, undervolts nice.

    • +4

      6950XT actually came out Q2 2022

  • Is this worth it from RTX 3060 ti, I want to do 4K gaming

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      get a current gen card. There will be new cards out next year and this one will be 2 generations old.

      • +2

        Depending on the price, I will buy it only for $849.

      • +7

        You say that, but the choices are awful currently.
        - this, $1k, iffy upscaling/rt, borderline 4k card
        - 7900xt, $1.3k, iffy upscaling/rt, borderline 4k
        - 7900xtx, $1.6k, iffy upscaling/rt, decent 4k
        - 4070, $1k, good upscaling, not really a 4k card
        - 4070 ti $1.3k, good upscaling, borderline 4k card
        - 4080, $1.6k, good upscaling, decent 4k card

        This card for $1k has been deliberately priced to still be a viable (and equally bad) option.


        • +1

          4070 is not 1000 . More like 850 to 900.

          Considering he has 3060TI already. I would say wait for 50 series for serious 4k.

          Otherwise your only option is 4080 or 4090. 4070 TI only has 12gb vram. Not good enough for 4k in my view.

        • +1

          Where is the 4080 for $1.6k - prices on those seem to be going up atm as well.

          Really tough choices for new gpu right now

          • +1

            @Watanabe1995: Shipping like 4 weeks. By then we probably have sale (Amazon prime black Friday) around 850 or less. Really with 30 bucks for losing warranty?

        • maybe I am dumb, but I went with b/n 3070 for $600 because there's nothing really worth getting in this gen IMO

          so I got 3070 with warranty to wait it out till 4070 Ti is priced under $900 or when RTX 50x0 come out (or both)

          3070 is not bad in 4k. 256 bit vram bus

          yeah everyone swears about 8gb VRAM not being enough, but that's for recent games really. I am still to finish Death Stranding, Watch Dogs Legion, Division 2, and they fit into 8gb fine. plus my fav game Mordhau doesn't give any shits about 8gb VRAM. even TLOU p1 fits fine with DLSS Quality (even though it's a tight fit)

          • @shabaka: I play with a 3070 in 4k and its possible but already hitting bottlenecks with the latest aaa games.

            RE4 for example i need to run at medium to hit a stable 60fps in 4k.

            • @Obkay: very true. my logic is I still haven't finished a few great titles I picked up before and during covid days, so it'll last me nicely till I'm done with those

              don't want to touch latest aaa till I'm done with the ones I have and like. I guess I am a slow gamer lol I work a lot, and kids..

        • You’re definition of borderline though is max settings 60fps. All of the cards above can do 4K just fine if you’re not turning everything up

      • NVIDIA likely no cards next year. Not until 2025

  • +8

    I got the 6950xt and let the hater's hate!
    7900xt costs 30% more but only 10% faster
    But the 6950xt uses 450watts!! And it can!
    Overclocked and undervolted mine and only used 250-280 watts at 100%
    I was going to get the 7800 xt but due to the lack of sp, tmu, rops units and performance compared to the 6800 xt I'm so glad I got the 6950 xt now.
    If the 7900 xt was 1200 or cheaper then I would've gone that route but at the time of purchase cheapest 7900 xt from a reputable place was 1350-1400

    • I saw this deal and bought this card weeks ago, didn’t post anything as I know so many people will suggest other cards etc.
      I am happy with this card as I am using Hackintosh, and this is the best performance card you can get that supports Hackintosh.
      H4ydos can you please tell me a bit more about how you overclock and undervolt your card? Maybe a video or something that’ll helps a lot, cheers.

      • +1

        Try these settings https://ibb.co/dcgfzfC
        And run Unigine Superposition 4K bench before and after.

        • Cheers, will try that out!

      • +1

        Image linked by nuker are perfect and what I used.
        Max it'll spike to is 300 watts but have also seen it sit at 200 watts..

      • What CPU are you using in your Hackintosh? Did you have much difficulty setting it up? I have a 6900XT I would like to use for a Hackingtosh build

        • Btw, hacks will be dead sooner than later, Apple gonna ditch Intel stuff asap. I used to, but switched to macbook and separate Win (Win10 LTSC) gaming PC. I tried eGPU thing, but it was wonky to connect/disconnect.

    • Overclocked and undervolted mine and only used 250-280 watts at 100%

      You've underclocked it to a lower performance tier but have the performance on tap if required. I do that same thing and it's super easy to do with AMD adrenaline software. no Afterburner required. The 6000 series scales pretty well even with simple power limit adjustment.

      It could be argued if you're on an older AM4 CPU, that extra $300 between these cards could be spent on a Ryzen 5000 CPU (see the 5800x $279.52 deal) or a 5600x for $200. This could make up for the performance difference between the 6950XT and the 7900xt in some cases. This combination also has resizable bar support. Just need to keep in mind that's close to $1300 on last gen hardware.

      If the rest of your system won't push a 7900xt then you won't reliably get that performance increase.

      • Yeah ya right and Constant 10-15% performance improvement but at the trade of 30% price difference really shows how good the 6000 series was and 6950 xt is.
        Similar overclocking and undervolt on 7900 xt will get 280-300 watts
        7900 xtx will get 330-350 watts.

      • I bought this (thx OP). Can you let me know how to achieve this in adrenaline software, or should i just use settings from image above?

        • Use the image or watch videos to understand how and what to do.

    • @H4ydos Do you get any coil whine? Was thinking of buying this until I read the reviews about the noise…

      • Nah none for me.

  • -3

    Had to rub my eyes a bit. For $1000 you could get a decent 3090 used. And it would blow the 6950xt out of the water.

  • +1

    this is a good deal as the 6950XT is faster then 7800XT and slower then 7900XT yet it's priced in between both, so yeah thumbs up

    also note: the XFX MERC is arguably the best AIB of the 6800,6900 series

  • +2

    Been this price at scorptec for ages now.

    • Yeah a few weeks now.

  • +1

    Still too much

  • +2

    GPU prices are depressing!
    $1000 use to be TOP tier, now you need you need to spend $2000.

    And it is not just GPU, its everything.

    Maybe its Apple pricing model, don't know, but everything (NV and AMD) is uber expensive and they don't care because people will eventually give in.

    • I didn't give in, I got my 6650xt for $340 new :-)
      don't give in, you can do it peeps

    • +1

      Few things are a tad more expensive over 12 mths ago…
      Seen fuel prices lately?? Or water/gas/electric/food/rate/insurance/rego/ etc

    • This is partly because you just don't need a high end GPU to game these days for the vast majority of titles.
      99% of the titles on Steam will run fine on a crappy card - it's only the small number of brand new AAA titles that need the latest hardware, and these are a tiny part of the overall market.

      tl:dr As a percentage of the PC gaming market, the need for a high end card is the smallest it's ever been.

  • Man graphics cards are never returning to sane pricing I guess.

    Time to buy second hand.

  • +1

    $991 ($8 saving) + free delivery ($13-$15 saving) on scorptec's ebay store with code SNSSEP23.


    • I saw this but no free game with it i guess?

      Would have jumped on ebay deal if it was 17% off some other stores have instead

      • Not sure about Scorptec but Computer Alliance still sent me a code for ebay purchase. You'd have to message them.

      • Scorptec will help you out. I claimed call of duty mw2 3 months after purchase and they still have me the code. It was my fault for not remembering to claim it. They still helped me out.. I wouldn't think it's an issue at all.

        • +1

          Yes, emailed scorptec and they were quick to respond and provided a key. V. Happy with purchase.

          • @Ostrich: Any regrets of getting RX 6950 XT at $991?
            You didn't go for 4070 Ti?

            • @congo: No regrets here. I recently gave my son my 6800 xt lc so he can up his gaming, so only been looking for cards for a couple weeks, but still happy for the price/performance, and VRAM (i have 4K monitor) for the foreseable future.

              My 6800 cost $200 more roughly 15 months ago, so happy to get more performance for less this time around.

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