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The North Face Shoes: VECTIV Infinite/Enduris II/Exploris FUTURELIGHT from $89.10 (RRP $250-$300) Delivered @ The North Face


We offer FREE standard shipping on all orders Australia-wide while stocks last.

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    VECTIV™ Infinite/Enduris II/Exploris FUTURELIGHT™ Fr

    That's quite the mouthful

    Unfortunately only normal width from what I see.

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      Fr fr

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    "TNFREG10" code for further $10 off.

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      They may have disabled it now :(

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        It worked for me as a first time buyer.

        I'm ashamed. A morning's grinding in Skyrim and then I go and waste 10% on shoes instead of boots, just because I have more use for shoes atm.

    • Works as of 16:40

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        How are you from the future? I'm here 18 minutes after you posted and it STILL isn't 16:40.

  • Any good??

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      I have vectiv infinite 1 and it's a protected but very firm ride. I have 2 other trail shoes I reach for before these, idk if I'll ever like them enough to properly wear them out.

      Rocker is good. Upper is good, I just feel like I'm on a harder midsole than I really like

      Generally speaking I prefer more cushion in all my shoes, road and trail, and I bought these before I'd run in enough shoes to figure that out.

      If you like response over cushion then you could do much worse than these

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        what are the other trail shoes that you'd recommend?

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    These have fake heel support looks a bit suss

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    Does the inner sole come out?

    • +1

      After a spiritual journey.
      Are you trying to reduce weight by enlightening the shoe?

      • I wear Orthotics and usually remove it - so I guess both of the above

  • Does TCN gift cards works with Northface?

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      I had a TCN digital visa gc which worked last time at TNF

  • I have Ultraboost, the top NB, and top UA trail shoes and all unworn for $70-110

    I've been good at saying no to shoes and clothes, I got 20 boxes of brand new shoes I never wear! Just a waste, now I buy wine. At least I can auction it off in 5-10 years LOL

    • Can you sell them on eBay?

    • +1

      Have you tried wearing them?

      • I wore the NB, super comfortable

        The triple black Adidas and the UA are brand new

        All my other shows, you're right I could sell the ones I haven't used

        I gotta do a clean out, I spose with how we save here I probably won't lose money
        But dealing with people on eBay :/

  • Basically jumping shoes


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      Shoes 👞👟🩰

  • so these are like light from the future?

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    does Dan Andrews wear these?

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      You should ask JV - apparently Dan lives with him, rent free in his head.

    • Can't wait for newscorp with a 'story' confirming the 'rumor'…

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    Dan will be snapping these up ,due to all the pay rises he's had .Better get in quick

  • Ian Thorp size 17 hurry before they run out of 17

  • Happened to drop by my local outlet centre at harbour town today and they had plenty in-store to try. Picked up the enduris. 60% off. Super cushioned and comfy so suited me fine. But there were even higher discounted options.

    • Harbour town in Perth? Is there a north face store there?

      • On the Gold Coast sorry. Though google says there's a store at the DFO in Perth. Might be worth a call

  • I wouldnt wear these wierd ahaped banana shoes.. the balance seems poor and also pointy shies are not good for you.

  • Aww man wish the blue infinite 2 had the same sale. Instant buy for me

  • I'd probably buy a few pairs but I couldn't find any in wide fit, and given the comments of them being a bit on the narrow side that would be a must for me.

  • Just ordered a pair very nice used code TNFREG10 got 10% first buy

  • I received VECTIV Infinite today. Unfortunately the left and right midsole feels different on foot. The left foot seems to have a thicker padding/support mid arch. As a result the shoes feels different on each foot when walking or running. Anyone experience this as well?

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