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Pepsi Max, Solo, Mountain Dew, Schweppes Cans 10x 375ml $7.50 ($6.75 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Pepsi Max Creaming Soda
Mountain Dew
Schweppes Rasberry
Schweppes Infused Sparkling Water Raspberry

Solo Zero Sugar $8.25, $7.43 S&S.
Schweppes Lemonade $8.25, $7.43 S&S.

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        Carbonated soft drinks have nothing on whatever you’re inhaling.

        • +3

          They're referencing the WHO announcement that classes aspartame as a possibile carcinogen, the same class as red meat and lack of sleep.

          The 1990's data that it is based off, was where the "scientists" pumped mice with the equivalent of a human drinking 18 litres of diet soft drink every day… yep real science.

          • @AEKaBeer: Trust the science.

            • -2

              @pharcyde: The one to worry about is sucralose. A more recent study showed that when mixed with stomach juices it makes a variant of formaldehyde which is an actual carcinogen as it damages/destroys DNA in chromosomes. Oddly the WHO announcement makes no mention of the sucralose findings.

              • @AEKaBeer: How? Where's the paper for this? I can't see how sucralose turn into formaldehyde, makes no sense.

    • +1

      Cancer sun, cancer preservatives, cancer aspartame, … it never stops

  • thanks OP

  • Is it just me or Pepsi Max doesn't taste good anymore?

    • +10

      Just you

    • Not just you, had a batch in the work fridge that tasted like muddy soda water. We had 120 cans to get rid of, no idea if the boss even made a complaint.
      Opened a new box last week and they're back to normal.

      • +7

        Artificial sweeteners lose their sweetness as they get closer to their use by date. So a "fresh" batch does taste way better. If they were older stock this might explain it.

    • +4

      Pepsi Max is still the #1 Beverage, especially when combined with a Zinger Box

  • +1

    Anyone tried max creaming soda ?

    • Yeh it's flavour of the month in our place. The wife doesn't normally drink soft drinks, but she's into it.

    • I've tried it. I don't mind it, though never a big fan of creaming soda. It tasted quite sweet, but not in a bag way. Not sure how to explain it. Worth a try I reckon. I would get it again for something different.

    • I like it in isolation but it's a bit like the Raspberry version; it tastes like normal pepsi max with some really strong sweetener added. Almost like you're drinking two seperate drinks in one.

      Compared to say Cherry Coke or Vanilla Coke which are combined more effectively for a better drink.

    • Yeah, it's ok [still grabbed some at this price anyway]. The Pepsi Max Vanilla version is personal preference.

    • Haven't heard anyone share the same sentiment but it tasted like raspberry yoghurt to me

  • +1

    Coles price match by the looks?

    • Yep but it's been on sale at the price since Wednesday. Will probably go back to normal price tomorrow.

  • Whatever happened to 49cents a can?

    • COVID-19, war in Ukraine, Russia etc etc

    • -1


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