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[VIC] $50 All Adult Dogs (over 6 Months Old) Adoption @ RSPCA Victoria


All dogs $50 this weekend at all RSPCA locations across Victoria

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RSPCA Victoria
RSPCA Victoria

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    RSPCA Victoria’s regular adoption fees start at:

    Dogs: $450
    Puppies: $600
    Senior cats and dogs: No Fee

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        A poorbred. 3k and up

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            @Mondorock: It's colour must have faded by now…

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              @RSmith: No idea why my comment above was downvoted 3 times. You can still get a purebred lab for $600 on Gumtree - as I mentioned in my post below.

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                @Mondorock: Not that I think its a good idea buying a dog when they are available for adoption but If y ou must - I would be very hestiant to buy a lab on gumtree given things that can happen with dodgy breeders - you could get a dog that has very expensive long term medical issues.

              • @Mondorock: Try it out.
                Post a picture of the dog you get.

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                  @drfuzzy: ? Click on the link below - the photos of the dogs are in the ad. They look fine to me.

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        Not anything of a breed anyone wants.

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          Wrong. Yellow and black lab pups on Gumtree for $600: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/melton/dogs-puppies/labrador…

          • @Mondorock: Why do people keep negging you?

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              @DrScavenger: Because 'breeders' posting dogs on gumtree for $600 are almost certainly either complete scammers or puppy farm breeders. The chance of major health issues is extremely high. Not to mention puppy farms are illegal. The going rate of purebred puppies is well into the mid thousands

              • @Birdseye: Or maybe they just had a dog that accidentally got pregnant and so they're selling the pups… who knows the reason?

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        Where? You obviously don't know. $600 covers all vet bills - ie desexing, vaccinations etc. Covers food, lodging, assessments.

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        $600 that goes to help RSCPA to keep functioning and promoting animal welfare, rather than $600 to an individual breeder, who (if on Gumtree) might very well be a puppy farm seller or similarly dodgy types and are bad for the species. Supporting pure-breeding is generally not good for the species either as it restricts the gene pool and promotes easily-preventable poor health outcomes for many breeds (e.g. Pugs, Bulldogs, German Shepherds, etc).

        While I'd be more likely to recommend RSCPA if it were a no-kill shelter (like SADS or Forever Friends, for example) and did more for animal welfare, I would recommend adopting from a shelter over pure-breeding for those issues I've mentioned above. To each their own of course and I understand that adopting might not be ideal for everyone.

        • I agree!
          Although RSPCA is actually a "no-kill" shelter too. No Kill doesn't mean it's a shelter that does not kill animals. It means they don't euthanase them for reasons other than severe or untreatable illnesses or behavior issues. RSPCA doesn't euthanase for any other reason including if the shelter is full.

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      You are? It's not the forum for that, buddy.

      Try a Psych.

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    Great initiative, all dogs deserve to be loved

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      Just not like this guy

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        Adam Robert Corden Britton loved more than 42 dogs.

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    Lunch sorted

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    Is this a good idea though? Wouldn't it just encourage neglect?

    • Maybe for some, but getting more dogs adopted can only be a good thing.

      • I guess. If this was a pet store it may have been different, but given you have the intent to adopt anyway (and not simply acting on impulse) when it comes to shelters then any discount is a good thing.

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      RSPCA is unfortunately not operating as a no-kill shelter. If these dogs don't find homes within a certain time frame, they will be euthanised as there just isn't the infrastructure in Victoria to accommodate the large number of dogs, cats, etc without homes. In their eyes, better that a dog at least has a chance at a good life rather than being put down. The neglect issue is definitely worth consideration though.

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    I have mixed feelings about about this being listed as a "bargain"…

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      88-96% off RRP is a bargain here. Even price errors aren't as good.

    • There are certain times of the year where a group like the RSPCA will see a large influx of animals that push their capacity to the limit. Kitten season is one, and this may be another. They do whatever they can to find homes for these animals before they're destroyed, so if having a "sale" is enough to convince some would-be owners to walk into an RSPCA centre, then that's worth a try. It can still be a significant financial commitment to own a pet so the initial adoption fee doesn't matter that much over the life-span of a dog anyway.

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    Large dog is 27kgs+. That’s under $2/kg - definitely a ozbargainer sweet spot!

  • How much would be a bargain if I want to adopt the Ozbargainer breed

    • At least it would eat anything that was half price

    • Find a breed which is big but doesn't consume much

      • But needs lots of eneloops and RAMs?

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    Where’s Mr Beast when you need him?


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    Thanks op, ordered 10!

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    View all our available animals
    Result: No results

    Looks like it's been OzBargained

    • Plenty of dogs in Victoria

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    Please take the best care of them you can. ❤️

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    Please consider if the significant cost, time and effort required to be a good dog owner is right for you.

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