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Battlefield 3 Origin PC $20 & Other Battlefield Titles Discounted


Found this on reddit -> http://www.reddit.com/r/GameDeals/comments/106jtx/battlefiel...

Battlefield™ 10th Anniversary
Hurry! Limited time only.

BF:BC2 for $10
BF:BC2 Digital Deluxe Edition for $10 (Not sure what the differences are but deluxe is always better!)
BF3 for $20
BF2142 Deluxe Edition for $10


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  • they know people want the premium stuff and will spend more in the end where buying premium edition off another site is cheaper

  • I'd be tempted if it came with Wake Island.

  • Expires September 24, 2012 at 1pm AEST

  • Have all my upvotes.

    OT: Do you think it will ever go around the $10mark?

  • EA/Dice must be dreading the release of Planetside 2. It's going to destroy what's left of their Battlefield community.

  • I just bought BF3 for $10 from the AU storefront. :D

    I went on EA's live chat and told the support rep that when I add BF3 into my cart it shows up as $20 instead of $10 (as US/CA/UK/etc all have it for 10 in their currency). Rep said that the prices should be fixed up now and it should show $10 but I told him it was still showing $20 so he got me to complete my order and pay w/e amount it was asking ($20) then he put a note on my order for me to be refunded the rest of the amount so I only end up paying $10. Refund takes 5-7 days to process.

    Live chat link is here (requires you to be logged in). Select the billing/purchasing category and platform=PC obviously then click the live chat button

    • and then they find out your based in australia and dont refund the money or offer full refund

      thats what "processing" means

      your better of using a proxy to access the US website

      • No, the rep knew I was from Australia because he pulled up my info and could see my order details and currency in the system. He processed and confirmed my order so it went through instantly and I got the game key (usually takes up to 24 hours) then he put a refund transaction request through for "AUD 9.99 which should be processed within 5-7 days", to quote him.

        The refund has already been applied to my account (the support case has been closed and marked as resolved), there's just a waiting period which is standard procedure for EA. Even if you place an order then cancel it straight away it takes 5-7 days for your money to be refunded.

        As far as the rep knew, every country had the $10 promotion going on & payments are processed directly by EA Origin in the US so it's not like it has to go through EA Australia and someone will pick up on it then cancel the refund.

        • For anyone wondering or waiting for a refund themselves, I successfully received the $9.99 credit refund to my credit card yesterday (6 days after chatting to support).

  • Good deal for those who want to try BF3 first before getting premium.

  • Hey guys, any use of getting Battlefield Bad Company 2 Deluxe (includes vietnam) when I already have BF3+Premium?

    Waste of time and money even if its $10? or is there is alot of multiplayer game value in BF2 BC?

    PS. I always get suckered into 'collecting' things for the sake of a full series collection etc