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Free 1 Year Extension for My NRMA (Previously NRMA Blue) Membership for Lapsed Members @ My NRMA


They sent me a few renewal notices and invoices which i ignored. Then got this email today.


It’s nearly a year since you were gifted our Member benefits program, NRMA Blue. Gone too fast? Don’t worry, we’re extending your Membership free of charge for another year, valued at $60.

Even though you’re not in the swing of it just yet, with another 12 months of unlimited benefits across Australia, you can get your savings really going. Check out some Member favourites below.

My NRMA replaces what was previously NRMA Blue, and it’s included as part of your NRMA Membership.

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NRMA (National Roads and Motorists' Association)
NRMA (National Roads and Motorists' Association)


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    I did the same ignoring and received the email.
    Used it only once on discount gift cards but no way would be worth the fee for me, I'll take another free year though

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    I ignored them too but wheres my email?
    feeling unloved

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        We are ChatCPT the CCP version - we better

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    lol Good to know.
    I joined for free, expiry end of this month.
    Save me the hassle to create a new account!
    only use it for 4% WW gc anyway

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      is it still 4% on WW GC? many retailers have reduced it to 3% or less.

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    I've used mine extensively for holiday tours (heaps cheaper), simply energy discount, cinema and restaurants. Great to get this extension

    • Tours….like?

      • Kgari (Fraser) Island tours

        • Neat

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    Happen same thing to me,

  • How do you restart membership. There is no option in my account.

  • I got the email too. So I just get extension, right? No
    Need to enter any code or do anything?

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  • i didn’t receive this and mine is lapsed

  • Lapsed Membership. Didn't receive the email.

  • Targeted?

  • Mine expires in 21 days, so what do I have to do to get it extended for free?

  • Have any of you guys used anything from theembership ?

    • Gift cards , simply energy, ampol fuel discount etc

      • do they still offer the free DC charging for EV's?

        • Membership was not needed for free DC charging. This is changing soon and NRMA members will get discount.

          NRMA members are currently getting discount at various non-free DC chargers.

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      Yep used it to book holiday parks and saved me heaps.

  • Any one got 3rd year for free?

    • +2

      Havent paid for 4 years


  • I received this email too after forgetting I activated it. I saved $71 on something

    • I think it is a long-running deal (last post in March)

  • Maybe if you've used the card they are likely to renew your membership. Used it for a camp site discount, was offered extension when it lapsed and also ignored renewal

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    I have received 4 of these in less than a year, but according to the the NRMA app my membership number doesn't exist, but is in the email for the offer.

  • Free for 12 months but I think this is for new member only

    • Only 6months

  • I already had the membership and did not renew after 1 year. Am I eligible for this offer?

  • Just realized I registered for a year but didn't use it even once.. do you guys use it on restaurants mostly?

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