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Seagate 750GB GoFlex Ultra-Portable Drive (STAA750302) USB3.0 $75, Toshiba 4GB USB $2 at HN


Seagate 750GB GoFlex Ultra-Portable Drive (STAA750302) USB3.0 $75, Toshiba 4GB Key-Ring USB $2 at HN.

The GoFlex® ultra-portable drive features a sleek and highly flexible design that helps you back up, encrypt, store and access your files easily anytime, anywhere.

  • Preloaded with easy-to-use backup software
  • Features USB 2.0 or 3.0 plug–and–play connectivity
  • Easy to upgrade to USB 3.0, FireWire 800 or eSATA
  • Access your content on TV, on a network or on the go, when you combine the drive with other GoFlex devices

What do you get?

  • GoFlex ultra-portable drive
  • Preloaded backup and encryption software
  • Quick start guide
  • GoFlex USB 2.0 or 3.0 interface adapter with 18 inch cable*
  • 2-year limited warranty

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Just what the Doctor ordered! Cheers!

  • Great I picked up 3 X the 4GB ones 3 weeks ago when the offer was on, lots of people bagged the quality but mine are doing just fine. got bargain

  • Thanks OP, good deal, just bought 2 usb sticks, with pickup at my local store. At $2, usb memory is nearly as low as rewritable dvd's.
    These will be handy for something, couldn't resist.

    Direct Link:- www.harveynorman.com.au/toshiba-4gb-exclusive-key-ring-usb.h...

  • Time to visit OW.

    • For the USB sticks, or the hard drive? Save 10c on the usb drives, yay!

      • Hard drives of course.

        Does anyone know the difference between Portable Expansion and GoFlex?

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          go flex has the removable connector that allows you to have different connectors attach. I think they made a media dock and a esata accessory.

    • Looking at their website it seems they don't sell this model?

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    "What do you get?"

    Someone else's photos :-)


    • Those are the only nude photos that chick is getting, she should take em and run!

    • +1

      That article makes no sense. They are going on about how it is illegal to sell used items as new, it's not like someone returned the harddrive, she asked them to place her recovered information onto the drive and they loaded the wrong files. Human error, but it has nothing to do with what the article writes about.

    • "Harvey Norman compliance officer Marylyn Prekop told Ms Cumming in an email yesterday that her broken laptop must have contained the 131,000 photos, and the company could not ''say with any certainty that a breach of privacy has occurred''. But Ms Cumming said if the photos were inadvertently on her old laptop she would have also received her own files on the new hard drive."

      There goes Harvey Norman again, blaming the customer. Fuck those guys.

  • Only store stock in South Australia for those 4GB thumbdrives :( Makes it less of a bargain unless you want ~10 & then pay $6 for p&h

  • Fantastic. I was looking for a cheap external non-powered usb hard drive. Seems a waste that I'm going to use it for my soft modded Wii to store my games, but will be a vast improvement on my current Ritemo powered 200 gb one! I like the idea of not having to power this drive.

  • Isn't this still a better deal in terms of storage and reliability?


  • +2

    This is actually a very good HDD. $75 for 750GB and USB3 with 3 Yrs Warranty. I'd choose this over any WD Elements. Also, this one is 7200RPM, really good value. Thanks for posting the deal. Here are full specs for it:

    Model: ST9750422AS
    Firmware: 0001BSM1
    LBA: 1465149167

    Main Information
    Name Value
    LBA SupportYes
    ATA Version8
    Logical Sector Size512 bytes
    First Logical Sector Offset16384
    Cache size16384 KB
    ECC bytes4
    Nominal Form factorNot Reported
    Connected throughUSB bus

    DMA Support
    Name Value
    DMA SupportYes
    Multiword DMA 0Supported
    Multiword DMA 1Supported
    Multiword DMA 2Supported
    UDMA 0Supported
    UDMA 1Supported
    UDMA 2Supported
    UDMA 3Supported
    UDMA 4Supported
    UDMA 5Supported
    UDMA 6Selected

    PIO Support
    Name Value
    PIO SupportYes
    PIO 0Supported
    PIO 1Supported
    PIO 2Supported
    PIO 3Supported
    PIO 4Supported

    Features Support
    Name Value
    SATA Gen2 3.0 Gb/sSupported
    SATA Gen1 1.5 Gb/sSupported
    ATA8-ASTNot Supported
    SATA 1.0aNot Supported
    SATA II: ExtensionsNot Supported
    SATA Rev 2.5Not Supported
    SATA Rev 2.6Supported
    SATA Rev 3.0Not Supported
    Software Settings PreservationEnabled
    Commands queueSupported
    Queue depth32
    NCQ Priority InformationNot Supported
    Unload while NCQNot Supported
    TCQNot Supported
    Host Protected Area (HPA)Supported
    Automatic Acoustic Management (AAM)Not Supported
    Advanced Power Management (APM)Enabled
    Power ManagementSupported
    Read look-aheadEnabled
    Write cacheEnabled
    Password ProtectionSupported
    Device Configuration Overlay (DCO)Supported
    General Purpose Logging (GPL)Supported
    Streaming featureNot Supported
    SMART self-testSupported
    SMART error logSupported
    SCT Command TransportSupported
    SCT Long Sector AccessSupported
    SCT Write SameSupported
    SCT Error Recovery ControlSupported
    SCT Features ControlSupported
    SCT Data TablesSupported
    Extended Status ReportingNot Supported
    Free-fall ControlNot Supported
    Sanitize FeaturesNot Supported
    CFast SpecificationNot Supported
    Data ManagementNot Supported

    • Hey GeekTech, Did you buy this HDD, if you can confirm that its 7200RPM then surely its an awesome deal for ripping the HDD out and putting into a laptop. If you can can do some benchmarks that will be even better.

      • +1

        Yes, I did get one (just in case, impulse buy, thanks OzBargain). The log above is from the HDD that I got today. It is 7200RPM. See picture here: http://upload.ozbargain.com/2012/09/22/9420_seagate.png

        • Thanks a ton mate for confirming. Also as per the HDD Model this should be standard height as well (9.5mm) and will fit most laptops. Do you plan to rip out the HDD ? Some USB 3.0 Transfer rates will be very helpful :D

  • "desktop" is 3.5", "portable" is 2.5",
    but what does "ultra-portable" mean? A 1.8" drive? SSD? Or just bullshit?

    • No, not BS. It's still a 2.5" drive inside, but it's a thin 9.5mm drive, as opposed to 12.5 which can often be used in the portable usb external drives.
      Plus the length is much less than my basic seagate portable external drive.

      Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Dimensions: 14.5 x 83 x 110 mm

      Seagate "Expansion Portable Drive" Dimensions: 17.6 x 80.01 x 141.29 mm

  • I just bought 3 Toshiba usbs, copy speed (write) is so slow 3.77MB/sec, but it's ok for me, I use it for booting

  • So is one able to remove the drive out of the 750GB go flex and use it in a laptop? is it worth doing that? I am not up to date with HDD prices.

  • Could this be a slim 2.5" drive inside?
    I've got a laptop with a slim type hard drive, and it's only 320gb 5400rpm. Would be great to get a 750gb 7200rpm.

    • Ok, after much investigation, including youtube videos of dis-assembly, i've realised that the drive is a 9.5mm thickness, which is suitable for most laptops.
      Unfortunately, i need a 7mm thickness 2.5" drive for my Samsung lappy. So i guess i'll be sticking with my 320gb drive for now. :(

      I actually bought this GoFlex today, and now i need to sell it. :(

  • 4gb usbs for $2, YES PLEASE

  • Does this come with a usb 3.0 cable and adapter?

    The 1TB Go-flex I bought some time ago was usb 3.0 but came with a 2.0 cable and adapter. :X

    • +1

      Just got one yesterday, was just one USB 3.0 cable. Its has usb 3.0A on one side and an USB 3.0 micro b jack on the other side.

      • Cheers.

  • Does office works stock this particular model?

  • Bought. USB 3.0 speeds are not as impressive though, large single files (1GB) trasfer @ 120MB/sec but videos over 1.5GB transfer at less than half that speed.

  • Expired

    • I just picked one up 30 mins ago from the Martin Place store. Though I note it's meant to end today (not sure if some branches will still continue it)

      Only problem is that its a non-standard cable head. I've never seen any cable head like it, which makes it a problem if the cable breaks; makes it difficult to buy a replacement.

  • Lots left at QV in Melbourne

  • I was in Harvey Norman Oxley, Brisbane at 5pm today, and they had heaps of these drives. All the price tags on them are for $129.95, but the sale tickets are $75. So not sure if they were going to be taking them down tonight.

    Also, they had a big bin/basket full of the 4gb Toshiba USB sticks for $2.

    I bought one of these today, hoping i could pull the HDD out and stick it in my laptop, but i've since discovered that my laptop requires a 7mm thick drive.

    So… is anyone interested in buying this off me?
    Not sure if this Harvey's sale has ended, but if anyone want's one of these for $75, then PM me. I live in Taringa (Brisbane) and work in Rocklea. I have family in Bellbowrie. So PM me if you're interested.
    Unopened sealed box, with receipt from today.

    Otherwise i should get my money back on ebay.