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Haworth Zody Chair $550 + Delivery ($0 to Metro Areas / SYD/MEL C&C) @ StylecraftOUTLET


Grey colour
Grey colour with arms
Black colour with arms

Brand new Zody is a high-performing chair by Haworth, blending science-based wellness and comfort with sustainability and international design.

Adjustable lumbar support.
Synchronised tilt mechanism with back stop and forward tilt.
Sliding high density foam seat.
5-way nylon castor base with hard castors.
12 year manufacturer's warranty.

Click & Collect: is available from our warehouse located in Alexandria, Sydney or Kensington, Melbourne. During business hours Mon-Fri 0800-1400
Delivery: Allow 5-15 business days - once your order has been processed a team member from our operations team will contact you to arrange delivery.
Notes: Our Zody's are brand new and our team pre-assemble them prior to delivery for your convenience.

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  • Any deals on ferns

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      @chris666 sold out of Ferns. The Zody may be your next best alternative.

  • Own both after another fern as zody sucks compared but thx for the reply

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      Fern is just so good.

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        lol best chair purchase I have ever made, loving it every second

        • With the lumbar support or without?

  • @StylecraftOUTLET I can't find any Google listings for Zody arms. Any suggestions?

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      @OrderedChaos we have limited stock of black arms. I will post a link to these shortly once live.

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      • Thanks @StylecraftOUTLET.
        I noticed that the Smoke (SKU:398825) was also available with 4D arms, so ordered one of those 🙂.

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    Decent chair, good for backs. Good price vs mentally what I have mentally stored new price as

  • ? zody ii coming out and zody is a new release?
    anyone know the regular retail price? is it really $1k?
    Any good compared to steelcase series 1?

  • The site not letting me pay with credit card as an option?

    • @zip2 thanks for the heads up, working on a fix.

  • op i thought you said in your last post you wouldn’t be getting any more zodys with arms? is there a possibility of buying just the arms themselves?
    i bought a zody from you guys a couple of months afo and was just wondering if i could add it onto my current one as it is armless?

    • @Mishchap send us a DM or contact the online store. We should be able to sort something for you.

  • I bought it, but a bit confused, is the shipping free?

    • @zip2 Yes! Free delivery to all metro areas in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth.

  • Looks like free delivery to WA

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    I bought a new Zody from them and it arrived with a plastic bag loosely thrown over it, with stains on the mesh and marks on the plastic. They did offer a discount, but I'm suspicious that they sell old items in their stock as "New". It was manufactured in 2021, so over 2 years old at the time of purchase, and not in a box. Also be aware the shipping times can be extreme and you get zero updates about the order unless you chase them up for it.

    All that being said, I didn't like the chair and sold it soon after getting it. The lumbar jabs you in the back quite severely and there's no height you can adjust it too that doesn't hurt. The pelvic support attachment is equally torturous. If you get a Zody, I'd get a digital knit back, where the lumbar is less intense. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be available in Australia.

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      Yeh i find that exact problem with my zody with the lumbar support

    • @supergolf10 Thank you for sharing your experience with us, and we appreciate your feedback. We apologise for any inconvenience you experienced with your Zody chair purchase. We want to clarify that we did offer to swap your chair free of charge to address your concerns.

      At our store, we offer both new and ex-display items on our OUTLET website, clearly distinguishing between them. We never sell used items as new. Our new Zody’s are shipped, new in box from the manufacturer, and assembled prior to delivery for your convenience and protected with a chair bag during delivery. The manufacturing date doesn't impact the quality, as chairs don't have a best-before date. Our shipping times typically range from 5 to 15 BUSINESS DAYS, with potential variations for interstate deliveries due to various carriers.

      Your constructive review is valuable to us, helping us improve our service. We're also sorry to hear that the Zody chair didn't meet your comfort preferences. If you're still in search of a suitable alternative, we'd be more than happy to assist you further :)

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        I spoke with Haworth directly about this and they specifically alluded to the manufacture date not aligning with their definition of what a new chair is.

        If I buy a brand new chair, I'd assume it be manufactured within the 12 months at the very least of when I purchased it. I'd also expect a brand new chair to come in a box. It's odd, I've purchased a few Haworth chairs over the years, and all have come pre-assembled, in a box.

        Your ozbargain ad from February ( where I decided to purchase from you mentions Zody's are "Brand New In Box". Now this current ad says you assemble products before sending them to the customer. You sent my chair via train, without adequate wrapping.

        Then when you offered a replacement you mentioned again it would come unboxed and it would be a 2021/2022 manufacturing date. Hence why I took the discount to save the repeat issue. Why would I mention here the alternative you offered when I took the discount, and mentioned as such, implying customer service was adequate. Weird to put a customer on blast when they mention specifically that you provided an offer and it was accepted.

        My delivery took TWENTY business days. And I had to contact various people within Stylecraft multiple times for a confirmation when it would be arriving.

        "The manufacturing date doesn't impact the quality, as chairs don't have a best-before date"

        What do you mean? Chairs made from foam and mesh deteriorate with age, regardless of whether or not they have been used. The chair I bought had been sitting in the warehouse for two years before I received it, without a box, labelled on my invoice as SAMPLE.

        Opening a customers product, and sending it to them without the original packaging, is an "Open Box" product and sets the expectation to the customer that they're NOT receiving a new item, it's Open Box.

        My major issue here is the classification of calling products New when they have been opened, handled, and shipped with non original packaging, no tags etc. Stylecraft have obviously now remedied this with the new post specifying you assemble them, but the transparency was not there previously, and what my actual complaint refers to.

        • Thank you for sharing your concerns and engaging with us directly. We appreciate your feedback, and we're sorry for any confusion. We're actively working to enhance transparency in our product listings and communication, ensuring a clearer understanding for our customers. Our goal is to provide a seamless experience, and your insights are invaluable in achieving this.

          If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we're here to help.

  • @StylecraftOUTLET do you do repairs or sell parts? i have had a Haworth Zody Chair over 10 years and love it, it's been very comfortable and reliable. Recently the chair just sank down and the lift lever is loose so suspect the cylinder needs replacing. i also need new arm caps as they have degraded over the years. i would rather not buy a new one if it can be fixed so any suggestions?

    • @fantalime we don't provide repairs or sell spare parts, however your best option would be to contact Haworth directly and request a quote from them to replace the parts. You may be able to find a local supplier/repairer for the gas lift mechanism :)

  • Price goes up?

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    These Haworth chairs have a great reputation online but that reputation comes from the Made in USA models, from my research the Australian models are made in China with worse quality.

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