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BUSH Walker Handheld DAB+ Radio $58 + $7.95 Shipping Model BPR07DAB Retails at $119 + Shipping


Hi guys, we have a few of these Bush Digital Handheld Radios, great for taking to sports grouds, fantastic clarity, can't find it cheaper anywhere else.

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  • Is there any delay between the DAB+ and AM version of the radio station? ie. If I got to the football, am I able to listen to the DAB version of 6PR and have commentary match up with the live action?

    • I have no first hand experience with this but I understand the DAB+ is a few seconds behind the actual play, making it not very useful in my opinion.

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      About 7 seconds. They are actually pretty poor for taking to the footy.

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    Rep, did you mean to type sports grounds (you wrote "great for taking to sports groups")? They are not, if you're talking about listening to a broadcast of a game you're watching, because they are around 7 seconds behind the play.

    If you meant sports groups, like listening to the footy while you're supposed to be watching your kids at footykick or little athletics, yes, they're perfect.

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    This does not retail anywhere near $119, this sells for less than $100 everywhere including the normal price at Big W and can be obtained for $73 + shipping from Powerbuys which is about $50 less than you claim. Pretty deceptive if you ask me.

    • The $119 is the suggested retail price and selling price at Bush Australia http://www.bushaustralia.com.au/details.aspx?pid=192&stid=31..., we are still selling it cheaper than anyone else.

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        I didn't say you weren't the cheapest, I was just saying that you choosing the most expensive supplier as a price comparison is deceptive.

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          Perhaps it's a new strategy - wholesaler creates an online store with exorbitant/unrealistic prices so that retailers can claim to be bargain priced. Everyone wins.

  • great for taking to sports grouds

    The delay makes them useless for use at sports events…

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      Except you can pretend you have see seven seconds into the future super-power eyes

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      The delay makes them useless for use at sports events…

      unless you are listening to a different match….

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    I had one of these that I bought off eBay, it was terrible. Broke after a few months, and I won't bother to replace it. If you want a radio to listen to at the footy, get yourself a Sangean AM/FM. Terrific little units, feature packed and similar in price to this.

    • yep, these are great… DSE used to sell them under their own name for around $26, but sadly they don't anymore… Best portable radio i've ever owned.

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    This is pretty much the standard price they sell for. Not a bargain….
    I have ready many bad reviews for this product as well.

    Ebay sells for $56 delivered:

    • Manufacturer refurbished

      1 available

    • -> Aussie89

      You've compared a refurbished item to a new item. Thanks for trying to help but I'll revoke the negative vote since it's an off comparison. :)

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