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Free Boost Juice! (Thur) Footy Fursday. Paint Your Face, Get a Free Boost


It’s that time again when we release our next Take the Challenge, Win the Boost!

Tomorrow’s challenge is Footy Fursday! Come into store with your face fully painted in your teams colours and wear at least 1 item of footy clothing to score a free Boost! Make sure you face is fully painted and you are wearing your footy gear and the Boost is yours! Go for it!

Don't forget your photo ID!

Love life!
Tomorrow’s challenge is Watermelon Wednesday! All you have to do is visit any Boost store in Australia, make a helmet out of a real watermelon, wear it into Boost and you'll be given a free Original size Boost! No questions asked, a free Boost will be yours.. do it!
Just remember to bring photo ID!

Love life!

============TUESDAY ======================
Tomorrow’s challenge is Teddy Bear Tuesday! All you have to do is visit any Boost store in Australia, bring your teddy bear into store and make them order your smoothie for you, and you'll be given a free Original size Boost! No questions asked, a free Boost will be yours.. do it!

============= MONDAY ======================
Is this a freebie? LOL
Is this even a deal? :P

Do you want a FREE BOOST?!

It's that time of year again, running on weekdays for 2 weeks we dare you to Take the Challenge, Win the Boost!

Tomorrow's challenge is Undy Monday! All you have to do is visit any Boost store in Australia wearing your underwear on the outside of your pants or on your head, and you'll be given a free Boost! No questions asked, a free Boost will be yours.. do it!

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  • +9

    Yayyy finally, I have an excuse to show off my superman undies. =)

  • +60

    Good on you Boost. Always testing the limits of what Ozbargainers will do for a freebie.

    Too bad you haven't found that limit yet.

    • +22

      So true,
      Who would of thought u could buy someone's dignity for around $6. (Well actually it probably only cost boost $2 to make a juice).
      Might have to have lunch at a close by cafe tomorrow and just watch.

      • Dignity? Meh, that went out the window when we threw out our self-regard for privacy. Perhaps it would be funnier if they added a laugh track?

        • +1

          Wasn't there a record store in Melbourne city many years ago that gave away cd's if you turned up nude? Vaguely rings a bell. I had no idea the competition was on until I went for a walk at lunch time with some mates and we came across a huge crowd of pervs trying to cop a look….so we joined 'em….

  • +1

    not worth it

  • +20

    Yeah - with fast food deals 60% of the time the person behind the counter doesn't know about the deal and needs to be shown whatever it is. Not taking that risk with this one.

    • +3

      Just hand them your undies? Go on, those really soiled unwashed ones you have under the bed.

      • +1

        You have to take them off your head first…

  • +7

    imma wear gf's

    • +10

      You won't get a freebie then. The deal states it must be YOUR underpants.

      Come to think of it, how would you prove they were yours anyway? Those little name labels which your mother used to sew into your clothes when you were little? ;-)

      • +28

        let em catch a sniff

        • +70

          So you're expecting someone to sniff your underwear and say "Yep, these smell like Balls"? :-D

        • +5

          Lol @moooooooo. I love how Ozbargain usernames can lead to some very interesting sentences.

        • best comment ever!

        • moooooooo had me in laughters

  • +23

    I don't wear undies ever… what can I do ??
    I really do enjoy the freedom :0

    • -4

      Sounds to me that your policy means that by wearing nothing outside your pants, you'd be wearing your non-present underwear, so you should win the freebie. :-)

      What? You never had a Logic & Aergument course?

      • +1

        Sounds like you just got your knickers in a twist, IVI!

  • +2

    looking forward to pulling out the leopard print g string.

  • +6

    oh god..i will make sure i dont have to walk past the boost bar in the city tomorrow

  • +31

    The way kids wear pants these days, they will be getting a free Boost juice on Monday.

  • +2

    Do they need to be washed… or can i my stripes?

    • +2

      It only discriminates to those that go commando…

    • +1

      All you have to do is visit any Boost store in Australia wearing your underwear … on your head, and you'll be given a free Boost!

      You might've missed this part… You don't have to wear them over your pants.

      So unless you have a massive head, your undergarments should be fine.

      • +1

        who wants to wear there undies on their heads?

        • +1

          IVI, he is secretly offended by them mocking that style

        • IVI: "This deal discriminates against folks whose schedule (…) preclude participation."

          If Boost (or any company for that matter) has a special one-day promo and you can't make it that day… TOUGH LUCK. But for heaven's sake do not feel discriminated against! What an utter nonsense.

    • +2

      There's nothing wrong with doing a fun promotion that would reward something 'free', no one would like it of course (some people are fussy) but I don't see how it should warrant a neg, if you don't like it, ignore it.

      • +1

        There's not just this one thing there's 2 delicious weeks of promos, (which i'm glad i'm finding out about at the start of the 2 weeks, not the end like last time) eg's form last year:

        Move and Shake Monday: Go into store and do the chicken dance for a full minute. Bring some music to help the cause if you need it and a FREE Boost will be yours!

        Whip it up Wednesday: The great blender impersonation! Simulate a Boost Smoothie being blended up for 30 seconds and then you have a FREE Boost as your reward!

        Facial Hair Friday! A celebration of facial hair, everyone with a Mo or a beard gets a FREE Smoothie! If you don't have one naturally then bring in a photo of your favourite facial haired hero to win your FREE Boost!

    • Your argument: "some styles would be stretched out of usable shape by being forced over some bulky clothes"

      From the deal conditions: "… or on your head…"

      Problem solved. Unless, of course, you're wearing bulky clothes on your head.

    • +1


    • +1

      Neg vote to IVI for making my brain hurt.

    • +1

      Far out, you whinge about everything do you.
      I would not be surprised to find you rolling on the floor whinging at the shops.

    • +1

      [fry] not sure if troll or not

    • +1

      have a sense of humour you unaustralian sod

    • +1

      How dare they are! Making a promotion which you don't like!
      Man, it is a private company. They should be allowed to do whatever promotion they want. There is already a LOT of law, so they can't do promotion for afroamerican only, or for asian only, or for english people only, but if they would like to give it for free to pretty girls only, or to homeless only - they should be allowed to and it is all right - why? Because it is a private company and they should be free to decide what they will do with their product.
      And if you are such unfunny person that you even can't think of taking your undies on top of your pants or head - let me tell you, you must have really boring life!
      Having the ability of making fun of yourself is sometimes more important than your business skils.

    • -2

      Actually I agree with some of this from IVI. I don't think you will see anyone wearing a burka with their undies on the outside, though it would look great! Therefore some may consider this promotion anti-muslim or such as the required behaviour is intollerable or even offensive to some groups.

      However some people get cranky over anything. Most just ignore what they think is idiotic, or try to make a constructive comment on it.

    • +2

      No one is forced to do anything they are uncomfortable with from what I can see.

      So I think it may be more accurate to say it rewards those willing to 'have a go' as opposed to discriminating against any group.

    • Me thinks someone needs a hug..

    • +1

      worst comment ever

    • cool your jets

  • +7

    doesn't make sense. Underpants isn't under pants if it's worn over pants.

    • +2

      So, what do you call pants that you wear under underpants that are normally worn over underpants?

      • Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
        A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked.
        If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
        Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

        like Peter Piper, i have no idea.

        • +10

          Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

          Customs took them off him on his flight back from Thailand - I saw him on Border Security tonight.

  • +2


  • +5

    Looks like we have found the cost of embarrassment

  • -1

    i dont wear undies lol :p

  • +2

    Make sure to wear undies with a massive nutella skidmark

  • +2

    Time to get the Preen Vanish out…

    • +4

      Some stains don't come off that easily dude.

  • +5

    McDonalds are giving away free drinks if you wear your undies on your head, and pull your pants up to your neck, and walk in on your hands, and wear mismatched sox and shoes and have 'loser' texta'ed on your shirt and forhead. Sounds great to me !

    • +40

      Which stores?

  • +10

    I am going to make a couple of $ out of this and stand outside the boost juice and rent out undies for $1.

  • +2

    This will go great with my $6 Bonds.

  • Do you have to wear YOUR undies for this deal? Might pinch one of my hot neighbours thongs…

  • +1

    just wondering will the girls working there be wearing their undies over there pants ?

    • +1

      No, they will already be wearing undies with no pants, seeing how short "shorts" are today..

  • Can you go commando?

  • -1

    Not going to partake in this deal, but I might just hang around to watch…

    Sounds ill advised in my opinion, but we'll see.

    I wonder how a woman in a skirt or dress is going to be able to wear it on the outside.

    • it will be interesting to see how many partak in this one :)

    • +1

      Expect to see plenty of fully sick bros and deadset legends in action. Like some guy called, say, "Jonesy". Jonesy's an absolute madman who's pumped for it and up for pretty much anything. And all his mates will be there to cheer him on. Go Jonesy!

  • I am not one to walk into a shopping centre with my underwear on head/outside of my clothes, so I hope they're okay with me getting naked to switch my underwear to the outside, in front of their premises.

    • +6
      1. Stow underwear (preferably freshly laundried) into pocket/backpack before leaving house.
      2. Put underwear on head prior to purchasing Boost.
      3. ????
      4. Profit.
      • Did same, but put rubber band around legs of new red boxers to look like a pirate bandana. Free original size!

      • Underwear Gnome plan success!! (Complete with a small rush of adrenalin/ebarassment when afixing undies to head, joining queue of 1 (had been scoping it out) then like 7 other people line up from knowhere, and they ask to take my pic!!!)

    • +2

      You're not comfortable with wearing underwear outside your clothing when walking into a shopping centre but you're comfortable enough to get naked in front of a boost store? Good luck.

  • Yes! I can finally dress like Mrs Arrow!!

  • cool! i can be superman for the day!

  • not my thing, but whatever floats your boat.

  • +21

    Just came to read the comments, I haven't been disappointed :-)

  • Can I wear Superman jumpsuit?

    • …or an Amway tracksuit?

  • Or be entertained by sitting nearby a Boost store. :)

  • +1

    Finally a boost promotion that I can take part in…. not that I'd want to… oh who am I kidding, a freebie's a freebie.

    • Did it.

  • The easiest way is to also wear a mask.

  • +1

    wear a pair of pants, wear your underpants on top and then wear another pair of pants on top of everything;
    Go to the juice counter and open you zipper and show them what you are wearing underneath. win!

  • Is it a kinf of jokes or tricks?? anyone did it already?? (walked pass Boost this morning, waited for 5 mins and no one shows up with undYY)

    • +1

      Wait till lunch hour. I'll be at the Southern cross store with my lace underwear if you want to take pics, ha ha.

  • +1

    superman will love this!

  • Wear you underwear as a mask then to conceal your identity. Or does it have to be on your head?

  • -2

    All for just a juice…

    Even a Juice company could make us do this….

    Dont really know where we all are heading to……….

    • -1

      PO from Ozb and join the Ozwhingers forum mate.

      • man… you are getting personal, you spending your work (Yea if you really got one) time to find all my comemnts and neg…..

        Go get a life honey….

        • -3

          It's comments, stupid. Learn to spell will ya. You sound like a terrorist.

        • Hello shakespeare ,

          Mald Rat is getting out of his hole

          Donate your head as a shoe, someone might be willing to use………

        • -2


  • I did it at Hornsby Westfield with my girlfriend. All sweet! They did swipe our vibe cards and took a photo of us lol

    • +7

      so now your indignity is forever captured and probably on their facebook page. Congratulations, I hope you enjoyed your free juice. Your undies moment will last a lot longer.

    • -3

      Post pics of your girlfriend.

  • +3

    everyone has their price, and the going rate around here is $5.95

    • lol, intereseting photos, esp the Justin Beber look-a-like with a half arm tattoo, oversized sunnies and enlarged earlobes (oh and that SKULL ring = how cool). His mum must be too busy to mentor him.

      • If you mean this one, that would be none other than pop sensation Reece Mastin.

        If there is such a thing as 'ridiculousness chic', then that guy is majorly cool.

        • or just plain pretentious. I would really like to pull on those earrings, really hard.

  • ok, so what if you don't wear underwear? Can I go up in normal clothes and say that technically I'm wearing my undies on the outside (i.e. nothing), where's my free drink? The FB page says no questions asked.

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