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Bosch 18V 216mm Biturbo Brushless Mitre Saw - Skin Only $599 (Save $200) C&C /+ Del, Redeem 12Ah Battery & Charger @ Bunnings


Bummings Stock Tracker: https://bunnings.youinstock.com.au/search/0124025

Also available at Total Tools for the $599 Price

This item is now end of life, but why pay nearly 1k for the newer model?

This deal is especially good if you already have a 8AH Core battery or above as the 2 redemption items include a 12AH battery which is a $320 item on it's own, and the charger is $250, so could be worth reselling and getting the skin ultra-cheap.

It also works with the 8AH core but anything below you can hear the power difference, it feels a lot less Go-ey

Item below now sold out / no longer available for promo price:
Additional notes: Comes with a 24-tooth general purpose blade which is great for wood etc, but Amazon.com.au has 25% (Click to add the coupon) off the 80-tooth blade best used for ultra clean cuts in aluminium, plastic and epoxy, particle board and MDF

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    Where is this Bummings you speak of?

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    That's heaps for cheap.

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    That's a sexy looking saw. Too bad it's not a 10"

    • +1

      It's really about how you use it.

      • +2

        Feels bigger in rear makes it saw - bummings

    • -4

      That's what she said

  • +1

    Can I build a coffee table with this?

    • +2

      Yes you can, but there won't be much space for your coffee cups.

  • +1

    cute and compact

  • +2

    Biturbo? I'd probably rather a big single with a supercharger to get up off the bottom.

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    $569 if you have PowerPass.

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    Probably OK if you have other Bosch already becuase the battery is pretty amazing.

    Regardless of brand, all the cordless mitre saws have serious drawbacks.

    They should be 254/260mm so they are not depth constrained and the 190mm pffft.

    Those that are 254/260mm are soooo heavy and painful to move (~27kg) I dare say they are not "portable" at all.

    Ryobi do a 254mm thats a reasonable weight, but reviews are it lacks guts, single bevel only and its Ryobi (I vowed to never buy Ryobi after being burt x3 times in a row).

    I'm gonna buy a mitre saw today that needs to be portable… but based on weight, features, warranty its gonna be Ozito 240v… and its not about money. I was all keen on the makita LS1019 ~$1,200 or cordless equivalent but after moving around a makita of similar weight this week I dont want it as I know I will avoid moving outside to avoid dust/mess.

    Not really saying this for a rant, I just reckon portable/cordless mitre saws arent much chop but i really wish they were.

  • I can understand battery power for something that's going to be used portably. Like a chain saw. Or a drill.

    But most people are going to put this on a bench in a workshop. What is the point of the extra cost of battery power for it?

    • But most people are going to put this on a bench in a workshop.

      Why would they? They would just buy a mains-powered saw.

      This battery-powered saw is for portable use, like at a job site during construction where there is no (or difficult access to) power.

    • +1

      don't have a garage or a workshop, so all the cutting gets done in the backyard, this is great for that.

    • These are for worksites, they can be set up without regard for where mains power is, if there's any at all.

    • They make a ton of mess… go have a look at "how poor the dust collection/extraction" is on them… thus, they are best used outside.

      Also, they are large items that occupy a lot of bench space and require a lot of clearance for the timber thats being cut.

      Also, lots of trades dont want 240v as they are banned from lots of building sites nowdays.

      They are also suited to battery power as they do short bursts of work. Unlike say a blower or grinder which are amazing battery tools… even though they have terribly short runtime.

  • doesn't look like any store in Melbourne have stock?

    • Delacombe 3
      Thomastown 3
      Sunbury 2
      Melton East 2
      Caroline Springs 2
      Keysborough 2
      Dandenong 2
      Mornington VIC 2
      Craigieburn 1
      Sunshine 1
      Hoppers Crossing 1
      Maribyrnong 1
      Nunawading 1
      Bayswater VIC 1
      Frankston 1
      Clyde North 1

      • +1

        from my experience anything with 1 previously I rock up and they can't find that unit or its ex display.

        • I ordered and it took a few days and they couldn't find it in store, so I ordered from another with a few.

    • +1

      There was 1 sealed unit left in stock in Keysborough at 1.10pm.

      • I don't think he really was going to buy it, seems it was more of a complaint. He didn't even try.

        • i would have, but not gonna bother if it only has 0 or 1 stock and shows as sold out when you look at the bunnings site on all stores around Melbourne.

  • +1

    Thanks for the find.
    Just bought 1 from Gregory Hills NSW. They had 1 more left also.
    I'm new to blue bosch so dont have batteries or chargers.
    When I did the redemption it said that the delivery may take up to 8 weeks. Hope not.

  • AMG version

  • Wow, the battery would cost as much as the saw.

  • +2

    Picked it up for $513 from Bunnings. They had the wrong price label on the last one and honoured it. Score :)

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Picked one up for $499 marked down as clearance. Still valid for redemption offer.

    • Now that's a deal! Are you in the Bosch system already?

      • +1

        Yep, but can never have too many batteries!

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