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[NSW] 21% off International Terminal P7 Car Park @ Sydney Airport Parking (Online Only)


Use promo Code: BARGAIN21

21% off P7 International Sydney Airport car park
Book by 22/10/2023 11:59pm, Enter by 17/12/2023 11:59pm

Includes International Guaranteed Space and International Valet products
Discounts advertised are only available for online bookings
Coupon code is a one-time use code. Offer only valid for online bookings using this promo code, and until we are fully booked.

Payment by debit, credit card or Paypal will incur Payment Method Surcharge: Visa – 0.9%, MasterCard – 0.9%, American Express – 1.6%, Diners Club – 2.4%, PayPal – 1%.

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    Was waiting for a code.

  • thanks

  • Great timing.

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    Bargain. That’s bring it down to just Horrendous pricing.

  • Was waiting for this, thanks OP!

  • NICE!

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    Anything for Domestic at the moment or just international? Thank you!

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    Anything for Melbourne pls?

    • I wish so too

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    Hi OP, anything for Domestic car park? Thanks

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    Does anyone know, if I book the non-guaranteed pace, is there a chance there will be no parks when I arrive? I don't care where I park, just need a space to be available at 6am with 2 small kids! Thanks :)

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      Usually there a lot of spaces…

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      Never faced a scenario where parking was not available, there were cases were had to drive to higher floors and blocks to get parking on peak time.

    • You’ll be fine at 6am

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    Hello @OP . Can we pls get a promo code for the below period ?

    International Terminal T1
    From: 26/12/2023
    To: 06/01/2024

    Thank you

    • For peak holiday period?

      That's not going to happen.

  • Thanks OP - was waiting for this, lucky i was patient

  • Thanks mate, great timing

  • damn, waiting for a deal for P7 for May trip next year. Normally go either ParkNFly or Park on King, but need P7 this time, as we have an international flight just after 6am, and we need an early arrival parking time to ensure we have plenty of time to get there before the flight to check in a bag. PnF open too late and PoK is 4.30am, so cutting it a bit fine.

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      Try Wilson space shuttle on King. Open 24 hours and good rates. The shuttle is more frequent in my experience than pok too.

      • have you used them many times? What do you think of them?

        • I always use them now. I think a lot better than PoK. Quick in and out if you use credit card (i.e. you just tap your card at entry and exit and that's it).

          If you go online they'll have vouchers and they send discount vouchers out regularly via e-mail and sms.

          • @tonydav: although they are open 24 hours, they don't start their shuttle service until 4.30am , same as PoK…, still the same issue using them, can't get to the airport early enough unless I spring for extra for an uber or something. If I see they have an extra special deal of more than 10% off I might do it and order the UBER etc, otherwise I might wait for deals for P7. Thanks anyway. Plus can't book either of them this early anyway

            • @souths123: I'm so sorry. I think the earliest I've got the shuttle would be 430. I just checked on their site and said "24 hours".

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          I have used them a few times and the experience with them was pretty good. The only issue is these days their rate is not competitive anymore. For example, for my next trip in Dec-Jan, P7 with the above promotion code is at $340 ish but with them it is about $540. It will be a no brain to book the P7 parking instead of them. Hopefully, there will be another promotion code available for your May trip.

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      My preference is p7.

    • How far from the airport do you live? I was going to book parking for March next year but then worked out it's cheaper to hire a private driver to take us from our house to the airport and pick us up from departures after we land back home. Actually didn't cost much more than a cab would cost.

      • +1

        we live south penrith. Going for 7 nights, so it would be 8 days of parking. Don't think we could get it cheaper with a driver or even uber etc each way for that distance. If we were going for longer, definitely something to think about…..esp once we finally go to Europe, as that would be for approx 6 weeks, so definitely cheaper to book a driver etc instead of parking.

        • +1

          Oh yeah 8 days would generally be cheaper to park i assume. We're going for 2.5 weeks in March 2024 and i was tempted to book P7 for $314 but got a driver for $240 return. We live in south Sydney though so a bit closer to the airport than Penrith.
          One thing i did notice with P7 is that parking is refundable, so if the price is semi reasonable you could reserve and then cancel if a better deal comes up. I heard not to choose valet as they park the valet cars off site.

          • @meowmeowmeow: thanks. I have a while before I can book anyway, as both Space Shuttle and P7 can only be booked around 4 months max out from travel anyway

      • Is a private driver a limousine?

  • yep would like to see for next year but guess will have a look out from OP :)

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      This kind of deal comes up regularly

  • Just booked the parking with holiday23 code for 15% off. Wondering if I can cancel that order and re-book by using this code?

    • +1

      Yes you can. I’ve done this a couple of times when discounts come up

      You’ll get the refund back minus payment method surcharge.

      • Thanks buddy. Just did that by modifying my booking.

  • Code for Jan 2024 plz. .

  • I needed to book 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm, but the system doesn’t allows to book from 30 minutes interval. So if I book 9 to 10 pm, can I still enter 8 pm without extra charges?

    • For online bookings which have a duration of 3 hours or less, your booking will be void if you arrive more than 2 hours earlier or later than your nominated booking time. 'Drive-up' charges apply upon entry.

      • Yes, but if I book for 1 hour and stay for 1 hour and 15 minutes, it is not clear if I have to pay for 1 hour additional.
        The only option for me is to book from 8 to 10 pm, whereas I needed only 8:30 to 9:30 pm

        • +2

          If you book 9 pm to 10 pm and arrive at 8pm, you will not be charged any additional fee. But, your stay duration will start as soon as you enter the car park.
          If you book a 1-hour slot and stay for 1 hour and 15 minutes, you will be charged an additional $10.60 for the additional 0-30 min stay. If you enter the car park at 8:30 pm and as long as you exit by 9:30 pm, you will be fine.

  • I'm going away for 3 weeks, but think I'm just going to get a shuttle/uber whatever's cheaper.

    • +1

      yes, when going away for longer, sometimes it is cheaper to get to the airport a different way….also depends how far away you are from the airport.

      • I'm like 30 minutes (when it's not busy) but not close to public transport. I haven't gone to the airport in years (mainly due to covid) so almost needing to remember the best methods.

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    Good promo but even with the 21% off, it is still twice as expensive as my quote on Space Shuttle Parking at King Street. What a shame as if the price is closer I would just book on airport parking instead.

    • Thank you for the feedback. Would you mind advising us your travel dates?

      • I've PM'ed you.

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    Thank you for the feedback. Would you mind advising us your travel dates?

    • +1


      Can you ask if the promotion option to enter by 18/12/2023?


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    Thanks OP. Do you have any promotion for the T2 domestic parking? I'm looking for a place to leave my car for 4 days in November.

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    Domestic - P2 Parking - plz have some promo on it

  • Why is this deal tagged Bali & New Zealand? Discount parking at these airports too? How do we book for Bali & NZ airports parking?

    • Probably because these countries would have more people actually using airport parking as they're shorter trips. You wouldn't use airport parking in a one month European holiday for example.

  • Hi OP, If I book for 2 hours from 6 pm-8pm and enter up to 30 minutes earlier or later, can I still avail the full 2 hours? As long as I enter and exit within the 2 hours period, I should be okay right without any extra charges? Thank you

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    Does anyone know if you can prepurchase for 17 Dec, but enter on say 21st December?

    Much cheaper to pay the extra days and not use it.

    • You won't be able to. You need to specify entry date and to take advantage of the discount you will need to enter by 17/12/2023 11:59pm

  • Does anyone know if there are trolleys available inside the P7 car park?

  • In the FAQ section it said:

    What happens if I enter later than my booking?

    You can enter up to 2 hours before or after the entry time, and the amount of time booked will begin from when you enter. Please ensure you try to arrive as close as possible to your booked entry time. If you arrive more than 2 hours before or after your booked entry time you may be subject to additional fees on exit.

    Here is what happened to me today:

    Couple of days ago I booked and paid $13+ online for an 1 hour parking at P7 from 7:00am to 8:00am today to pick up a friend at the airport. His flight was supposed to arrive at 6:50am but it was delayed 1.5 hours. So I entered P7 at 8:30am (according to the FAQ it’s within 2 hours of my booked entry time). The barcode couldn’t scan and I pressed the intercom and was issued a ticket. I picked up my friend and was about to exit the carpark at 9:15am (also according to the FAQ it’s within what I’ve already paid for, i.e. 1 hour from the actual entry time) and was charged an additional $21+ dollars. I pressed the intercom again and was told because it was “way beyond my booked time” but they’ll waive my additional charge this time only and let me go. I didn’t argue with them because there were cars waiting behind me.


    Either their FAQ is misleading or their system’s miscalculated the charge.

  • I missed it… Do you have new code coming in op?

  • HI @SydneyAirportParking - Any promo code for T2?

  • I have used them 3x and cant recommend enough. @SydneyAirportParking any code for entering mid November.

  • +1

    OVERSEAS15 Is the new code for 15% discount but only for international terminal.

    Book by 5 November 2023 and enter by 15 December 2023

    Enter promo code at checkout:

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