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Huawei Watch Fit 2 Active $149.50, Band 7 $79.50 Delivered / C&C / in-Store @ BIG W

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Half price sale on both models, RRP$299 for the Fit 2 and $159 for the Band 7. JB is still selling for $299. All time low on the Watch Fit 2.

Watch Fit 2, Black, Blue or Pink:

  • 10 day battery life typical use, 7 day heavy use
  • 1.74" AMOLED display
  • Calls with built in microphone and speaker
  • 26 grams
  • 5 ATM

Band 7, Red, Green or Pink:

  • Up to 14 day battery life typical usage
  • 1.47" AMOLED display
  • Quick replies to messages directly from watch
  • Very light 16 grams
  • 5 ATM

Green band 7 is $79.50 at Amazon with free delivery.

Note: Huawei Health app has to be downloaded from the Huawei website externally. Samsung users can download directly from Galaxy Store.

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    CCP voluntary tracker:D

    • +7

      Health data will definitely be uploaded to China. Not sure why you got negged. I have a watch myself and dont really care about it. If US wants my data they need to sell the device for cheaps. Cant pay 600$ for apple or sammy and still upload the data to them.

      • Health data will definitely be uploaded to China.

        Only if you want it to be. There is no need to be connected to sync your data.

        • +1

          Ah Good to know, will see if there is a way to disable it. Thanks.

          • +3

            @John Doh: From memory, you do have to create an account with the app, so it may well be sneakily uploading your data when you connect, but if you're a privacy nazi, just use that phone you dumped in the drawer, when you updated to your new phone 😁

            Only reason to use the app live is if you don't want to use the built-in GPS on the device, and want location tracking for your exercise routines.

            • +1

              @photonbuddy: Well I did buy a GPS watch for a reason :) So am all good with it, for now.

      • +2

        The sense of humour by some on here is pretty shit isn't it

        • The sense of humour by some on here is pretty shit isn't it

          So is the boring repetitive claptrap some people find humorous!

    • +1

      I think your missis wants to track you more than anyone else :)

    • -1

      How ironic, and rather stupid!

      If you got a Fitbit, all your datas belong to us as you have to be connected to even retrieve your data (this was the case a couple years ago at any rate).

      To get your Huawei data, you don't even have to be online, and the data is stored locally on your phone.

      Also, unlike my last Fitbit (Charge 3), you don't need to turn on location services to sync your data.

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    Hrmm tempted to get one just to control music from my phone when running…

    • +1

      Hrmm tempted to get one just to control music from my phone when running…

      Only thing I don't like is that you need to have the app running to do this. Probably the same for all these devices, though.

      I use a pair of headphones with control buttons on them, so don't need watch control.

      • Ah fair enough. Yeah I have headphone controls, just thought watch might be a bit better but seems you can't scroll through folders or albums.

  • I have a Huawei Band 8 I got from AliExpress I'm using with an Android phone, just a heads up it can only pass data to the Adidas Running and Komoot apps, and of course Huawei Health.

    The Huawei Health app required to run the band has to be side loaded, as they're banned by the US government from doing business with any US company, therefore they're not on Google Play Store.

    It also requires an active mobile number to create an account and access to phone, local devices, and GPS to pair the band.

    The software will ask for further permissions and nag you on the regular to store data in the cloud.

    I disabled all but local devices and physical activity after pairing and it seems to still do health tracking fine, plus it can still vibrate on phonecall.

    But you need to allow access to phone and messages for it to properly display phonecalls and display messages.

    Overall, the hardware is good, the software is efficient and only uses about 1% battery, but it's really hamstrung by not working with popular apps like Strava even if you're if you're ok with the privacy concerns.

    • P.S. Also as far as I'm aware, all these health devices gather private data, if you want to go the privacy route, you need go with something like GadgetBridge and a compatible watch/band.

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    Bought one. Thanks

  • +1



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    Thanks, got the Fit 2.

  • The pink ones $119 on Amazon, you can buy other straps on there too. Its gold body, then just get a colour strap you want.

    • +1

      Version 1

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