[SA] Pepsi or Schweppes 24x375ml $15.95 (Was $34.85) @ Drakes Supermarkets Lightsview


New Lightsview store opening catalogue, lots of other below half price items

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Drakes Supermarkets
Drakes Supermarkets


  • solid deals thats for sure! and the 15 bucks off is wiked

  • I thought that was gonna be an Aldi. Happy to be wrong.

    • Nah, Drake turned his IGAs/Foodlands into more like an upscale IGA, kind of a throwback to what supermarkets used to try to be. How utter shit must IGA be to cause Drake to leave and build his own distribution centres…

  • The mi goreng isn't a bad deal either

  • Does any supermarket price match?

    • Imagine everyones pricematching at supermarket….

    • Yeah I do it all the time. Have a trolley load of groceries and price match each product with whatever store has it the cheapest. Takes about 3 hours for check out chick to do it all but I don’t think she minds at all!

  • 5c cheaper at Woolworths at the moment.

    • +1

      $19.90 in SA

      • +1

        I see were I went wrong, VIC price is $15.90.

  • So many good specials, and even $15 off $100 spend.

    Too bad Drakes isn't national :(

    (EDIT: Part of the reason for the really good prices is it's a grand opening for the specific location)

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