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OPPO Find N2 Flip 5G 256GB Astral Black (AU Stock) $999 Delivered ($0 Perth C&C) @ Techry


OPPO Find N2 Flip Astral Black
AU Stock with 24 months warranty
Fully unlocked
Dual Sim / Single Sim+ ESim
Limited Stock Left

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  • Tempted to buy this!

    • Go ahead !

      • +1

        I just have a hard time justifying $999 for a phone, given I only spent like $400 for my redmi note 10 pro. I feel like my limit would be like 600-700, and I'm assuming a non-flip phone will be cheaper so waiting out for that.

        Of course, happy for anyone to convince me otherwise lol.

        • +3

          Of course, happy for anyone to convince me otherwise

          This folds in half

          • +1

            @hotphil: Any phone folds in half, this one just happens to still work afterwards :)

          • @hotphil:

            Of course, happy for anyone to convince me otherwise

            This folds in half

            Folds into half the size and costs twice as much as his Redmi Note 10 Pro.

  • +4

    OPPO just released N3 last night

    • N3 looks awesome

      • Just watched D2D's review of it, and its put me off it.

  • +2

    I would go with the Z flip 5 over this.

  • +2

    Have this phone. Price has come down as the N3 Flip has been announced. My review:
    * Fits better in the pocket.
    * Crease is barely noticeable compared to Galaxy Flip. Has teardrop screen fold design that allows both halves to close flat. (No gap).
    * SuperVOOC charging is very fast
    * Camera has good colour balance and photos look sharp in daylight, has hand gesture detection for remote shutter control
    * Large outer display in portrait ratio compared to Galaxy Flip 3, 4 to respond to notifications.
    * Has virtual pet feature on the outer screen!
    * ColourOS is now more mature and vastly improved from early days.
    * Good build quality, already dropped it once and didn't crack.
    * Outer display only has 6 widgets at present incl WhatsApp widget, no full app usage
    * No telephoto lens to zoom at longer distances
    * Cannot maintain clamshell posture beyond 120 degrees
    Overall, if you don't want Samsung bloatware, prefer a flatter, less noticeable crease in a flip phone, this is a great choice. The new N3 Flip adds the telephoto lens and alert slider (featured on OnePlus), app drawer on outer display, but pretty much physically the same as the N2.

    • Cannot maintain clamshell posture beyond 120 degrees

      What's that mean? You can't open it flat?

      • Of course you can open it flat. But if you want half the phone maintained propped up like a make-up mirror case, you are limited to 120 degrees before it snaps it flat to 180 degrees.

        • Interesting. My Samsung doesn't snap to flat like that.

  • +1

    What's Oppo like for warranty?
    I can tell you that Samsung is atrocious.
    Samsung couldn't even replace my Fold 4 or upgrade me to a Fold 5 because they didn't have stock! (read into that: refurbished stock)

  • Does having microphone and cameras with 24/7 video surveillance kill the battery?

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