FILA Classic Unisex Hoodie $16 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Deal is back only $1 more than last time but more desirable colours.
Brushed fleece for comfy warmth
Lined hood with drawcord for adjustable coverage
Rib cuffs and hem for a secure fit
Pre-shaped sleeves for range of motion

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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Amazon AU


  • +2

    It's now $59 spend for non prime.

    • +1

      Updated, ta!

    • +2

      It will prevent me from buying on Amazon even more… :/

    • +2

      Havent paid prime for 6 months so far.

      Trial, then offered extended trial during cancellation process, then 3 months citibank, then 1 month free trial via the link posted on ozb last week.

      Then ill open a new account and repeat the process

  • +24

    Logo is too small for me.

    • +29

      I fila ya

    • 🤣

  • need a summer anti-uv hoodie

  • Got one. Why not

  • +1

    I really don't need another hoodie, but the FOMO is real.

  • My favourite Italo-Korean brand. Their About Us paragraph has the most detail about corporate evolution I have ever seen on Amazon—MBO, LBO, etc. Sold!

  • +2

    something something walking billboard
    but these hoodies are nice and soft and a good fit.

  • Logo is too big

    • +1

      Not big enough.

    • +1

      Yep, too big. I've never understood why people are willing to be a billboard. A modest corner logo, no worries.

  • If you don't mind the logos, the shirts at $15 and shorts at $20 look like decent quality/value.

  • Can't find the material

    • +2

      Cotton, Polyester according to the actual site

  • Confirm these malt everywhere, but cosy for my Playstation days, no one see's me SPting here and playn Vidya anyway

    • Moult

      • -1

        Detective, I am not in my office at the moment as I have gone to return some video tapes. Do not come back.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, final piece for my eshay look.

  • Just in time for 40°C summer time 😂

  • Have this in cart since big prime day and also the crew for $15

  • Thanks !

  • Is there any way to scrape off the logo without damaging the fabric

    • +1

      Lynx Africa and a Bic lighter

  • +4

    I have a few of these and these are kmart quality.
    Not very warm or thick.
    Night and day compared to Champion hoodies which are thick with nice folded and stitched hood cuff, embroided logo and sleeve elastics.
    Great buy at $16 though. Definitely not a $59 hoodie though.

    • Probably okay for home use.. Bought one to try.

  • -2

    When you can't afford Nike

  • I reviewed the images and…. what you get is from what you pay.

    • I was always told life is like a box of chocolates.

  • It’s showing up as $20 now.. Deal expired??

    • +1

      The pink and navy are $20 but but others are $16

  • +1

    @That Guy Thankyou 👍 I bought 5, one of each colour in 2XL, except the red, because it's all sold out 😢 It's a shame because that is my favourite one, but I guess it was everyone else's too!

    Seems like a great deal ($88.65) for 5 hoodies delivered, and I hope they will fit my niece who is visiting soon, if not they will fit me anyway 😅

    Cheers! 🏆

  • Man got my 3XL today (im tall) and no way its a 3xl…

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