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Google Play Points Perks: Guaranteed Weekly Prize @ Google Play Store App


Accidently stumbled on this freebie

Go to Play Store app > Play points (must have existing points) and click perks. You can then reveal your weekly prize.

Main google account got 3 months free of google play pass (RRP $24). My turkish google account got 5 points.

Screen Shot proof


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  • Same prize for me on Gold.

  • +1

    Same prize in Perks - Bronze with 8 points.
    3 months free google play pass then $8/m
    Redeem prize by 20/11
    Next prize available 27/10

    • same. bronze 325 points

  • +6

    Not available for me, only have 8 points, no perks available.

  • +2

    I have nothing perks.
    Got 90 points, bronze, it say 85 more to silver
    I thought 90 is a lot.. :(

  • +6

    171 points here. Bronze. No perks. Not feeling the 💕 O well. Thanks for posting anyways

  • +7

    cheers got 2TB storage for 3 months.

    • Same with the note they'll charge $12.50/month

  • I did too but isn't this no different than any free trial offer?

  • got 2tb for google one for 3 months, can i give it to someone?

    • +1

      If it generates a promo code, then yes

      • doesn't look like it just says join, says offer only valid to new customers anyway

        • +3

          You might be able to extract promo code from the unique link if you open play store in a browser

  • Thanks, received 5 points + 3 months free pass

    • Same! Great little deal.

  • +17

    Scored 3 months of 2 TB Google One.


    "At the end of the trial period, you will be automatically charged the 2 TB Google One suscription price on a monthly recurring basis"

    • Euh, I won this but is it automatically activated?

    • +1

      Scam!! This is pretty sneaky

  • +9

    I have been on this for a while. The latest promo for me was 3 months play pass, but generally it's just points. I'm on gold at about 1500 points. I cashed the last 1000 for $10 credit, but find that google rewards app is much more feasible if you want to build google cash for in app purchases.

    Also, other perks that pop up are downloading a free app, and keeping it installed for 24hrs to get 5 points, and sometimes there are 2x or 4x points bonuses on Google books or in app purchases.

    The perks usually refresh every week or so, I can't remember exactly. My YouTube premium subscription and my google one storage add to the points when I'm charged.

    • Was better at when it launched in Australia and was 10 points instantly for apps without needing to keep it for 24 (let alone actually download them), I don't even get them anymore.

      • Just got 10 instant points for downloading 2 apps

        • Used to be up to 5 every week, could get to gold without spending a cent, guess people who haven't done it can still get the same apps

      • +2

        If you install Nox emulator on your PC you can download the reward apps in that and then just delete them after you get the points. Faster downloads on the PC and doesn't clutter up your phone.

        I tried downloading a couple in LDPlayer (another PC emulator) but it didn't track them for some reason.

    • +1

      Uh. Are you sure youtube premium gets points? I dont get them

      • I do, yup. I used to have an overseas premium account that didn't accumulate points, but I'm sharing an aus family account with people and it gets points

        • +3

          i'm pissed then, because i have been paying for premium since it was youtube red, and I don't get points

      • I've been paying for youtube premium for years and I've never received points either?

    • +1

      I just got the 3 months play pass promo. Nice.

  • +1

    Been around for a while I managed to get play pass a few weeks ago.

  • +23

    Lol been doing this for years…. Didn't realise it was post worthy haiyaaa

    • Me too!

    • +1

      Same. Been doing this for ages lol

    • +2

      Same and got the 3.month play pass several weeks ago, but it's not actually the full play pass.

      There's things missing, you don't get the $8 to spend on games per month, which you get if you pay.

      It's more like a fake trial to me anyway, no value in it.

    • Same Actually have a perks tab open all the time :)

    • -1

      Nearly 200 upvotes lol

      • -1

        fouiyohhhhh wasn't complaining :D

  • Can you immediately cancel play pass or do you lose 2 of 3 months?

    • +2

      Can immediately cancel. They will keep it until the end of 3 months. Any half-decent subscription is good with that nowadays and will let you keep subscription until end of free trial. They just try and hook the people who forget.

      • Done thanks. I would definitely forget

  • For some reason I can't see the play points thing in my google play store. I can still earn points but there's no usual menu to see my points nor the prizes :(

    • Try force updating Google play in settings

      • please elaborate? force stop?

        • +1

          I couldn't find it either so in Google Play I just searched "Play Points" and you'll end up there, then just tap "Perks".

          I got 3 months Play Pass

        • On my Samsung,,,
          Settings, about phone, software information, Google play system update.
          When you do find the points screen, perks are the third tab at the top

    • For me it comes up as a little diamond icon in the search bar.

    • +1

      Serious. Screen shot pls

      • -2

        Just bored and having a lend.

  • I can see my play points, but no weekly prize 😔

  • Thanks I usually ignore it coz all it normally gives is a few cents in points

  • Got 50 points and nothing more on platinum never get them offers

  • Got a whopping bonus 5 play points. However only on Bronze level.

  • Had 1 Bronze Play point in account ( after they had expired 60pts back in June 23 .. grrr)

    No Perks given sigh

  • -3

    3 months of anxiety then an unaffordable monthly payment thanks i passed

    • +1

      You can just cancel straight away.

  • Got the 3 months google play pass.
    Not sure what to do with it, I have a feeling I may let it go to waste.
    Any suggestions?

    • same, not sure. I got a road trip coming up, thinking it's worth it to let my daughter play whatever she wants.

      Also, theres a really cool looking document scanner always being spammed on Twitter/X. It looked good in reviews but cost a lot. I guess I can try it for free with this?

  • 3 months of Google One 2TB, claimed and was able to cancel & keep 3 months without auto charge.

    Was Bronze level.

    Edit: missing the 10% rebate on Google Store purchases, so it's a trial version as apposed to a full 2tb plan.

  • Got 3 months free of google play pass.
    Free 3 month trial then $8 pm.
    I don't see the value in this as I don't have any paid apps.


  • I got 3 months of the Google One, would have rathered the Play Pass.
    Thanks anyway op!

  • I got 0 play points. But still got 3months of 2Tb Google one

  • -2

    Really… you only just found this out…

    • Yep haha.
      I rarely use google play.
      My apps just get transfered to my phones when i upgrade and auto update

    • +1

      Yeah cause you did such a great job sharing it with us all.

  • -1

    Wait till you guys find out about the Google questionnaire app where you get free money for answering a few questions.

  • if I got 3 months of free Play Pass, do I get to keep the games I downloaded after the trial ends?

    • Unfortunately, no.

      • So I managed to download a game that usually costs money for free. Will the game just disappear or not allow me to enter the app, after 3 months?

  • +1

    Bronze Tier, got 3 months Play Pass! Thank you for this, my phones' battery officially hates you!

  • Just curios if joining perks would somehow negatively affects Google Opinion Rewards program? Really don't wanna loose that one…

    • It doesn't

  • does Google play pass offer any benefits in Roblox?

  • Bronze - 125 points to silver. I was rewarded 5 points.

    Now it's Bronze - 120 points to silver. Yayyyy

  • my account linked to a turkey family group doesnt have the menu option (used to have it before i linked)

    someone mentioned there was a way to do the google one sharing without applying a turkish profile to your account, but is it too late if youve already linked them

  • I got the 3 month play pass too. Thanks OP!

    What are the best things to do with it?

  • quick 2 step, big power

  • You need to put in credit card details to activate Play points - I will pass !

    • Nope. Just sign up to google survey rewards.
      After 1st paid survey, you can activate play points with no credit card

  • No perks for me yet!!

  • any use for non-gamers?

  • +1

    Turns out I hadn't even accepted the user agreement. Did that, 0 points. Installed bleach for the 5 free points. Went into perks & got myself 3 free months play pass that I saved for school holidays. Uninstalled bleach. Thanks OP.

  • Only Won 2 points this week.

  • Can you guys please share your best ways to use this? I got 3 months trial but I never play games. TY

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