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Quilton 3-Ply Toilet Tissue (180 Sheets Per Roll) 45-Pack $24 ($21.60 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Back in stock for the larger 45 pack. Feel free to (ab)use the "Subscribe and Save" option to get it for $21.60. You can also use Cashback / Giftcards to get this for cheaper.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +14

    the quality dropped a lot it is very thin now

    • +6

      Oh crap

    • +8

      It’s the same as it’s always been for me

    • +1

      Hasn't the quality of everything gone down the drain? I used to buy organic full cream milk from Coles, aldi, woolies, it used to be thick, even with chunks of fat in it, real, normal milk. Now, last couple of months they're all thinner then low fat milk, literally DILUTED with water!

      How can this pass and not to be written in the ingredients list that it's diluted? WTF is going with this country, everythings falling apart.

      • +8

        Blobs of cream, thats non-homogenised milk. Not all organic is that.

        And full cream milk is 4% fat, they cant water it down and still be 4%

        • +1

          So it got thin all of a sudden from what, air? 🤦

          • +6

            @drazenm: No idea, 4% is 4%.
            Buy some non homogenised milk.

            • +9

              @PVA: Typically it's diluted not with water but a different batch of milk with lower fat and protein till they reach the standard 4% fat. Depending on the brand I'd say your getting a seasonal variation in the milk. (Especially if your getting non homogenised milk, only smaller factories would supply that) If it's a small regional organic milk brand they wouldn't have the same ablity to mix and match batches of milk from different farms or even regions each day to get the milk solids (fats, sugars, proteins) exactly the same. Whilst the fat content is probably the same the ratio of all the milk solids may cause the milk to seem thinner.

          • +2

            @drazenm: Sounds like your glass is half empty…

      • +2

        Just drink cream like me, Mind you the quality also seems to have gone down, with a blobs of double cream that don't taste so great, but still better than milk.

    • +4

      And it's extremely rough now. The quality has literally gone down the crapper.

    • +3

      I was just thinking this too. They seem less thick and quality control lacking.

      Kleenex sucks. Any alternatives besides Kirkland?

    • +2

      shouldn't put so much pressure on your anus.

  • +1

    How to get it for $18??

    • My bad. It's suppose to be $21.60.

  • +1

    $18? how to get it?

    • Description has already been revised.

  • +6

    Also $24 at BIG W.
    48 rolls

  • +6

    48 pack is better value @ $0.473 per roll vs $0.48?

    • +4

      $0.007 saving.. worth it

    • Also less plastic waste.

    • Exactly!

  • +10

    $21.60 / 48 rolls = 0.47 per roll on Amazon C&C
    $21.60 / 45 rolls = 0.48 per roll on Amazon C&C
    $24.00 / 48 rolls = 0.50 per roll on BigW
    $13.60 / 24 rolls = 0.57 per roll on Woolies

    • Is it okay to calculate by rolls? Do all companies default to 180 sheets per rolls?

      • +1

        Yeah, looks like they are all 180 sheets 11x10cm :D

        • most are but I have found a few exception cases (this one is 260 sheets and some are just double 180 sheets at 360 sheets)

          Coles So Soft 2 Ply Toilet Tissue | 18 pack


          because of this product doing 260 sheets per roll i switched back to the harder to calculate $ per 100 sheets and just specify the ply amount

    • +1

      So about
      ~$0.261..1 per 100sheets For 48 Amazon CC
      (since that's how Coles Woolies measure their unit price)

    • +3

      I think you mean 22.73 for 48 rolls Amazon

      Big W with monthly 10% off is 21.60 though (0.45 per roll)

      • Oh right! Couldn't update it tho. Thanks! :D

    • +1

      Cuscribe & Cave

  • +5

    This is the better deal and is back in stock

    Quilton 3 Ply Toilet Tissue (180 Sheets), Pack of 48 $24.99 ($22.49 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

    • +3

      Pack of 48 $24.99 ($22.49 S&S)

      $25.25 ($22.73 S&S)

  • +4

    Another shit deal.

    • +1

      Keep rolling

  • +1

    These have no inner packs right?

    • +2

      This one has inner packs (9 rolls per pack). The 48 rolls pack has no inner pack.

      • Wait…without inner pack, how can you put it on the toilet roll?

        • -1

          i thik it means has smaller packs inside ..?

    • +1

      48 has no inner packs. 45 has smaller packs inside… 5 packs of 9

      • whats innerpack mean?

        • Yea, I'm confused too

          • @BigLeviathan: The 48 is like a plastic bag with 48 rolls of toilet paper.
            The 45 has seperate packs inside , each of those has 9 rolls of toilet paper.

        • +1

          Smallers packs inside one huge pack.
          The 48 is basically a big plastic bag with 38 toilet rolls in it.
          The 45 one has 5 retail packs with 9 rolls each .

  • -1

    I wonder did most use hand to clean their parts during the covid?How can these normal prcie(or maybe just maybe slightly lower) "deals" come up every week or not even a week

    • Even when using your hand…do you not check that your ass is %1000 clean with some toilet paper and then dry your ass aswell? Or do you just give yourself a quick wash with your hand and then pop your pants back on? Wetness and all?

      Personally I never use my hand as we have a bidet spary, then throughly check everything is clean with toilet paper & then DRY everything before moving on with my life 😁

      • moving on with my life

        But we're still here talking bout yo ass

        • Cleanest ass in town💪🏼

          Thanks op I went ahead and bought 48 rolls!

  • Wasn't it always $21.60 C&C?

    This sux - FREE delivery on orders shipped by Amazon over $59 not $39.

    • My bad. Title has been updated, cheers.

  • Belongs in the toilet

  • Rubles are cheaper

  • +1

    Thank op, got 2

  • +2

    Switched over to Woolies' Vevelle and also Aldi's own versions and I can't really tell the difference between Quilton and those. They work out to be cheaper for basically the same quality - everyday prices too.

  • -3

    I see double roles! Are they a better deal? I cannot be arsed to calculate 😉

  • -3

    If you don’t mind picking it up yourself, why pay 53 cents a roll at Amazon when you can get it for 31 cents a roll at Woolworths?…

    • That’s 31 cents for 100 sheets, not a roll. A roll is 180 sheets, so this would work out to be 56 cents a roll

      • Well spotted!

  • Have moved on to the 30 pack of 25% larger rolls, as the regular sized rolls are a pain to get started. Larger rolls seem to have sorted that for some reason.

  • Shit tickets

  • Slightly cheaper at the Chemist Warehouse (1c per roll)

  • why when the 48pk is cheaper per unit? @$22.73 s&s

    • +1

      Convenience. Easier or pack away the 9 packs than the whole lot, if you've taken out 2/3 from the pack

    • Then you realise the OP negged both 48pk deals.

      • +1
        • g'day

          • @AkuroPlays: Ignore the haters, OP. This is easily the better deal as you get the TPs in inner packs.

            Some moron decided to mark this deal as SPAM. LOL!

              • @Clear: Let me make it very clear. ;) I never said it was the best deal price wise.
                It said was the better deal because of the inner 9-packs.
                I also get some people might prefer saving an extra 1c per roll on the 48-pack.

                • +2

                  @DoctorCalculon: I don't have a dog in this fight, but that sounds like a decidely dubious reason for the OP to neg the two previous, cheaper deals.

                  By that rationale, this deal (for the normal Amazon price, mind) could attract justified negs for not being the cheapest available per roll.

                  Let's hope most OzBargainers aren't that petty…

      • -1

        even the audacity to make this comment then went on to neg both ha..

  • Delivery ($0 with Prime / $59 Spend)

    I haven't bothered re-subscribing to Prime after finishing up the last MasterCard promo offer.
    For this deal, Amazon AU isn't charging me a delivery free for a single 45-pack with S&S. WTF!

  • 45 pack sold out. But the 48 pack without inner packaging is 22.73 S&S, so $1.17 for three more rolls. Or $0.005 cheaper per roll.

  • This toilet paper deal is back on stock.

  • This 3 ply $0.25 per 100 sheets vs Coles So Soft 2 Ply Toilet Tissue | 18 pack $0.19 per 100 sheets…

    but then it is also 3 ply vs 2 ply so if you consider in the fact that the $0.25 per 100 sheets is 3 ply then it comes ahead a bit better for value versus the $0.19 per 100 sheets

    ultimately it comes down to delivery costs and convenience preference etc.. do you want a cardboard box or a paper bag?

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