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      Thanks for the bundle link, i wanted the wallet and battery anyway and with that link they throw in the ring thing for a couple of dollars more (after equivalent purchase at discounted price).

      To save others time - no bundles don't get another 30% discount on top.

      All three exclusive bundles are available at this link:


      Everyday carry pack $104.95 (RRP $166.85)
      - mag battery pack
      - mag wallet
      - phone ring/stand

      Travel pack $154.95 (RRP $249.75)
      - Mag battery pack
      - mag wallet
      - phone ring/stand
      - tripod/selfie stick
      - lanyard

      Ultimate mag pack $204.95 (RRP $329.80)
      - mag battery pack
      - mag wallet
      - mag dual destkop wireless charger
      - power adaptor
      - colored mag ring

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    Finally! Been hanging out for a deal on these. RRP is just too expensive.

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      The only time to ever buy QL products is around BF. 30% off every time.

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        Good to know! I will take advantage of this because Supercheap never has them on special.

      • NOW you tell me.
        Actually, glad I only got the MVP for one bike. Will now get what I need for the second along with chargers for both

  • how do these compare to mous products? i really want the desk charging set but $200 is wild

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      You wouldn’t use QL unless you needed the sporting stuff

      • Their case + car vent mount is excellent.

        • The issue I had with the quadlock is that I couldnt wirelessly charge with it using magsafe chargers.

          • @ATangk: The new mag cases fix that issue.

            I have the original quadlock case and I have one wireless charger that is a lot harder to use now but I'll upgrade the case next year.

            • @sween64: I got a new mag case, it didnt work it was still too thick. Using a Peak Design case which works with magsafe as its thinner.

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      Can't compare to mous, but quad lock is solid as. I use it for biking, running and in the car. Not one time has it felt flimsy…

      Though I only ever buy at 30% off too…

      • How have you found it for running? I assume you use the armband? Doesn't move around at all?

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          Yes. There is some movement as it's only anchored in the middle and phones are big these days. But not too bad, and phone is held sturdily.
          It's the best running armband I've used since phones got too big to fit in the neoprene pocket ones (at least when strapped around my skinny arms)…

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    Has anyone compared these to the clones on aliexpress?

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      How much are the clones?

      I'd rather support an Aussie startup.

      • $6-9 delivered. I'm also curious

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      I just bought a cheap clone from Amazon - looks the same as the Aliexpress ones except a bit pricier for the convenience of Prime delivery.

      GIGAGO Bike Phone Holder Handlebar, Motorcycle Phone Mount, 360°Rotatable Smartphone Riding Navigation Support for iPhone 14/13/12/11 Pro Max Xr Plus Mini, Samsung and More 4.7" - 7.2" Models https://amzn.asia/d/6QllCwH

      The plastic doesn't seem to be machined or finished that well but it held up over a 40 minute ride on mildly bumpy terrain.

      In hindsight for risking a $900 phone on it, it's not worth the discount of buying the clone. I'm tempted to buy the original one now.

    • I’ve always been using cloned ones with no issues but never had a QL genuine one to compare.

      • Which cloned one do you use? Do you also use a dampener?

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        Amazing thank you!

        VERY interesting results.

    • No matching phone cases from what I can see. Just the stick on attachment. Which is strange really, no shortage of phone cases on Ali

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    Strange that I got an email about black friday from QL but no code. thanks for sharing.

    • The code isn't required for 30% off. It's the same price with or without the code.

  • Anyone in inner city Sydney want to bundle shipping together?

    • Yes, im interested. Will pm you

  • Used to used quadlock for just road cycling and commuting, solid, but getting your phone on and off the mount right needs some practice otherwise a bit fiddly. Case was ultra, ultra bulky.

    Now using the overpriced peak design but their stuff does work well.

    • Wow those are nice. You’re right about pricing though haha…

      • yeah it's very VERY pricey for what it is - but I really cannot argue with the result. the cases are thin and looks good, and so far, very solid and reliable even on the hardest of bumps. Really no regrets though.

        Bonus Magsafe compatibility opens up a bunch of other cheaper accessories when not using on bike.

        add 3 items in the cart and a 10% discount automatically applies, or just abandon the cart, and you'll get a code in a day or so.

        • does that stack with this 30% code?

          • @truebunny: Sorry those were for peak design stuff, not quadlock.

            • @lawyerz: oh my bad. do u reckon quad case with vibration dampener is way worse?

  • Use QL lock mount on my motorbike with wireless charger and vibration damper along with the Mag holder in the car.
    Works as good as any ram mount phone holder, if not better. The mag is easy to use. I've stacked the bike hard and phone still attached and undamaged. I've dropped my Samsung phone heaps of times and no damage, the cases are secure and not too cumbersome.
    Switching between either holder is simple and easy.
    Really wanted the wireless powerbank to be 10k, but it's only 5k.

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    these kill your phones optical stabilizer - check out fortnine latest video on youtube

    too much vibration

    you need to fork out double for their dampner enhancement

    apparently there is another brand called peak design or something which is far better in this regard and suppose to be cheaper

    • +4

      The vibration dampener is $24.95. Does peak design have a wireless charging head?

      • plus shipping… not quite twice the price though, an extra 50%

        shitty way to address a design flaw though

        • You're not paying double to buy the dampener. And it's not a design flaw. Not everyone needs a vibration dampener so why include it if it's not needed, only to add bulk to a product that doesn't require it?

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      I think this is only required for motorbikes or mountain biking. From what I've read, using it in a car or on-road bicycle should be fine. I used one for years on my commuter bicycle and never noticed any problems with my phone.

      • +1

        yes, sorry i should have mentioned that

        slipped my mind that they they had non bike versions

        you are absolutely right, i am specifically talking about motorcycle applications - and those crazy mountain bikers

        • Peak Design looks really nice but they are not magsafe compatible if that matters to people

      • I'm not sure the vibration thing is compatible with the normal (stem) mount either.

        • +1

          Yes. Mounts via the centre screw. As usual twist lock does too

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    Thanks OP. I had been holding out on these and waiting for BF deals. I have yet to see more than 30% discount on these, which begs the question whether this is the fair value of these items.

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    Thanks OP! Was about to buy one last night and didn't click "Buy", just saved 30% with your help.

  • Warranty Information doesn't inspire confidence

    Exclusions and Limitations
    Annex Products limited warranty applies only to the Product when purchased through an authorized reseller. The warranty does not apply to any non-Annex Products product, even if packaged or sold with the Product. The warranty excludes without limitation any scratching or surface damage to any non-Annex Products product, even if packaged or sold with the Product. This warranty applies only to the normal use of the Product, normal wear and tear excepted, in accordance with written use instructions, if any, provided with the Product (either in writing or through a hyperlink to such instructions). This warranty does not apply to damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, or modification of the Product.

    No Other Warranties
    To the maximum extent permitted by law, this warranty and the remedies set forth above are exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, remedies and conditions, whether oral or written, express or implied. Annex Products specifically disclaims any and all implied warranties, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. If Annex Products cannot lawfully disclaim or exclude implied warranties under applicable law, then to the extent possible any claims under such implied warranties shall expire on expiration of the warranty period. No Annex Products reseller, agent, or employee is authorized to make any modification, extension, or addition to this warranty.

    • Their warranty and support is fine. Aussie company and their margins are large enough to back it up with warranty and support.

      • I just spoke to their support agent Danny (who was quite helpful). He unfortunately couldn't provide me with any guaranteed protections (like IPS protection or drop tests) and explicitly stated that the warranty only covers Quad Lock products (in context meaning it would not cover a phone within a Quad Lock case)

        I understand that when you're making products that have to endure a motorcycle or car crash you shouldn't be liable for damage to a phone caught up in the carnage. If I'm going through life with my $100 case/poncho/screen protector combo I want to feel like it's safe and if anything did happen the merchant would stand behind their products and remedy the situation. I don't get that feeling speaking to their customer support or reading their warranty information so I just wanted to share

    • +1

      I had a weird issue with my Pixel 6 case and they sent out a new one instantly.

      Also, the Mag Battert gets uncomfortably hot. Better to use it with a short cable (or don't buy it at all)

      • Good feedback. I was looking to get the powerbank, but some feedback says it doesn't actually lock onto the phone. (I thought I could have it my cargo pockets/work pants and charge phone whilst listening to music via Bluetooth.

        • I have the Mag case so it's held on really well. But you'd have a hot device in your pocket (which I hated)

  • Thanks OP. Great timing as I had the wireless charging head in my Cart.
    Your code worked perfectly - saved me $33!!

  • Whats everyones experiences with the wireless carplay adapter?

  • Fyi I couldn't get the universal adaptor to stick to two cases. They sent a new one to try to stick to the second case. Got a full refund so no harm.

  • The absolute best. For those on a Motorcycle, it's imperative that you buy the vibration kit, otherwise, prepare to have your IOS ruined.

    My S20 survived two motorcycle crashes while on a a stem mount.

    • I also have an S20 - which kit did you buy? Apart from the Galaxy mounts, they also have 2x universal types which is confusing:

      • I have the fork stem mount plus the vibration damper. Bought a new case for me newly acquired pixel 7 Pro to replace the S10+

        • S20+*

          • @he11bent: I've got an S20 FE 5G. I want to buy one of these but don't want to risk getting the wrong one - they need to pay some kid to fix the website and tell you which kit to buy for each model of phone.. it's too hard so I won't bother

            • +1

              @Hudcon: I just checked your link. You literally can select S20FE from the drop down menu.

              You then select where you want to mount the holder, this year they have new brake reservoir mounts and also brake/clutch mounts. Watch the videos on the individual items. The kits are the same price as each individual item together.

              I have ony KTM adventure bike, a fork stem mount with vibration damper and wireless charger, on my DRZ a standard handlebar mount with wireless charger and vibration damper.

              The universal fit is if you have a phone/case that's not so common like galaxy/iPhone/pixel etc

              You can also mix and match the set up by going through, the 360 build set up and custom make it.

              I have mag holder wireless charger in my car, on a custom mount, so used the flat 4 hole fixing connect like this:

              Anyway, good luck, customer service online chat is super helpful if you still need further help

              • @Spending2Much: Thanks, where is the dropdown menu and where does it say S20FE? This is what I see when I select Samsung and there's no dropdown:
                I've started a chat with them via a ticket through email so hopefully I can get the correct one
                Edit: I think I got it now.. will report back later if I figure it out

    • I don't ride a motorbike but just bicycle, is the vibration kit compatible with the bicycle handle bar mount, or does it only work with motorbike mount?

      Edit: Found my answer on Quad Lock site: https://support.quadlockcase.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002024….

      It is only compatible with bicycle Out Front Mount Pro, but not with other bicycle mounts.

    • Question (sounds like you already have the case), for a car mount option.. would you bother with anti vibration option??

      • The vibration damper is installed on my motorcycle mount. Not the just received today car mount

        • Keep us posted in that case.

  • You might also be able to price beat at 99bikes for additional 5% in store. Online form may not due to requiring a code.

  • +2

    I received my mount with the MAG case for iPhone 14 Pro the other day - the lock system is fine, but despite being advertised as MagSafe compatible, it isn't really. The case I received doesn't sit straight on any MagSafe charger, including the OEM Apple one. I was told from support that "with the latest generation of iPhones, Apple have changed the distance that their charging coils will connect from, meaning whilst our cases have not changed, their may be compatibility issues with some versions of MagSafe chargers and iPhones in our MAG cases." Sounds like it's something they know about, but haven't updated the case.

  • anyone have an issue with the new mag cases working on older non-mag mounts? the case feels tighter and hard to twist off. e.g. the head itself is getting twisted off before the case does.

  • is it worth buying the car air vent and mag head for my pixel 7 mag case? first purchase ever from these guys

  • +4

    30% off all Quad Lock at SuperCheap Auto too now….
    Stack with discounted e-gift cards and save more.
    No minimum spend for free shipping

    • +1


      • I bought a couple cheaper items, click and collect from special orders at SCA, used 8% discounted e-gift cards, 2.8% shopback cash back and no minimum spend compared to Quad Lock official site.

        • May I ask where did you get the 8 percent discounted gift cards and bonus cashback from? Thanks

          Thoughts on the MagSafe heads on air vent mounts?

          • @RQNinja: Perkbox. Through my union membership. Had 8% e-gift cards available, specific amounts can be ordered.

            Cashback was shopback app.

            I use mag wireless head on a 4 hole mount, on custom mount bracket in the car.

  • Has anyone with the pixel cases (mine would be a pixel 8 mag) and had their phone successfully wirelessly charge? I'd like to get one for running/riding, but don't want to take it out of the case for charging in the car, or on the desk

    • I've got the Mag case for my Pixel 7 Pro. Have a Samsung wireless charger at work. It was fine, charged the phone.

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