50% off Coffee, Tea, Chai & Chocolate, Merch, Body Scrubs + Delivery ($0 to VIC/ $0 with $50 Order) @ Inglewood Coffee Roasters


No 50 minutes limit this time :) Discount applies on check out.

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Inglewood Coffee Roasters
Inglewood Coffee Roasters


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    Still awaiting my free coffee :(

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      I don't really mind them not sending it, my big issue is they're still sending me promotional emails without honouring their end.

      • And me Too !

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          get ready to be heavily spammed by these guys

          was one of the reasons why I purchased once, but never again

          • @Maglia Nera: Can't you unsubscribe ??

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              @huntabargain: yep 3 times

              just got an SMS from them with this 'offer' and now unsubscribing for the 4th time …

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                @Maglia Nera: Sounds like they're headed down the path of The Wine Group.

                I hope all the spam is worth $200k.

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                  @Payne: This breaches the spam act. Report them if you have the energy.

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                  @Payne: I personally feel good that I was one of the people who reported the wine group. Its actually quite easy, and effective. Make sure you are on the do not call register..then they will be fined. https://www.donotcall.gov.au/consumers/lodge-a-complaint/

                  I love the dude changes his name and number each time.. "Hi its John/ Matt etc from the wine group". The last time he called I said listen John (he introduced himself as Matt)…I basically read out the link above..said I was part of that and Im on the Do Not Call register..made a mistake again here John…now hear this…I just took a screenshot of this call. So in 2 mins i'm reporting you AGAIN..I needed evidence to submit a claim…now I have it..
                  Now John Im going to do my very, very best to see you get fined every time you call this number….are you thinking of calling me again? Chose wisely.
                  Never heard from "the wine group" since.

                  P.S. I got my coffee sample from Inglewood…and havent received any marketing from them. Bought again from them as I appreciated the generous sample (to be honest I got Downtown that was okish, bit old). Sunset is better. But if they are doing a wine group…then that changes things.

                  • @tunzafun001: Interesting, my wine group calls were all automated not an actual person. Eventually found an email address to complain to and managed to stop the spam, if you're legit you aren't using a different number every time and calling multiple times a day.

      • They keep sending me emails about “oh you left an item in your cart” but when I go to the site, there’s nothing in my cart!

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    This was the email I received when I tried to chase it up.

    Thank you for sending that through so quickly.
    The email of confirmation sent has in it
    Please note that you may need to show proof that your entry has followed the terms and conditions of an eligible entry.
    Also in the FAQ's in the email says:
    Q. Can I enter if I live interstate?
    A. Yes! This giveaway is open to all Australian addresses. But you will need to prove that you have scanned the QR code on the billboard to enter this promotion.
    If you could please send me proof that you scanned the QR code on the Billboard, we can then get the free coffee organised for you.
    Thank you again
    Kind regards,
    Lisa La Grue
    Office Administrator
    Inglewood Coffee Roasters

  • nice

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    I love Inglewood coffee. Roosevelt blend. Our locals use it and this is cracking value when it is $30/kg.

  • Possible to delay dispatch? I got through to checkout and wasn't provided an option

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    I think 95% of the commenters are gonna be basically those still waiting for their freebies, while the remaining actually wants the deal unfortunately.😅

    • Exactly, I suspect this would be the case for this and the next upcoming deals over the next 12 months..

      • Which kinda sucks, the intentions were good giving freebies to locals however the execution of the strategy was a bit weird, no idea how it got to whole of Australia

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    I signed up for the free coffee after it expired or reach the limit and got my bag within two weeks

  • Is Bloom any good?

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      Honestly it was horrible mate. Okay for black, undrinkable with milk. I ordered a bag of my ol favourite sunset Blvd. Love Inglewood but this blend was horrid

      • Thanks for the feedback.. I already just ordered 250g 😬

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      I found Bloom was great for black coffee and so-so for white

      • Nice, I only drink long black so I should be good by the looks of it

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      I was disappointed with it. SWIMBO too. A bit sour. No richness. Thin tasting. Reminded me a bit of the Airjo Sumartra blend - which put me off their coffee. Fortunately for Inglewood, we have had OTHER of their blends that do push the right buttons!

      We've used a half kilo - but it really needed to be double shots to get anything attractive out of it (and I had to wind in the grinder several notches to even get that happening). The rest of the kilo is in the freezer for a VERY rainy day…

      I prefer Roosevelt - with Sunset close behind.

      [Should say that we tend to drink milk based coffees (with the amount of milk quite limited). Hope that having it black produces a better result for you!]

      • Ooh, you sound like you know what you're talking about. If you were looking for a bag of beans for lattes, would you recommend Colombia from these guys?

        • +1

          Know what I'm talking about? Hmm… It is still a matter of personal opinion and taste.

          TBH, I haven't had Colombian from here. All the main blends (incl Roosevelt and Sunset) work well with milk. We also liked the Downtown option - again very nice with milk. All these coffees are at the earthy/chocolaty end of the spectrum and that seems to help them sing when put into milk-based coffees.

      • +1

        Agreed, way too sour for lattes for me. Ended up making batches of cold brew to finish it off, which was way better.

    • +1

      My wife described as smelling like vomit and tasting like nail polish remover…
      I'm still trying to finish off the 1kg we purchased .. found that ristretto with a dash of full cream Milk makes it drinkable for me
      Sunset Blvd is a safe blend, Roosevelt is IMHO their best (strongest) coffee and definitely worth buying.

      • Not sure about that descriptor! But yes, STRONG concentration with limited milk seems acceptable - and as @rhinda suggests, it probably also works well for cold brew purposes.

  • Must have missed the freebie deal… oh well. 1kg of Sunset ordered for $30 delivered. Bargain.

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    Finally in before sale had finished. I received the free 500g of the Downtown and really liked it and thought I'd get a few different ones since I was unable to travel down to Melb with their recent sale that they had on.

    • The freebie of downtown I don’t think was that fresh tho, didn’t really enjoyed as espresso.( compared to blue lime), however since I missed the last deal I’ll get 1.5kg of bloom and sunset

  • +3

    Anybody tried their hot chocolate powder before? $14.50 for a kg doesn't seem too bad especially if it's decent quality.

  • Are any of your beans light roast? I cant seem to find that info on your website.

    • Yep Filter are light roast

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    any recommendations for the recently bought Mizudashi Cold Brew Pot?

    • Subarashi.

    • I find that most decent beans work well. Even Aldi (quelle horreur!). Just make sure that the grind is truely coarse and give it plenty of steeping time.

      • Do aldi sell a grind that's appropriate or do you grind your own?

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          Grind my own. I find that most of the pre-ground coffees in the supermarket are too fine for the Mizudashi. Coarse grind and extended steep time seems to equal smooth coffee with minimal clogging of the mesh (and minimal debris sneaking through).

    • +1

      I've used the tanzania in my mizudashi and it's very light . Perfect for black

    • I've only had it hot filter but Roosevelt is good like that.

  • A 24 hour sale should come with a start time, not just a start date!

    Anyway some insomnia driven Oz bargaining means I managed to place my order just before midnight.

  • Saw this email as I was going to bed last night and figured the deal would have expired, but just placed a Roosevelt order and the deal is still going. Got the email around 5:30pm ACST so I guess it's still going most of today.

    I grabbed a bag during a previous deal and it was great stuff.

  • Got more of the 'Bloom' seasonal blend, it's really interesting and delicious. Tastes like plum

  • Just hit my inbox too late, order from the brightsidecoffee order this morning as realised I'm down to my last few days of beans!

    I received their free sample, not a bad taste but not $60/kg, $30/kg is closer to value (personally) but shipping cost makes it more than what I have ordered from brightside so will see how they go.

  • i wish they did their grinds more fine

    • +1

      I guess if you're fussy it's easier to just buy a grinder.

  • Deal is still running but haven't got shipping confirmation of my order that was made a week ago.

    • I ordered on 01/11 and delivered on 03/11 (VIC). Maybe contact them?

    • Same as me. I've emailed them and heard nothing. If they don't rectify ASAP, will never be ordering from them again.

    • Same here.

      • Same with me. What a joke of a company. Won't be ordering again. Why run a promotion if you don't have the means to deliver or even keep customers updated on what's happening.

    • Got my Couriers Please notification this morning, ordered 2/11 to SA

      • Mine is now out for delivery

    • Same. Ordered November 2, haven’t heard a thing, VIC.

      • Finally got a shipping notification email and a tracking number today, a week after ordering.

        • And not getting delivered until Monday or Tuesday next week even though I'm in Melbourne. 10-11 days after ordering is far too slow.

  • Very slow aren't they… I have tracking, but Australia Post still don't have it

  • Seems expensive. Are they really twice as good as the Aldi coffee, which is well regarded?

    • +1

      It IS pretty good coffee, and at least it was roasted fairly recently (unlike Aldi i assume).

      Shipping times could certainly be improved, while the Airjo stuff isn't quite as good a this, at least it gets express shipped and arrives a couple of days after roasting

  • It took a week to arrive, but at least it was only roasted 4 days ago. I can deal with that since it's great coffee (got the Roosevelt)

  • While waiting for delivery does anyone have grind setting to start off with for sunset blvd on a breville oracle?

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