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HEYMIX P13LCDPD 20000mAh 100W PD Power Bank with LCD Display $59.49 Delivered @ HEYMIX via Amazon AU

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Technical Details

  • Manufacturer: ‎HEYMIX
  • Item Model Number: ‎P13LCDPD
  • Colour: ‎Silver gray
  • Package Dimensions: ‎17.9 x 10.6 x 3.6 cm
  • Item Weight: ‎380 g
  • Special features:
    • ‎100W Fast Charging Power Bank,
    • 100W Power Bank with Laptop,
    • 20000mAh Laptop Powerbank with LCD Display,
    • 100w usb c Power Bank,
    • Portable power bank
  • What’s in the box:
    • ‎HEYMIX 100W Power Bank,
    • 1.5M/5FT 100W USB C Cable for HEYMIX Power Bank
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  • +12

    You thought a wall adapter was fun when it caught on fire? Wait till you see what lithium cells can do!

    • +5

      Portable flamethrower!

      • +5

        you mean incindiary grenade

        • +2

          flashbang maybe.

      • +2

        Smoke bomb

      • +2


  • +4

    Can this roast marshmallows?

  • +7

    great for your xmas camping trip.

    Portable fire starter

  • +5

    Will this work for a home insurance fire damage claim?

  • +5

    insert joke about heymix catching fire

  • +2

    Boom 💥

  • +1


  • +1

    Fire starter on the go

  • +6

    I'm the trouble starter, punkin' instigator
    I'm the fear addicted, a danger illustrated

  • +5

    So how many Galaxy Note 7 batteries did they manage to cram into this thing?

  • +4

    Many of the reviews seem overly positive and are littered with what appear to be translation errors.

  • +1

    Good deal on explosive weapons!

  • Thanks OP, always wanted a cheap grenade.

  • I'm the trouble starter, punkin' instigator
    I'm the fear addicted, a danger illustrated

  • can i grenade someone with this one ? asking for friend

  • Superb post! 🎉

  • +1

    Really honestly, look at previous Heymix posts for genuine comments about how their shit catches fire.

    There's a really good reason why everyone 'jokes' about it on every Heymix post. They should be banned here.

    • +1

      I'm not entirely sure how anyone can disagree. Heymix has shown through plenty of products a very consistent lack of giving a shit about their products or their customers.

      Other than those that like being ripped off and abused, you're better off just rolling the aliexpress lottery and just blaming yourself if your device gets damaged.

      • find it hard to believe every comment in here is serious…if they were then they would be downvoting the deal.

        • I've personally had a bad experience with them, as have a noticeable amount of others.

          "issues with brand" isn't really a good reason to down vote, otherwise we'd have apple, dell, etc haters going to town on each post.

          • @incipient: There aren't any negative reviews at all on that particular listing on amazon. Don't have a macbook myself so no point in me buying it.

            • @BLAIL: FYI anyone, I had one of the heymix hubs somehow blow up a charger. Plugged it in. Few seconds later, pop and stopped working.

              This is a new product, with recent and not many reviews. Sellers generally just buy new reviews anyway do its very meaningless.

              Also heymix as a company continues to put our products that have repeated issues, so they know about it, they just don't care.


        • In my opinion, there's a body of evidence that Heymix engages in dodgy practices.

          This comment was made on a powerboard deal. The board has a review score of 4.5. There's evidence in the reviews that powerboards were still being sold with the issue 5 months later in April. There's no way that the seller doesn't know if the comments on Ozbargain and reviews are anything to go by.

          If you look at more recent 1-star reviews, the more recent batches seem to come apart. There isn't even consistency with the issues you will experience between batches of Heymix products.

    • Is there an issue with their travel adapters?

      • +1

        Are you talking about the plug universal travel adapter? Not that I have heard of, but you can't really get a good one of those as the good brands stay away from them because they are inherently dangerous.

        Better to get a good charger with an interchangeable plug, but that would probably be less universal.

      • They have a history with being particularly dodgy with many products. A travel adapter has mains voltage going through it. Do you want the risk of dodgy wiring?

        What you're saying is

        Oh I know they make a few models of chargers that catch fire, and some other dodgy products, but maybe for the travel adapter they actually did a great job.

      • Is there an issue with their travel adapters?

        I have had problems with a number of different models of their travel adapters and won't buy them anymore.

        Issues include:
        * Plugs/sockets being too tight (difficult to plug in or won't plug in at all while a competing adapter has no issues)
        * Plugs/sockets being too loose (items won't stay plugged in or fall out of the wall while a competing adapter has no issues)
        * USB sockets not working or not charging properly
        * Complete failure in a few cases (smoke in one case)

  • -5

    Look at the genuine heymix reviews on the amazon site where they are verified purchases.

    Not the fake jealous comments on here who had never bought a single heymix product.

    • Lol "Amazon reviews are legit". Oh to be young and innocent again.

      Personally I've had a heymix product damage something.

  • Seems to be available again

  • +1


  • Heymix and Tesla - both are the most hated brands on OzB

  • Thanks OP. Bought one, and expecting it tomorrow. Will be handy for traveling :)

  • +1

    Cactus ere

    Wow a bank I haven't tested yet… I'll bite the bullet for science…

    I don't advise anyone get this, even without having it I can tell it uses flat lipo cells that are likely recycled/refurbished cells to meet costs. I doubt these will last long lifespan wise.

    • we're negging on expectation now?

      • +3

        Expectation arent built on nothing.

        It's fact that these guys use bottom tier parts and materials, and it's fact that lipo cells in high power battery banks are a horrible idea no matter who it is.

        • Howz the review on the Xiaomi name copier bank you recently purchased?

  • Thanks. Bought one.

  • +2

    Alright, I have to buy Christmas presents for a few people I don’t like this year, so 100W of HEYMIX power bank caught my eye.

    Half Kidding.

    But I do have a load tester and an old metal tool box for containment, so just for fun I bought one and ran some tests over the weekend.

    Just to be clear - in my experience, HEYMIX has a reputation for poor quality control, dangerous products and manipulative Amazon selling practices. The products are often irresistibly cheap and I have bought various chargers for hobby use, that never get plugged into any expensive gear. I personally have not had any negative experiences, but don’t recommend the brand overall.

    I am not trying to make any commentary on reputation - just posting actual findings. I am not doing a teardown at this stage.

    TL;DR. Pretty average overall, but it does meet the listed spec and has no faults or problems that show up in testing. The efficiency is not great, but not horrible. 1 year warranty and unlisted battery type and chemistry mean longevity / safety is unknown. If it was from a well regarded brand, it would be ok for the price but nothing too exciting.

    Hands on -

    The power bank is surprisingly light and all plastic, but overall the quality is good, and it feels fairly solid. The screen is bright and easy to read, but not quite level. The USB ports all look and feel good, and there’s no noticeable tightness or issues plugging in and out of them. The included 100W USB-C cable is nice and flexible, is low resistance and happily handles 100W.

    Dimensions: 132.5 x 82.5 x 26 mm (measured)
    Weight: 383 grams (measured)
    The weight and size is in line with other cheaper end, plastic 20k power banks.

    Rated capacity 74Wh.
    Listed real world capacity: 11.5Ah @ 5V, 2A.
    (this is listed on the rear of the power bank, and not on the Amazon page (except in a review pic) or the HEYMIX website. The spelling of "Battrty" does not inspire confidence in quality control)

    Real world “rated” Wh = 57.5 Wh
    Calculated Efficiency = 77.7% of capacity available real world.

    Efficiency >75% is a typical rating for cheaper power banks, and is completely normal. As a comparison, my Anker 737 has 86.4Wh capacity, but lists 13,500 mAh at 5V (67.5Wh) - so ~78% of the rated cell capacity available for use.

    What cells the HEYMIX power bank uses, and in what configuration, is unknown. I suspect it is typical Li-po pouch cells, so 4x 3.7V, 5000mAh or 5x 3.7V, 4000mAh seems likely.


    The power bank outputs all the voltages and amperages listed in the spec. It will shut down immediately if you try to pull more than the 100W it is rated for. The voltages produced appear quite accurate, and stable under load even when hot, but I have not focused on this beyond a quick overall check.

    Efficiency varies depending on output voltage, wattage etc. I ran a bunch of tests over a range of typical voltages and wattages (and compensated for tester / extra cable losses) but it was not exhaustive.

    Max tested capacity: 58.9Wh
    Efficiency: 79.6%
    (this was at 15V, 30W)

    So this exceeded the HEYMIX real world rating by a small margin. While not bad, this is not a stand out result - in my testing comparable price power banks from companies such as Baseus get better results than this.

    I tested at the 5V, 2A (10W) HEYMIX bases the 11.5Ah (57.5Wh) real world rating on.

    Tested capacity: 54.3Wh
    Efficiency: 73.4%

    This is a below average result (and worse than their own rating for 5V), and a sign it does not convert the battery voltage to 5V very efficiently. Still, it's not abnormal for higher voltage capable power banks to not be as efficient at low voltages and loads.

    100W output tested capacity: 54Wh
    Efficiency: 73%
    (at 20V, 5A with a cool down break part way)

    A range of other voltages and currents all gave efficiencies in this same 73% to 78% range.

    Not a terrible result overall. As a not very fair comparison, my Anker 737 provides ~86% of the rated capacity at 100W (20V, 5A). (Of course the Anker is much more expensive, but I didn’t have another 100W output power bank on hand to compare.)

    The HEYMIX power bank happily charges at up to 60W but I did not log and calculate charge efficiency.


    The HEYMIX power bank didn’t explode, or even run very hot. The plastic case doesn’t dissipate heat well compared to metal, so it started throttling long before it got too warm externally.

    At a sustained 100W output, the power bank started throttling when it had ~35% capacity left. I had the load tester set to cut out as soon as it started throttling, so I could let it cool off, and test the remaining capacity at 100W output for my efficiency calcs. I have yet to log the throttling behavior in any detail, to see what the sustained hot output is.

    The power bank could output the full 100W for about 20 minutes, which is much better than I expected. For normal usage like charging a laptop, it typically won’t draw 100W the entire time, so the power bank probably could likely output the entire capacity without throttling in many cases.


    Overall (excluding the HEYMIX reputation) the power bank is not amazing, but not terrible, when considering the deal price here. A single USB-C port is a key downside, and thus no support for laptop pass through charging.

    I double don’t recommend it because of the HEYMIX reputation, but I have zero way to say if that reputation may or may not apply in this case. Even if we imagined it uses decent quality cells, then it would fill a not very well addressed niche for cheap but 100W output power banks, but overall I would not consider it much more than average value.

    Certainly I personally would not trust that it contains the best quality cells, and longevity may be limited if it is used frequently - especially at full power, if the cells are not rated for it. The 365 days warranty also does not give much confidence in the power bank being well engineered, but to be clear, I have no evidence either way in regards to the quality and longevity of the cells and circuitry used.

    • So what should you buy, if not willing to dance with the HEYMIX devil? That depends on a lot of factors, such as specific usage case.

      I think cheaper flat pouch cell LiPo based power banks are fine for typical use, if decent quality. For heavy use (such as charging a laptop for work, Uni, school etc multiple times a week), a higher end power bank is likely a good idea.

      On the cheap end, the upgraded INIU B63 100W, 25,000mAh power bank from the comments of this deal appears to be a quite good. It’s direct from INIU for $79.99, but has a still working code that brings that down to $68 (code: iniuthatmark). Plus free shipping.

      I have not tested this power bank, but do have the 65W version on the way. The cell quality is unknown, but it does have a 3 year warranty. I have tested the little 22.5W, 10,500mAh INIU B6, and it offers quite decent bang for buck. An INIU rep (@Peter Zhu) appears active here, which is another good sign.

      • well it's lasted a month so far and is used pretty much most workdays (4-5 times a week) - my mate loved the gift and now leaves his charger at home.

        Edit: 3 weeks

    • Thank you for the detail analysis.

      Is there any chance you're Dr Gough?

      • Nope.

        Tech reviews are part of my day job, but testing the HEYMIX power bank was just idle curiosity.

  • https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0CC63LDHB?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_…

    I bought this exact powerbank on amazon for my steamdeck. Its fine and works well

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