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Shorts and Pants $19.90/$9.90 (Was $89.90/$69.90) + $12 Delivery ($0 with $110 Order) @ Eubi


Some really good deals at Eubi. I spent $170 on stuff myself. As of right now has some pretty wide range of sizes/colours to choose from.

Link to pants $20:

Active Shorts $20:

Linen Shorts $9.90

T-shirts $9.90:

There are also other sales if you click on the Men's category at the top banner

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  • +5

    28" pants would be halfway up my calves. Is this the look all the cool kids are doing?

    • +3

      For. Short kings 🤙

    • +6

      Just the douche bags guys from love island

  • Never heard of Eubi.

    Is this stuff actually any good? Or is it over priced garbage?

    • +5

      it's pretty good, very stretchy and comfy

    • +4

      Great quality, bought a variety of their stuff in a previous sale.

    • Great quality have purchased maybe 20 items.

    • -3

      Overpriced garbage, based on my one and only order of about 4 things from them. Nothing was usable.

    • +2

      I’ve bought a few things from Eubi, the quality is not rrp, not even half.

      For these prices I would buy them, but still expect buttons to fall off and pockets to split on the inside.

      (Speaking from experience, 12 items, 3 missing buttons, 2 pockets split. The trackies are nice)

    • +1

      Not sure why people said it’s good. The clothes were pilling ball after only 2,3 washes. Not a good quality at all

  • -1

    Delivery kinda kills the deal

  • +8

    Use the coupon EUBIRONALD10 for an additional 10% off

  • +4

    I have found their size chart to be confusing. Last time I ordered my regular Aussie size, which as per their size chart should have been good but when I received the shorts, they were too big and I had to pass them on as their is no return or exchange for sale items.

    • +2

      Bought some shorts/pants. Both small size. Shorts fit correctly. Pants were too small. Beware no exchanges or returns on these discounted items.

      • Was the waist or length too small, debating whether to go for the 30 inch joggers

        • +1

          To tight around the thigh and calves. Correct length and waist

  • +1

    What happened to the linen shorts? 🤔

  • +4

    Got some Barca merch shorts from them during previous sale. Very comfy and good quality. For 10 bucks a piece I'm not complaining.
    Sizing is a little odd, in my case I had to go size up.

    Use the referral links above for $15 off your first order.

  • +1

    Further 10% off using EUBIMEHDI10

    Been eyeing off the Seagull shirt for awhile, thanks OP

  • +1

    I live in their hybrid shorts. Just stocked up, thanks OP.

  • I've bought 4 pairs of shorts from the previous deal, didn't like them.
    I was expecting similar quality to SQD Athletica (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/565568), but not quite there.

  • Thank you OP! Got some shorts and T-shirts.

  • Does anyone know difference between 30" Flex All Day Joggers and 28" Flex All Day Jogger

    • +2

      2 inches :)

      • -1

        I know 🤣

    • I believe the inner seam length

  • +2

    As a Neubi, what is eubi brand actually ? Never come accross it b4 ? Thx

  • +1

    Looks like they stopped accepting paypal. I'm pretty sure it worked before.

  • +1

    Paid via credit card and amount is charged in Singaporen dollars not AU. Will now get charged foreign transaction fees.

    It's annoying that wmthese sites are not upfront with those details so I can use CC with no fees.

  • I keep getting redirected to the EU site, anyone else?

  • +3

    I bought some Eubi stuff on a previous sale earlier in the year.

    I tossed it all into a donation bin- despite following the size charts, they shorts were a size too small, and cut for people who are on starvation diets (I am if anything underweight for my height).

    The cut was also just weird- reminded me of Taobao clothing where the cut is designed for a store mannequin rather than a human body. Really tight around the crotch and calves, really uncomfortable to move in. Had a pair of tracksuit bottoms too, which felt more like tights.

  • +4

    It's an interesting business model: charge impulse prices for poorly fitting clothing, and then not allow anyone to return them. 🤔

    • That's pretty much spot-on, imo.

      Maybe some of the stuff is good, but it's probably a total gamble.

  • +1

    76 upvotes but the comments are all pretty negative… seems odd?

    • +1

      Guess you could also look at some comments from previous Eubi deals

    • It's cheap, people upvote anything.

      I can't be arsed downvoting though.

  • -1

    Unimpressed with the international transaction fee. Australian website, yet Singapore payment system.

  • +3

    I just received my order, very impressed with the quality, sizing and fit are spot on for me and as expected. $75 for 4 pairs of shorts and 2 shirts. Thanks OP (@worrierwan)!

  • +3

    Still waiting for shipping….

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