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Ecology Malta 12-Piece Dinner Set Denim $25 (85% off RRP $170) + Delivery (Free C&C Sydney) @ Peter's of Kensington

  • Crafted from durable stoneware
  • Matte glaze
  • Includes gently fluted edges
  • Exposed base features
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Presented as a 12-piece set in an Ecology box

Set includes:

  • 4 x 27cm – Dinner Plates
  • 4 x 21cm – Side Plates
  • 4 x 17cm – Bowls

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  • +1

    Feeling dudded as I bought these two weeks ago from Vic’s basement for $39. They aren’t a bad set, bowls are a decent size but you can’t get matching mugs or bread plates.

    • Do these get hot in a microwave?

      • +4

        Yes they do but no worse than other plates. On a 2 minute heat I would use a tea towel or a mitt to take it out.

        • +15

          It was a fair question, they could be microwave ‘cool touch’. Your reply was unnecessary snarky.

            • +1

              @spaceflight: I always thought being microwave safe means the plate doesn't get hot where food isn't touching? I have plates/bowls that don't get hot in the microwave where food isn't touching.

              • +5

                @CheapBrah: Microwave safe means that a product has been tested and designed to be used in a microwave without causing harm to the product or food.

              • +13

                @CheapBrah: That's not what it means.

                It just means that it can be used in a microwave safely.

                A plate with a decorative golden edge won't be microwave safe because the gold may cause arcing.

                A glazed plate is basically always microwave safe (unless it's made with a high iron ceramic, has gold/metal decoration etc)

                For your normal ceramics, adding microwave safe basically means that the plate isn't porous (less than 1%).
                If it is porus then it can potentially absorb the water from what you are heating or from when it was last washed.
                That water will then get hot, potentially turn to steam, expand and crack the plate/bowl/cup. (This is why if you microwave an already cracked ceramic item it can get worse)

                Stoneware handmade made by potters may have a higher than 1% porosity so microwaving may be a problem. Or they may use a decorative clay etc that has a higher iron content.

              • @CheapBrah: I've always assumed that would mean that the container doesn't break or release toxins from plastic.

              • @CheapBrah: Correct and the poor quality ones overheat/not microwave safe

            • +5

              @spaceflight: If you want to invoke science, some materials have a higher thermal conductivity than others. Meaning not all surfaces transfer that heat to your skin when touching it. Back to school?

              • +2

                @Nedward: We're clearly talking about stoneware plates here and not asbestos insulation.

            • @spaceflight: Before using those big words maybe know what they mean first

        • +1

          After microwave heating, most IKEA cheapie plates don't get hot from the sides where the food isnt touching. I bought some Big W plates and they get evenly hot with or without food touching any of the sides and are difficult to handle after heating. I prefer plates that remain cool from the sides when the food on it is piping hot.

        • Wow I didn't know that. +1 for you sir

    • Doesnt hurt to ask for a cashback or credit

    • Blue Man group?

  • $9.50 shipping to me in north nsw

  • +2

    Thank you, I bought one

  • Thanks, just in time for gifts. order for 2 😊

  • Thanks, bought a couple.

  • -2

    Is it worth buying 10 and reselling

    • +4

      You can try…but remember some of these Ecology dinner sets have been way cheaper.

      That RRP is highly inflated.

    • +2

      Ask @Broden

    • +1

      Not really, crockery is a bad seller, even new sets. People want to buy the design/colour that matches their other utensils. If they wanted the absolute cheapest they'd go to Salvos/Vinnies and pick them up for dirt cheap. You'd be sitting on the inventory for a while.

  • Is that RRP real?

    • Nope, constantly on sale.

      • Thanks, I almost FOMOed.

    • $70 for the same kit or $99 for the 18 pces after a quick search on google, decent price for 25$

      • Looks the same set on eBay 39.95 by different seller

  • +5

    Nothing I enjoy more than gently fluted edges

  • interested in a set with bigger bowl - any chance you have one for the same price?

  • +14

    These are awful and I’d avoid even at this price. They have a matte finish that makes a nails on chalkboard kinda sound with cutlery on them. And they chip REALLY easily. Total crap.

    • +2

      After reading the review on David Jones I have sent an email to cancel the order. Hopefully it’s not too late..

      “The plate surface immediately shows up scratch marks from using cutlery on it to eat food. A big fail. Do not recommend.”

      • +2

        Exactly did the same. DJ reviews don't look good. Cancelled.

      • Mate did you ever get your refund?

        I received an email on the day saying that I'll get a refund and then totally forgot about it. I checked today and I still haven't received it.

    • The reviews on any/all prior ecology deals / david jones sites / etc generally reveal them to be the cheap crap you'd expect.

  • +4


  • -1

    Cheers OP bought 2

  • Thanks OP bought 1

  • +8

    Matte glazed crockery looks nice in the beginning, but quickly shows scratches and other marks as you use them. Would not recommend.

  • 25 postage killed it for me

  • Jinner Set

  • Thanks Op. ordered

  • So ugly

  • OOS

  • +1

    Gross colour

  • Stoneware are very heavy

  • You couldn't find anywhere where is was made from but Designed in Australia state in first line,thats normally what low end items are,is must no way selling for $170 anyday

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