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12-Month Subscription - $99.99 (Save $128) via Email Link @ ABC Reading Eggs & ABC Mathseeds


Received a targeted email re black Friday sale for readingeggs aand mathseeds 12 months for $99.99 instead of $227.99
$10 cheaper than the previous expired post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/800944
Hopefully can help anyone that missed the earlier deal as seemed popular

Probably worth signing up to see if you get the same offer via email or might be open to all during black Friday dates.

12 months of ABC Reading Eggs & ABC Mathseeds
Now Only $99.99!
Valued at $227.99, that's 56% OFF!
Act fast! Valid for the first 4,000 customers only!
Our MASSIVE BLACK FRIDAY SALE EVENT is now open to our eggs-tra special VIPers, and that includes YOU!
For a limited time only, enjoy early access and save an INDREDIBLE 56% OFF the entire ABC Reading Eggs suite PLUS ABC Mathseeds!

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +5

    Seems pricey still!

  • -4

    Weird that

    1) abc is taxpayer funded, and
    2) childhood literacy is a universal good, but
    3) you have to pay for this

    • +4

      abc is taxpayer funded

      "Owner: 3P Learning"
      3P Learning is a listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

      childhood literacy is a universal good

      Use your local 'free' library

      you have to pay for this

      Private companies generally want to make a profit, otherwise their investors will no longer invest in them.

    • -2

      ABC as a network broadcaster is taxpayer funded.

    • Avatar checks out!

    • Have had it and its been great. Customer service when I have called up to ask questions answer quickly and are local (or at least have australian accents).

    • They pay to use the ABC brand iirc and have no actual ties

  • +2

    Free at a lot of govt schools otherwise they usually have better alternatives like Decodables.

    Your kid will enjoy those "Thats not my" books more before school than reading to them on a screen. Wait for school for these services and get them for $0

    • +1

      this reminds me to ask school this week…while the orientation session r going on for prep kids

  • My prep kid gets this subscription and Mathletics free from his school.

  • Why is the graphic design so terrible?

    • It's deliberate.

      • Why?

        • For younger children, super detailed graphics can be a bit overwhelming and also makes it harder to focus.

          • @orido: Very interesting, i did not know that

            But they wouldnt have to be more detailed to be better

  • Absolutely worth it. Split with another 3 people. Think of it as basic tutoring a few minutes a day for your 4 or 5 year old.

    • +1

      Think of it as basic tutoring a few minutes a day

      Think of it as a way to get your kids addicted to devices.

      If you want 'basic tutoring', then read to your kid every day.

      • +3

        I do that already. I'm a primary school teacher. I know how to prepare my child for kindergarten and beyond. This fear mongering needs to stop. It is absolutely amazing as an educational tool.

        • Does the school you work at not provide a similar program for free?

          • @King Steuart: Ours never did for reading. Just mathletics, but that was only for 2 years.

          • @King Steuart: Not my school. We have other subscriptions that the school provides like sunshine online. But I personally find Reading Eggs superior because it's interactive, engaging, feature-filled and levelled appropriately.

        • +1

          I know how to prepare my child for kindergarten and beyond.

          So do many parents that aren't school teachers.

          • @jv: You don't have to be a teacher. You just have to be present for some of the learning for guidance. It's important to balance independence and motivation with modelling and guidance. It's a luxury, sure. Not everyone has the time, budget or skills to do this. But for those who put in the effort, I would highly recommend this.

        • This fear mongering needs to stop.

          Getting kids off devices at a young age is what has to stop.

          • @jv: Pros and cons. Of course there is a major problem with screen time. However, just because there's a screen, doesn't mean one should dismiss its value. This is an educational tool done in an engaging way. How the parent decides to use it is up to them.

            • @shiny1:

              However, just because there's a screen, doesn't mean one should dismiss its value.

              At their age, you can dismiss it's value unless you use it together with them.

      • Pretty much everyone reads to their kid everyday. This is in addition to other activities like reading, flash cards, reading signs on things, learning to write letters etc.

        We use Khan Academy kids with our 4yo and he’s absolutely not addicted to devices. Will want it every now and then and self limits very well. I know some kids who are doing super well academically who had devices right from the start, even to help the parents manage in shops cafes etc, I don’t use it devices that way but I know of plenty that do and the kids are bright I don’t believe it’s done any harm.

    • +1

      So after baby einstein became popular, a study showed that kids vocabulary fell for every hour they watched or something.

      The exception is if there is a human engaging and interacting with them as well. Like if you watch with the kid and point out things and talk to them and make faces etc.

      Watching the electric babysitter for long periods by themselves is worse than not watching at all apparently.

      • +1


      • Reading eggs isn’t really ‘watching’ something, it’s interactive. I use a similar app with my 4yo and at first I sat with him whilst he was doing it and helped if needed, but not he has the hang of it I’m pretty comfortable to leave him for 15mins playing whilst I go and do something else, he calls out if he gets stuck on anything and will turn off once bored of it.

        I’m also completely comfortable leaving him to watch bluey, paw patrol or alphablocks etc whilst I’m cooking, getting ready for work etc. Sometimes he’ll choose to watch something, sometimes he’ll choose to play Lego, puzzles or just drive his trucks around the various imaginary parts of the town that are dotted around our house. I’m pretty confident tv isn’t damaging his vocabulary - he’s highly engaged in the shows, sometimes we watch together and I think has even learned vocab from them. His vocab is way ahead of his same age peers but I think that’s just the kid he is rather than the impact of tv or otherwise.

    • When you split it, it’s it limited to a number of devices per subscription?

  • +2

    Not associated but this has been a great tool for my kid. Only just stopped it as my kid is finishing Kindergarten now.
    Been a great tool. I read to my kid every day but never did any focused phonic work etc. They started Reading Eggs maybe this time last year and are now super comfortable with reading, near the top of their class in reading too. Not a brag for my child, but just want to say its been a great benefit for them. I gave them 10-15 min blocks of this. Its a lot of repetition but the whole process is gamified, get rewards, dress up their characters etc.
    Obviously, different children may react differently.

  • +1

    hack: sign up and cancel before you pay anything and you will get all this spam email saying we miss you and you get discounts.

    • +1

      Better discounts than the OP one?

  • Is there significantly more or better content then say Khan Academy kids. I’m considering for a 4yo who doesn’t start school until 2025 but doing kindy/pre-prep in the QLD system next year.

  • +1

    Would this be ok for 2-3 year olds who are just starting letters?

    • Within the Reading Eggs App there is a section named
      "Junior reading eggs" , it is targeted for 2-4-year-olds. it contains letter recognition and tracing activities.

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