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Bonus $10 Smart eGift Card with $150+ Black Friday Smart eGift Card @ Prezzee


$10 / ($150 + $10) = 6.25% discount | $10 / $150 = 6.67% bonus

This offer is unlimited.

The Offer may only be redeemed once per Eligible Customer. You may not redeem this Offer more than once by using multiple email addresses, identities, devices, or robotic, automatic, programmed, or similar entry methods in an attempt to circumvent the rules.

The Promoter reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel bonus Prezzee Smart eGift Cards issued which it suspects were issued to customers who breached these terms and conditions.

Eligible Customers who qualify for the promotion will receive an AU$10 bonus Black Friday smart eGift Card (Bonus Card) by email within one (1) business day after their Qualifying Purchase. The Bonus Card will be emailed to the email address associated with their Qualifying Purchase.

The Bonus Card will expire 3 years from the date of issue.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Damn, beat me by 2 mins! Notes 6.25% saving.

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks Op .

  • -3

    meh! will pass

    • +1

      Banned from Ozbargain.

  • +3

    Thanks OP, it's the easiest way to get free money, so I love these. I just use the others on food shopping.

  • Thanks. Spend these on Bunnings gift cards :)

    • How many Bunnings gift card you can use in one transaction?

      • I don't know but I've done 4 before. They make it very annoying to do and it is in store only - but I have the time to watch them scan or enter the codes 🙃

  • +12

    Seems like they have contradictory terms:

    This offer is unlimited.

    but it is also

    The Offer may only be redeemed once per Eligible Customer.

    • +8

      Unlimited in quantity overall i.e. everyone in Australia can claim it only once

      • So it’s not unlimited

    • They probably mean that there's no limit to total number of redemptions

    • +1

      I would say unlimited is referring to stock.

  • +1

    Can the Visa Activ Variable gift card be used as payment for this smart card?

    I had used the Coles MC gift card to buy this Prezzee one via PayPal. Haven't bought Visa Activ before. Thanks

    • +6

      Just tried and yes Activ Visa works through Paypal for this deal

      • Great, thanks so much

      • +2

        Worked for me as well (did it via Paypal).

      • +3

        Yes, but you will need to go through PayPal (doesn't work if you enter the card details straight into Prezzee)

        • Seems doesn’t work now

    • +1

      Worked via paypal

  • @tonester - 6.25% off

    • +2

      There's nothing off. It's 6.6666666666666% on.

  • These can be swapped for any gift card right?

    • Coles, Woolworths, Amazon, Ampol, Uber/Uber Eats are some of the options I remember.

      • last time couldn't do woolworth.

        • +1

          Wish is even better

          • @CodeXD: wish didn't show up for me either. Just got bunnings in the end, as much as I hate using bunnings gc.

            • +9

              @Frozensage: You don't have to swap the cards right away. I hold mine till I want to buy something and then exchange it. You can even do partial swap like you've bought $150 and swap $30 to Uber eats.

  • +1

    Last time around they sent me the non-flexible card instead and spent a month trying to get out of sending me the swappable one. Not worth the hassle at all.

    • What is a non-flexible card? Like there are only 10 stores you can swap it for instead of the 1,000+ they say is available?

      • There are ones with more restricted retailers, like Foodie, For Him, For Her etc.
        Haven't seen Prezzee do promos on these

      • +2

        The glitched 10% off Uber Eats gift card deal where the coupon could also be applied to the swappable Uber Eats gift card.

        Essentially 10% off any gift cards on Prezzee provided that the glitch worked for you. If it didn't then you got stuck with Uber Eats gift cards. It was a risk and not everyone won.

    • Why would they? The offer is for a swappable black Friday smart gift card?

    • Doesn't that mean you bought the wrong one?
      Otherwise if they sent you something you didn't buy then you are entitled to a refund.

      • Yes they eventually refunded me. I didn't buy the wrong one.

  • Convert these gift cards to wish gift card is generally one of the safest options. The other option is coles but has less option and has an expired date.

    Wish has no expire date.

    • Amazon/Uber eats is also safe. Especially with everyone getting 12 months free uber one with paypal and mastercard.

      • Probably better to wait for those 10% Uber eats cards when available. Unless you need it urgently.

        Amazon is good choice though. Very rare to get 10% off for Amazon unless very limited quantity.

  • Can we buy JB gift card from Coles using this gift card?

    • +1


      This gift card is a multi-retailer digital gift card, where you can exchange part or the full balance of it on the Prezzee website for a digital gift card from one or more specific retailers.

      For example, you can exchange this gift card on Prezzee for a digital JB Hi-Fi gift card, a digital Coles gift card, a digital WISH gift card…

      • Thanks for the clarity. Although it can be swapped directly on Prezzee, there may be circumstances such as collecting Flybuys points which might have prompted Angelscrap to ask that. Although, I haven't been to Coles in-store since the June 10% off promo, I've bought SIM cards successfully from both Coles & Woolies by swapping the Prezzee GC in the past. I'm not sure if the restrictions are similar or has been updated as of this year, but have an urge to check lol.

  • Once only?

    • The Offer may only be redeemed once per Eligible Customer

    • +2

      If you want to buy more, just check out as a guest using a different email address.

  • Thanks OP, bought one - lets see how it goes!

  • Thanks OP! Redeemed for Amazon so I can forget about it

  • +1

    Prezzee has blocked me from buying a couple times now, with the below message:

    "You have been blocked.

    Why? Something about the behaviour of the browser has caught our attention.

    There are various possible explanations for this:
    You are browsing and clicking at a speed much faster than expected of a human being.
    Something is preventing JavaScript from working on your computer.
    There is a robot on the same network as you."

    Anyone else?

    • Best to ask them on support about it. They have been very good when I've had issues in the past.

    • ha that's the same BS message Blackhawk gave with their shitty prepaid centre website before it was fixed

    • VPN or adblocker, maybe?

  • Thanks OP!

  • Only could buy once , other payments wouldn’t go through

    • Thx for confirmed

  • Anyone got their $10 or patiently waiting for 24 hours?

    • +7

      Mine came instantly in email.

      subject: 🎁 CodeXD, Prezzee sent you a gift.

      • Anyone have trouble redeeming the $10? Not receiving the pin via SMS nor email (checked spam etc.)

        • The pin is in the same email.

          And keep this handy for later

      • Check your spam, and then do a search in your inbox for

        from:prezzee "sent you a gift"

        Look through and click on all the emails. Mine arrived instantly and in some cases even before the invoice.

  • Thanks OP!

  • +2

    Nice. It's been a bit since the last deal and I'm running a little low.

    Very useful GC with lots of available stores and a pretty good 'wallet'.

    • Would you know if Chemist Warehouse in the list of stores? Looking for a list of retailers
      Edit: saw the link to list of retailers..

      • +5

        Chemist Warehouse is on the $150 Black Friday Smart eGift Card, and the denomination options are the same as the general Chemist Warehouse page on Prezzee (except for the denominations higher than $150, of course).

        Chemist Warehouse is not on the $10 bonus eGift Card, because Prezzee does not stock Chemist Warehouse gift cards in $10 denominations.

        • +1

          Cheers, thanks for the info :)

        • Does Chemist Warehouse egift card via Prezzee work on prescription medicines? Thanks

          • @Fobsessive: I am not sure, but I worked have thought so, because the Chemist Warehouse gift card terms and conditions does not say anything about excluding prescription medication.

            I have used a Chemist Warehouse gift cards to pay for non-prescription medication.

          • +1

            @Fobsessive: Yes, it's just a payment method.

  • Thanks OP, all done in 5 mins, Coles GCs safely tucked away in Wallet app

    • does wallet update coles gc balance straight away after use?

  • Thanks OP! 👍 worked all good, straight away bonus $10

  • Thanks save $10

  • +1

    Got my bonus card within 10 seconds. Seamless.

  • +3

    More woolies gift cards

    • +1

      It's free money??? What more could you want??

    • +2

      Spend $150 get $150+$10

    • +1

      why wouldn't you want free money…

  • Failed payment with Google pay. Charged credit card. Now I have to monitor the charge is removed automatically

  • What is the best way to get Apple GC at discounted price, please?

  • I'm getting 'We were not able to process your order as we could not validate your billing details. "

  • Thanks for sharing OP, got 12 so far with Coles MC linked to PayPal.

    • Did you get 12 * $10 = $120 bonus with the same user name etc?

    • @AkuroPlays You are very lucky that the 12 X $250 Coles MC were not hacked

      • Hacked?! I've seen some posts about it but never thought too much of it.. I still have like 30 left to use.. oh gosh.

    • Did you send it to different emails? Were you able to use same number?

  • It's been more than 24 hours and I haven't receive the $10 bonus

    • Happens sometimes. Just contact them and they should issue it to you.

      • Thanks, got it after contacting support

    • +5

      Make sure you look at every email from prezzee especially in spam. I received the email instantly and because it came so fast, I thought it was the $150 voucher so I ignored it. but when I clicked the link, it is actually the $10.


  • Hi all, Just wonder if I buy 2 gift cards and gonna receive 2 x bonus? Or $10 is the limit?

    • +2

      Quote: The Offer may only be redeemed once per Eligible Customer

      You can get a second $10 with a different name, email & phone number (probably different credit/debit card otherwise use PayPal)

      • probably different credit/debit card

        I've never needed one on my second account.

  • are they same as coles gc/mc? can I add on paypal ?

    • +1


      The gift card in this deal is a multi-retailer gift card where you go to the Prezzee website and swap the full or partial balance of the Prezzee gift card for a digital gift card from a participating retailer.

      The Prezzee website has a list of all the participating retailers on this gift card.

      • +1


  • great

  • I have couple of coles mastercard left but both has $100 balance. Is there any trick to split payment of $100 + $50 to use this deal. Basically how can I get Paypal to pay for this using both cards

    • +6

      Topup PayPal balance to $50 and then let it charge $100 on the card. No way to use two cards in one purchase.

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