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Ergotune Supreme V3 $629 (Was $849) + Delivery ($0 SYD C&C) @ Northday


Best deal for a while if you want the L or S size chairs and choice of color with the 21 day free return policy.

Early Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal.

Note if M size suits you best, Amazon likely will do a better deal during Black Friday in a couple weeks, however won't come with 21 day free returns.

Not their best deal this year, was $30 cheaper earlier this year (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/775336) unsure if inflation/AUD vs SGD is the reason or if another deal comes later.

Key points:

Good review/overview: https://arielle.com.au/ergotune-office-chair-review/
Nb, reviewer rates this highly for the price point $550-750, but rates the Steelcase leap better overall (not the Officeworks version) which costs ~$1500

Click & Collect at 496 Victoria St, Wetherill Park, NSW 2164.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Bought one of these last year so I've been sitting on it for a good 12 months.

    The only major downside to this thing, is the headrest doesn't have a locking mechanism on it, so if you lean back and push your head against it, it'll just fall down.

    Besides that, these chairs are absolute quality and well worth the investment if you're working from home.

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      I have an opposite experience. The chair itself if super uncomfortable. I regret my purchase immensely. It wobbles from side to side no matter what I do to tighten it.. Other than that it seems to be pretty good build quality but the lumbar support is ridiculous. It's huge. I honestly feel my shoulders slouching more in this chair than a cheap one. My review is not typical though, people seem to enjoy this chair. I am now saving for a Steelcase. Really wish I had returned this during the 3 week return period.

      • Assuming you've went to a steelcase dealer to try a steelcase first?

        • Not yet but they have one in Brisbane city I am going to visit. Not dropping 2k without sitting on it first but the steelcase gesture seems to be what I am looking for

          • @Sworph: Exactly well done! Assuming you're going to Arki? I've been there, staff there are very nice and helpful. Unfortunately, Steelcase didn't suit me, tried Leap v2 and Gesture, also the Think, ended up with back pain as I was leaving the location.

            • @Tbargain12: I am yeah, I was kinda hoping I could take my laptop and sit for a while doing some work. Reckon they'd be okay with that?

              • @Sworph: You'll have to call in ahead and ask/book a time. I believe they're a dealer but not primarily a showroom. I'd say if you tried to book ahead, they'll probably organise a space for you to sit. From memory they have like a meeting area with a large table separate from their workspace/showroom, maybe you can sit there.

                I mean I was there for almost an hour, and she was pretty much chatting with me the whole way, I'd assume it's not unreasonable.

                • @Tbargain12: Awesome, thank you for the info

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                    @Sworph: No worries, I was in a similar journey earlier in the year, I did the whole trio on the same day. Steelcase, then cross the river into the valley for Haworth and also Herman Miller.

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        I was gonna say, you're either an outlier or you've got a defective model (or both).

        My chair doesn't wobble side to side at all, so I'd say right off the back you should have returned it. The lumbar support is also adjustable and whilst I did need time getting used to it, I absolutely can't imagine sitting on a desk chair now without it.

        • +3

          Yeah I do believe I am an outlier. I find the seat really uncomfortable too. I didn't return because I thought I would get used to it, but I didn't. I guess I was posting to warn others that this does have glowing reviews but if you're not feeling it by week two, send it back.

      • I have the same experience as you. I use a small pillow/cushion as a backrest to counteract the lumbar support so it's usable for me. When I asked support about the wobbling they told me it's normal and not a defect…

        • So yours wobbles side to side too? I purchased through afterpay, I am honestly going to try dispute the purchase with them, see if I can get my money back

          • @Sworph: Yeah the part where the seat connects to the gas lift wobbles/feels loose, 360 degrees in fact. I have in writing from their support that it's normal:

            Clarification on Seat Base shaking

            The chair gives off a "shakiness" especially in the parts where there are adjustment features, such as the seat base, backrest and armrests, which will be able to tilt left and right a little.

            This is mainly due to the ease of allowance in the mechanism of the adjustment points, which is set to be loose to allow user to easily adjust the parts without facing too much resistance.

            For e.g., the seat base seems slightly shaky.

            In order to adjust the seat base depth, there is a sliding mechanism that will allow the user to pull the seat base frontwards, or tuck it backwards.

            This sliding mechanism has a slight allowance(gap) for 2 main reasons:

            -> To allow a smoother adjustment of the seat base
            -> To minimize friction contact which help to reduce the speed of wear and tear.

            Due to the allowance set for the seat base, this causes this part to be able to tilt slightly left and right a little, and making it seem shaky.

            (Attached video of our sample chair being shaky during QC Phase)

            That said, the allowance set had been calculated as well during Manufacturing phase product QC, and rest assured it should not affect any of your Ergonomic Sitting postures.

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              @mboez: That's ridiculous. I will comment here if I manage to get my money back.

              • @Sworph: Just got mine, if mine wobbles it'd be less than 1mm and can barely feel it. Did yours do it right away or after some wear in?
                No issues on mine.

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        100% with you on the lumbar support - I'm going to get rid of mine now as it's doing more harm than good. have tried a range of adjustments and it's worse for me than an IKEA chair. hopefully someone in Bris wants this second hand for like $200

        • +1

          Mate if you still haven't sold it yet I'd be keen to buy it off you for $200. Been looking to buy a proper chair

    • I bought one of these for ~$550 2 years ago and I'm still using it.

      I can report an almost identical experience, the only downside is that the headrest doesn't lock in place and falls down a bunch when you knock it or move it the wrong way. Everything else has been stellar for me tbh. I did a little recap for some ozb user last year and pretty much nothing has changed:

      I bought this last year (2021) in the black Friday sales for around ~$550. Super happy with it! It has so many customisation options for your body shape, I'd be more than surprised if you couldn't make it comfy for you. I'm a tall dude and it fits me perfectly. Assembly was easy, took about an hour (although I think getting the box up the stairs was the toughest part) and came with everything you need in the box.

      When putting it together theres two options, one for those 180cm tall and under and one for longer then 180cm. The only difference is how far forward/back the seat is. As I am ~195cm I went with the long boy option for about 3 months before changing it back to the normal person size. It was comfy both ways, but the normal way allowed my ass to sink into the chair better lol.

      The only complaint is the headrest can't be set into place. So whenever anyone goes to move the chair they always grab the headrest to move it, and it quickly falls to the bottom with a rampage of clicking noises. Pretty minor but does get annoying. Defs worth the money, I'm super happy with the purchase 1 year on tbh

  • seriously debating getting one of these, have found it really hard to find a chair that doesn't end up hurting me - currently using one of these that I stole off my wife because the Officeworks chair I bought made my legs hurt for some reason and I just couldn't get it right, the one I'm using now seems pretty fine for the most part honestly, so I'm not sure if I'd see much improvement with something like the ergotune or not

    $629 is showing for all sizes, I need an M according to their survey thing… worth a shot?

    full time WFH, so I do need to sort out my comfort… also debating getting a sit stand desk to help out

    • Three week trial if you don't like it return it

  • hmm, my wife would supposedly need a medium and my height would be a large - if we were to only get the one chair I wonder if it'd be better to go for the bigger or smaller one? Anyone able to advise? I'm 184, wife is 165ish?

    • To my understanding the main item determining the size is the back part & gas lift all the other dimensions are essentially the same. So you could fit into the medium (just). Frankly it's a coin flip if sharing the chair.

      Run through their fit tool for the both of you if unsure https://au.northday.com/pages/ergotune

      • +1

        Just unpacked mine (ordered Sunday) and am sitting in it for the first time, a lot to adjust but adding to my point above. The assembly that connects the seat, backrest and back has 3 spots that can be connected to on the seat itself. Essentially fixing the length of the seat under your thigh, but also meaning this is the same seat & assembly for all sizes.

        I can say one thing, my last chair was slightly small for me, didn't fully realise until sitting in the ergotune. My Knees were higher than my ass rather than being level compared to the ground. As I have the L that includes the longer gas lift (raising the minimum seat height) it's less about your total body height and more about the leg length (which the fit tool walks you through). So yes I'm 187cm tall, but I also have somewhat long legs so I have a better position on the seat than with the M size chair (or so I suspect as I have never sat in the M). As stated above the seat connection sets the length under your thigh, the size sets the length of your knee to the ground.
        The height of the lumbar is set by moving the entire back of the chair up, also adjusting the minimum neck high.

        Anyhow, means that if you have relatively shorter legs, the M may be a better size as the lift height will be important in sharing with your partner. However the seat position, you'll have to commit to, meaning bum position on the seat will be different, impacting how you interact with the lumbar bump etc. While you can disassemble to adjust, you wouldn't want to do it more than a few times as the top half of the chair is heavy and not something you really want to keep playing with.

        Long story short, if buying for 2 very different body shapes you'll be adjusting a lot between the both of you I suspect. M may work depending on the dimensions I mention above.

        For me, I still have to do a lot more adjusting, I can see where some have had feedback on the "aggressive" nature of the lumbar, scare quotes as it's not that bad at all, more important to get the seat at the right setting (S/M/L) so you're positioned correctly and legs supported.correctly.
        For me, I guess I'm lucky, the "headrest" realistically it's a neck-rest, with the hight of the back adjusted up to suit the lumbar support the lowest setting on the neck is perfect for me, so it won't be moving around.
        Wish I purchased this sooner, lets see how i settle in and get the final adjustments done.

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    My partner has been using one for a little under 12 months now and they're happy with theirs. It's sturdy and comfortable. It's quite heavy though, so you'll want a mat underneath so it doesn't ruin your floor.

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    Be aware of the Product Review negative reviews


    • -1

      The majority of those reviews are by people that posted once/twice so I mostly ignore those. People just there to whine. There is a negative (2*) with 15 posts and a few others with decent post number. However I think this is the kind of chair you really have to get in and adjust. Regardless that's my approach, follow the adjustment video closely, use the 3 week trial to it's max, and if no good, go up to the steelcase….

  • Wouldn't it be better to get something more reputable like the ergohuman?
    They have redesigned the whole chair with the ergohuman 2 https://www.ergohuman.com.au/ergohuman-2-office-chair/ (only available via ergohuman store right now, not to be mistaken with V2 which is older, available via resellers)

    For older stock some are in clearance https://www.ergohuman.com.au/eofy-stock-clearance/

    • See the notes on ergo human from the review I linked https://arielle.com.au/ergotune-office-chair-review/
      Short version, better size options and better return policy. So especially as it's direct with the size options where amazon only stock the M model, still may be better for the smaller/larger among us.

      They don't show up much in US reviews as they're a Singaporean company but lots of SG/AU/SEA reviews around now, so not sure if ergohuman are more reputable in comparison.

      • The ergohuman 2 fixes the size option and now accommodates for under 5 feet.
        Ergohuman have a 60day free return but need to keep box and packaging. Also need to disassemble again.

        • News to me, I've just assembled the ergotune, so I'm committed to try it.

          I can't recall if there were other issues to my eye in ergohuman when I was investigating a month ago. I do hear a lot of people like their ergohumans tho. Didn't know the egohuman return policy seems much better too. Similar conditions on the ergotune so box & dissasemble also required.

          Can say one thing for the ergotune, damn better seat than the previous mesh chair i had…

    • Definitely can vote in favour of ergohuman being fairly decent. I've had mine for approx 2 years with the cheaper offering that they pushed out over COVID (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/683302) and my only complaint would be the headrest being a bit annoying. Definitely was an improvement over my ikea markus which would give me perpetual back pain because of the non-existent lumbar support.

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    omg shipping to Perth is now $128. RIP deal.

  • +1

    Price is now $619. Any reviews from the people who bought this?

    • Couple weeks in at this point. TBH all the reviews have it mostly right. Read the one i link on the deal details.
      Good stuff:
      - Very well made, all the bits that count are sturdy and clearly a level up on a lot of chairs i've sat in, e.g. aluminium base where most bases are plastic (the bit where the wheels stick in to)
      - Good seat
      - Really good adjust-ability, seat forward/back, tilt of the seat, armrest angles and height etc.etc.
      - The mesh is more cloth like than others that I have seen but seems to be quite sturdy & breathable, comfortable with direct skin contact to it also, not true of all the mesh chairs, my last one would pull a hair out randomly if not careful.

      - Wish the armrests & head rest would actually lock in place. Not a huge issue for me tho, just something i'd prefer.
      - The Lumbar support is both great and annoying. If doing a task the chair makes me want to sit up straight. When chilling and watching YT then it feels like it's a bit much. All it would take for me is one-two more adjustments further back &/or for me one notch higher. The whole back of the chair including the lumbar adjusts as a single piece. This is the bigger issue for many from the reviews I see. To be clear, I'm not feeling it for the first hour or so, but after a couple hrs you feel it, not sure if it's just i need to adjust the seat position better or just get up & walk around for a bit then come back.

      Anyhow summing up, for the price it's absolutely the best chair that I have sat in for sub $800 After that then you're looking at a big step up to something like the Steelcase Leap, I believe they're having a 25% off sale as well, but you're well over $1k to get that one, then spring for the extras to fit it out.

      Most of all, make use of that 21 day no questions returns if you buy direct if you're not sure, much better than sitting in something for 5 mins thinking it's great, but then you feel uncomfortable in 1hr.

      • True that. I like that they offer a 21 day trial. I contacted their sales team via email after noticing that the supposedly advertised 30% discount is not applying correctly. (30% off $849 should be $594.30. Not $619). they asked me for a screen shot and after sending them that they have changed the website ad to 27% off now. Bit dodgy if you ask me. Let's see how they respond back to my email.

        • Rep got back to me and honoured 30% off. Apparently 27% off is the actual discount

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