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Closing down Sale at Franklins Supermarket Macquire Ryde Almost Everything 25% off (not expired)



There is no better time than this to buy your groceries when you have 25% off on everything . It is a closing down sale at Franklins Macquarie Ryde only. Excludes cigarettes and BBQ chickens. Only while stock lasts.

I work for franklins and not officially representing the company.

Happy shopping

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  • Shop 151, Macquarie Shopping Centre, Corner of Herring Rd and Talavera Rd, North Ryde

  • is this cuz of the expansion? are the going to reopen later?

  • Is this 25% off RRP or does it include sale prices/discounted prices?

  • thats a shame, shop there quite a bit

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    Thanks for the address battler, the store is closing down. The 25% off is on the products that are already on specials and the normal shelves price too.

  • when is it closing? last day?

  • When my local Franklins closed recently, it was 50% off most things.

  • Whenever i have shopped there, the prices seem to be 25% more than elsewhere. So at least its on par now

  • I think I'm gonna cry to hear that franklins is closing down their stores :(
    This is where we used to shop for slightly inferior "no-name" products with the lowest prices back in the 90s, now we just go to Aldi.

    • I dont think all Franklins are closing…

    • You haven't shopped there for over a decade and taken your business elsewhere, but you'll cry if they close all their stores ??

    • I must say I rarely shop at Franklins but also used to frequent them in the 70's, 80's and 90's.

      They used to be cheap and cheerful - they were the cheap supermarket back then.

      I now find they are more often than not more expensive than both Coles and Woolies which is not good…

    • I like the old fashioned style of Franklins but they are often more expensive and they dont have very good specials. I have seen a few converted into IGA around Sydney now.

  • OP, I asked two staff members this afternoon and they said 25% for one week!

  • my local Franklins just got renamed to SupaIGA a few days ago. Not even a 25% off before they changed their name. lol

  • Still going until 25th October…
    But not worth going.
    Dairy Farmers Milk 1L —- $1.95!
    I pay at most $1.44, if I am forced to in Coles/Woolies.
    $1 on the good days from CostCo.

    Everything else seemed expensive too.
    Doubt 25% is enough to break even with your local Coles/Woolies.

  • Sad to say that even with 25% off theres nothing much that's cheaper than the wollies (also in the building). There was 10c No Frills Lemonade but that whole promotional shelf was wiped out and all that was left was a faulty bottle :S

    But there are a few fruits/veges left that are ok (went there yesterday) such as 99c/kg Sweet Potatoes and i think there was a ~$18/kg twiggy sticks at the deli?

    Maybe try closer to the closing date you never know it might turn into 90% off :D