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Open a Business One Plus Account (New Business Customers Only) & Deposit Minimum $100 in 10 Days for a $100 Gift Card @ Westpac


Open a new Business One Plus account, deposit $100 with the payee description "PLUS100" within the first 10 days and pocket a $100 gift card on us.

New business customers only. Accounts opened between 16th October and 15th December 2023. T&Cs apply.#

Keep in mind, a $10 monthly fee applies to this account.

$100 Bonus Offer: This Offer is available to selected customers only and is subject to eligibility requirements.

To be eligible for the $100 Bonus Offer (Bonus Offer) you must (1) open a Business One Plus transaction account (2) have deposited $100 within 10 days of account opening and (3) you must also add a payee description “PLUS100” to the deposit transaction when transferring the $100 into your new account from another account or financial institution.

Eligibility is limited to a single offer per account and a single offer per customer. Where a Joint Account has been opened, eligibility is limited to a single offer to the primary account holder. The offer is available to new Business One Plus transaction account customers only. You are not eligible if, in the last two years, you have held or already hold a Business One, Business One Plus, Business One Flexi or Business One Low Plan transaction account.

The $100 bonus will be provided by way of a physical EFTPOS Gift Card sent to you approximately 60 days after you meet the eligibility criteria. Delivery of the Bonus Offer will only be made to your nominated postal address for this account. You are not eligible to receive the gift card if you have not provided a valid postal address as part of your Business One Plus application.

The offer is available from 16th October 2023 until 15th December 2023, however, the offer may be withdrawn or varied at any time without notice or for any reason. We may refuse to provide you or withdraw the Bonus Offer payment if, without limitation, we reasonably believe that (i) you do not comply with these terms and conditions or the terms and conditions of Business One Plus or the Gift Card program, (ii) your account is fraudulent, (iii) you are not acting in good faith, or (iv) you have closed your Business One Plus account prior to us delivering the gift card to you. This Bonus Offer may have taxation implications. We recommend that you seek independent advice to determine any tax liability or other tax implications based on your individual circumstances. Business One Plus and Gift Card T&Cs also apply. Westpac Group Employees and Trusts are not eligible for the offer."

Referral Links

Westpac Choice Account: random (128)

Referrer & Referee get $50 after referee makes 5 card purchases & deposits $500+. Maximum of 5 referrals allowed per customer: bonus is not paid to either parties if the referral code has been used more than 5 times.

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  • -1

    Nice to see Westpac giving back to people with deals like this.

    Yes, I am looking at you evil CBA and your $10b profit.

    • +3

      I don't think charging $10 a month is exactly a "giving" back to the people bank.

      • Cancel the account after 60 days, still profit $80.

        • Not worth the time/effort if one has to go to the bank to open and close a business account if what is noted below is true.

  • +7

    I appreciate the mods updating the promo link. Looks like the Business One Plus Account has a $10 monthly fee keep in mind.

    • You may want to add it to the description.

  • +4

    The account has a $10 p/month fee.
    I guess, you can close the account after you receive $100.

    • +5

      its abit annoying with business accounts, last time I tried to open one I had to go into branch and show all my business registration and to close you gotta visit branch as well.

      • +2

        Illegal in California and Europe.

        • +1

          what is?

        • -2

          the woke state and woke union?

      • +4

        If it takes so many efforts, it's not worth it

      • +1

        States on the page -

        Open an account online if you’re:

        A sole trader or 1-director company, OR
        Already a Westpac business customer

        Will probably be a painful visit to the branch for everyone else….

  • If I have a Westpac choice account, do you still get any benefit?

  • +1

    I no longer have a OnePlus phone and changed to a Pixel can I still join this?

    • Nothing can

    • +1

      Phone is fine

  • i Opened a Business One Account first by mistake costs $0 then i Open a Business One Plus Account but will i still be classified as a new customer New Business Customer and qualify for this offer? any way i order airpay too as it comes with a free power bank etc

  • +5

    The bank that charges you to open & keep bank account is the last one to be considered for any type of business… !

  • I own an AMG. Can i apply for the account

    • That’s already a high yield investment…so no.

  • I love their condition: We may refuse to provide you or withdraw the Bonus Offer payment if, without limitation, we reasonably believe that …..
    … (iii) you are not acting in good faith

  • +2

    FYI I opened my Business account in mid-September and did this promo. TCN physical eftpos gift card randomly turned up one day in a registered post envelope late October, they didn't tell me they were sending it.

  • do you have to have a debit business card linked to the plus account? my debit is linked to the one account looks like they havent issued two business debit cards.

  • Just to clarify you just need to deposit $100 within 10 days but can transfer it back out on the same day you dont have to keep it deposit in the account for 10 days?

  • so is this offer only for sole traders and not for companies with 2 directors ?

  • Anyone know if westpac business debit cards qualify for shopbacks westpac lougne offers i dont think it does? btw nab are offering $100 for easy tap and have a $0 fee business account ref https://www.nab.com.au/business/payments-and-merchants/accep…

    • Is it for existing business accounts as well ?

      • You are not eligible if, in the last two years, you have held or already hold a Business One, Business One Plus, Business One Flexi or Business One Low Plan transaction account.

        • I hold a NAB business everyday account. Looks like I’d be eligible. Have submitted the application.. let’s see how it goes

        • Thank you. Got approved for NAB easy tap. simple process. Logged in to the android app and made 3 transactions. Now waiting for the free $100 before 31/03

          • @SydOzber: how much do the transactions need to be and can I use my own card?

            • @ssdexecutor82: Yes I used 3 of my own cards totalling $15. There’s no min requirement on the transactions. Just 3 transactions

          • @SydOzber: Thanks, just applied too. 1.4% is competitive but requires android. Good thing I have a cheap Redmi en route. This retires my Zeller methinks. My iPhone handles Square.

    • NAB: A single flat rate of just 1.40% per tap for all Visa, Mastercard, and eftpos payments

      • any fee for internaet banking transaction, net banking deposit, or netbanking sending/withdraw/transfer payment?

        i am a bit lost, as they mentioned this below.

        Multiple funds transfer fee
        The charge is per credit, for example a payroll file for 20 staff members (i.e. 20 credits) would incur a total $4 service fee, debited from the account which the payment was made at the time the regular account service fee or flat monthly fee (if applicable) is charged. Multiple funds transfer fees are not included in the free eligible transactions and will be charged per each transaction on your account in all circumstances.

        Kindly advise. thanks mate

      • Our business only pays 1.15 with NAB and 0.95 for amex

  • Went in to the branch to open the account and took about 20 mins to open the account and make the deposit.

    It’s a bit complicated for company so just opened for a sole trader account to pocket $80.

    • Did you need to provide ABN or anything related to being a sole trader?

      • Ofcourse ABN Yes - verified against ASIC register

    • +1

      Opened account on 15/11 and received eftpos gift card today. First statement not generated yet.. so no monthly fee charged.
      Called customer care and closed the account.

      • Was it registered mail?

      • lucky you, so $100 profit. Nice!

      • lol what did customer care say to you about closing it the minute the gc arrived? I actually think this is a decent service.

        • +1

          No questions asked. Got an email next day that a statement has been generated but couldn’t view it on the app as the account itself has disappeared

          • @SydOzber: Alright you’ve convinced me. Heading off to a branch now.

  • What the requirement to open a business account? ABN?

    • yep, can be sole trader too. No income requirements.

  • Can't see the page anymore with the offer?

  • Commenting enabled again.

  • does anyone have a copy of the original T&C?

    The agent on the phone was saying their T&C showed 'WELCOME100' and not the 'PLUS100'.

    Still haven't received my gift card yet, and have paid for 1 month.

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