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SVS PB-1000 Pro Subwoofer $1199 (RRP $1749 / Last Sold Online $1485) & Free Delivery @ CHT Solutions


Our Black Friday deals have started tonight…

SVS Subwoofers also on offer:


Rest of the deals:
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  • 30% Off Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo Turntables
  • 40% Off SVS Prime Series Speakers
  • 30% Off SVS Ultra Series Speakers
  • 30% Off Monitor Audio Gold and Bronze Speakers
  • 40% Off Polk Legend L800 + L100 Speakers
  • 50% Off Roksan K2 + Blak Amplifiers + CD Players
  • 30% Off Selected Rotel Amplifiers and CD Players
  • and more..

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  • +3

    Upvoting as you have some crazy good deals.

    $1199 - Polk Audio Legend L100 bookshelf speakers:


    $599 - Polk Audio Reserve R100 bookshelf speakers:


    • +2

      Thanks for your upvote, it's always appreciated.

      You did find 2 very good deals, I can't see those lasting for too long before they're sold out. :)

  • +1

    Was looking to add a Rotel A11 tribute and increase my prime elevations.
    Great prices all around! Can also vouch for the service provided by Scott from CHT.

    • Thanks for your kind words, it's always appreciated.

  • Bonus Denon DHT-S217 Soundbar - Promotion Ends 31/12/23

    Is this via redemption from Denon or delivered with purchase?

    • +6

      Delivered with purchase.

      • What's the BF deal price without the bonus?

        I was hoping it was going to be the same as last year with the heos home 150….

        • +7

          Can reach out on our website chat or if you like give us a call tomorrow morning and we work you out a custom deal.

          • @Customht: Decent response unlike so many other stores, with some decent deals gets an upvote from me

  • +3

    Can recommend the SB-1000, fantastic sub for it's size. Two thumbs up from me.

  • +4

    good for apartments

    • +13

      Not good for neighbouring apartments though

    • +2

      Good for yours yes, for your neighbours not so much

    • I think the sb3000 micro would be worth a look for an apartment where space is at a premium.

      • +1

        Have you heard that thing… Jesus those poor neighbours 😂😂

        • Nope. It's good then?

  • Serious??? I have been waiting forever to buy a sub, and i pulled the trigger this morning :'(

    • +1

      Cancel it 😂

      • @sintro too late, I picked it up about an hour after I ordered it. it's ok, I got a REL 1505, it's better for music than HT.

    • So it's a good deal.
      Make a call, I'm sure they'll help you

  • PB2000 pro deal?

    • I'm sure we can work you out a great deal. Can you reach out on the website chat and I'll be able to assist you.

    • did you end up getting a price?

  • +3

    Tempted for the micro 3000. Got my PB-2000’s from CHT. Highly recommend their service.

    • +1

      Can vouch for micro 3000. Have a larger 12” sealed sub which ploughs deeper of course, but the SVS goes alright in its smallish space. Pretty good price too.

    • the Pro? How much was it?

  • +1

    Genuine question for those spending 1-2k on a subwoofer, what's the ballpark for what you spend on your other speakers and receiver/amp?
    I'm interested in what % of total cost people allocate to each item. TIA

    • +6

      I reckon it’s easy to get sucked in to spending more on electronics, but IMHO best invest in speakers first, sub second, amp third. Maybe 66% speakers+sub, 33% amp. But I’m guilty of probs closer to 60:40 or approaching 50:50 haha

      BUT, a few variables as always: what’s your use purpose (movies, stereo music, combo?) and the space (small, large, room correction needed/distinct benefit)?

  • You don't carry kef?

    • +1

      We're actually going to start selling Kef in about 2 weeks time. But currently we don't.

      • +3

        Please keep us updated re KEF, as I'll be interested to see if you'll be selling the KC62 and your price around BF. Cheers.

        • also interested, have seen it go for 2200 on amazon

          • +1

            @quikstix: yup saw that too. was waiting for 2k before pulling the trigger.

      • +2

        Kef r3 meta

        • My grail 🙌

          • @Koin: 🤞

            Which color should. I get? Really like that blue or indigo

            My sub is piano black

            • @sqheaven: Don’t think you can really go wrong with any of the colours. I’d be all over the blue if I had a more modern house. The contrasting beige UniQ driver looks amazing.

      • Any deals you can do for KEF as part of this deal?

  • +1

    3000 micro Vs pb1000 pro. What's your recommendation for movies for someone who likes the feel and experience of bass as compared to someone purchasing who calls themselves an audiophile

    • +4

      3000 Micro will produce tighter and faster bass, where as the pb1000 pro will have a little more lower in the frequency range. I'd say if it's solely movies and you really want to feel the bass the PB1000 pro might be the winner, if music is also important or if its a smaller room the 3000 micro.

    • pb1000 pro anyday

    • +1

      Big footprint difference, so consider your avail real estate and visual impact too. PB for movies, 3000 Micro for music. Plus the 3k M comes in white for WAF

    • +1

      For that use case, PB-1000 Pro. Just don’t underestimate how big the PBs are - I bought two PB-2000 Pros, and even though I tried to mock them up beforehand I still didn’t properly appreciate their size.

      But, I would also add - if the Micro’s much smaller footprint would let you upgrade to dual subs (even if down the line), get the Micro instead. Dual (quality, properly positioned) subs kills a single - far bigger upgrade than moving from one model to another.

  • Have a PB-2000 for a few years now.

    Was $980 in 2019. Delivered

    It absolutely pumps. Would love to pair it with a SB-3000 to get the best of both worlds.

    I like bass.

    • +1

      2019 prices … drool

      But that would have been runout prices as well, no?

    • +2

      Ported and sealed don't play well together.

  • +2

    Love my PB-1000. Highly recommend for 80/20% Movies/Music use.

  • Moved from sb1000 pro to pb 2000 pro and couldn't be happier. It really THUDS and shakes the sofa and the whole house

    • how much was the PB-2000 Pro?

  • Any custom ozbargain deal on a pair of prime elevations?

  • Oh I've been in the market for a TT so nice to see some deals! Any product suggestions on best value for money/price to performance ratio for around $2-3k?

  • Any chance of a deal on svs sb1000 in gloss black? Already have one, but wants another!

  • Any of you guys know if this is a good idea to pair one of these with my 2 Pioneer SP-FS52's? With a Yamaha V385 reciever

    • I paired an svs nsd12 with those towers back many years ago and at first I was blown away by the performance of the sub. In time I came to realise that the sub overshadowed the speakers and I have turned it way down to compensate. To me it’s just not balanced, they are different class of products. Having said that, when I come around to upgrading the pioneer speakers, the sub will be more than up to the task. Also be mindful of placement in your room. Subs can open up a whole can of worms due to placement that can impact on the quality.

      • Thanks for the input, I might grab one of these for now then upgrade the towers later on when I find a good deal.

  • Any thoughts on of this versus the sealed version (SVS SB1000 PRO SEALED SUBWOOFER)? How do they compare?

    • +1

      Consensus is the sealed (SB1000) will be better for music due to response, whereas ported will go lower at the expense of response. But it'll be much a muchness.
      I went with the SB1000 as I am 80% music / 20% home theatre, but either would be very good.

      The SB1000 also has a larger driver (12" vs 10" in the ported).

  • +2

    Thank you, OP! Just bought the SVS SB1000 in gloss white.

    I've had this on my wish list for years. Actually kicking myself a little bit as I balked at buying it back then for $963, and now the sale price is even more! I suppose this is as good as it'll get for a while so I'll eat the increase. Free shipping helps. :)

    • Awesome, thanks for your order, it's appreciated.

  • What's the diff between 'PB' and 'SB'?

    • Sealed v Ported, I suspect

    • +1

      Yes it's ported vs sealed.
      Ported is a larger enclosure, will go deeper with more output down low.
      Sealed is smaller enclosure, tighter and faster bass

      Both great options

    • generally speaking
      Ported is better for movies and gaming (deep powerful booms)
      Sealed is better for music (quick)

      That said, I have an SB-2000 I’ve been using for movies and it’s pretty darn good.

  • How well will this perform in a 50m2 space?

    My 10” Klipsch sub doesn’t do very well.

    • PB1000 Pro's perform great in a large space.

  • Oh man I wish I wasn't poor. The sub in my home theatre is really on its last legs…

  • I've got an old Mirage Omni S8 Subwoofer which doesn't seem to be working as well anymore, would the SB-1000 be a good replacement? I see there is a non PRO version out there also, much difference in the two. My budget was around $600-700

    • Would be a fantastic upgrade for you.
      The SB-1000 classic is $799 and is the original model.
      SB-1000 pro is the replacement which has app control and also upgraded driver and amplifier.

      If you're trying to keep the budget down, SB-1000 classic is a great option.

  • I have some Aktimate Mini+ B bookshelf speakers I just for the TV.

    There are just so many options on the website and don't know which ones would be suitable

    • Hi, Were you looking to replace those speakers or add a subwoofer to them?

      • Might as well replace and add a sub too

    • What’s your budget?

      I have heard nothing but good things about the SVS speakers for movies and gaming (not so much for music.)

      Otherwise there was a pretty significant deal on a 5.1 package from Yamaha that was posted yesterday.

      • No real budget. I have never liked home threate packages as I never know where to put the rear speakers as they look awkward in the living area

  • I have Krix Neuphonix, which go pretty deep, which sub would you guys recommend, purely for movie use, in a 6m x 7m room with a low ceiling. https://krix.com.au/neuphonix-mk2/

  • -2

    better deals on Facebook marketplace

  • Currently trying to decide between the SB1000 Classic, Polk HTS12 and the SB1000 Pro.

    I have a media room (roughly 4x5m with one wall open to the main corridor). Mostly TV shows/movies but I enjoy/prefer a punchier bass over more "boom".

    Running off a Yamaha HTR-2071.

    • +1

      I had a PolkHTS10 (not 12 I know) and found a vast improvement in the punchiness of the bass after moving to a PB1000 pro in a similar room to you. Now this is a bit different because you're comparing sealed vs ported but I'd suspect even the SB would be a better option even if the frequency response on the HTS12 indicates it goes lower

      • Yeah I'm leaning towards paying a bit more for the Pro after reading some reviews.

  • How much better is the PB-2000?

    • Compared to what?

      I have that sub, friend has dual 1000pro. I'd take dual smaller over a single larger if that's any help.

      • Compared to the SB-1000 Pro

        • The 2000 is louder, but the extension (bottom end hz) is similar enough to not notice, imo.

          Also the pro with it's wifi app to control the equaliser is really helpful for balancing a room out, out side of an external EQ like HD2*4 or similar.

          How big is your room?

  • I've a pretty entrylevel Monitor 200AV 5.1 set. Would upgrading to two SB/PB 1000 pro subs be a good move or should I look to better fronts? Heights not an option unfortunately.

    • Yes this would make a massive difference to the system. Subwoofers will make or break your enjoyment with movies.

  • Hi rep, looks like there's a few non pro svs subs you still have in stock. Any chance you have a pb2000? I have one, and wanted to match that :)

    • +1

      Unfortunately we only have the PB2000 Pro

      • Ah well


  • Been running a KEF system so I was considering buying a KC62 to pair my speaker.

    But I have seen my mate's PB3000 and it's just straight out amazing.
    Now very tempted…

    • PB-3000's are a fantastic option as long as you can fit them in, heaps of bass down low.

  • +2

    I bought the Tonewinner d4000 for $1350 today (advertised $1439). It objectively outperforms the svs pb3000. Fantastic available deal in my opinion.

    • They look really interesting. But only $500 less than a pb3000 (at current pricing) makes me wonder if it would be the better deal long term.

      • Closer to $1,100 more at current pricing. Youtube (grain of salt) under testing the Tonewinner performed better across the board. Thats a lot more to spend for less performance. If you're looking to sell it on, i would imagine the svs would be much more recognisable to sell, can't deny that.

        • Yep. Mixed up the SB3000 with PB for a moment.

        • i am most likely getting 2x D6000;s for the extra $ better than upgrading later.

          that room being 4x4 most likely could do with 2 subs anyway being a square room. anyway there are a lot of variables to consider but at this time of year the main one is bass per $. sorry but svs has lost their way i mean $2100-2400 for the pb2000 pro? when it was pre order $1450 and $3200 shop price for the pb3000 pro? really stupid prices. yes i know the pb3000 is $2500 on special but thats still out of the money. klipsch 14" is $1679 on special. good to see svs get competition.

          my room is 4x 6.5x 3.1 and 2850 cubic feet, dedicated, if the D6000's are too much i will just drop them down a little better than pushing a smaller sub louder. with the 15" you get more air movement at lower volume anyway. as for 2nd hand its a matter of what is available at the time and if there is a buyer… as it always is.

          sorry i am not associated with anyone.. stupid computer and user this end.

    • @Navin000
      How did you get the discount?

      Looking at the d6000 to replace a DefTech DN12 that is very good and very musical, but lacking in the lower frequencies for "feeling" rather than just hearing the punch in movies.

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